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V Body

V Body (Novel)
Other Name: V体

Genre: novel, Science, fiction
Author: Beiling fish
Year: 2018
Chapter: 42
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virus variation: The disaster caused by the failure of a microbe experiment, human beings are pushed to the edge of doomsday. Wars, killings, and the dark side of human nature followed one after another… Was it an irreversible disaster or a long-planned conspiracy… What kind of darkness was hidden behind the power… What are the descendants of the fallen aristocracy? how to step into the light from the bottom of the dark …… “V body” – take you into the magical world of mystery.

Free Reading Highlights:
Some people seem to be destined to stand on the cusp of the storm…

But the cruelest thing is… the person who suffers the most wind and waves is the simplest person in the world…

For a long time, I have been so longing for a home of my own, warm, home with relatives and lovers…

When I knew the truth, despair and hatred filled the entire incomplete me, and even a trace of jealousy could no longer grow out of this body…

However… what I love, if it can last forever, please clear this cruel memory from this broken body…

If everything can be started from scratch, I would rather not move forward or pursue it, but stand still, in the dark…close my eyes and wait…

If everything can start from the beginning…Can you still hold my hand and take me out of the darkness?


When they found me from the ruins, I had lost my previous memories, everything was blurred…

They called me Rui Anna because of the shell necklace around my neck. When I opened the shell, it said “Happy Birthday” and underneath it was engraved with the words “For my lovely daughter Rui Anna.”

If the shell necklace is mine, is the person who gave me the necklace my parents? What are their names and where are they? Where is my home?

These questions seem to be the most important elements that make up my body, and they have formed who I am now. Simple, confused… Rui Anna…


My name is Rui Anna. I am fifteen years old. In the eyes of others, I am a girl who does not like to talk and is a little dull. I seem to be in a daze more of the time, but who knows how hard I work every day? Looking for the truth in those broken memories.

For the past three years, in addition to being in a daze, I have to receive their treatment regularly every day, because they have repeatedly checked me when they found me, and they have confirmed that I am an infected person… In their eyes, I’m probably an outlier, right? Compared with the disgusting things outside the high wall, maybe I’m just not aggressive. But they still shut me up and kept me in a small separate room. Kolonk said that all this is for my own good…

Cologne is seven years older than me, a very lively young man, and the person who has entered my room the most. He is the research assistant of Dr. Detelli. It seems that Dr. Detelli has many assistants, but Dr. Detelli said that Cologne is my administrator. If I need anything, I just press the red button on the bedside table and tell Cologne. That’s it.

At the beginning, Kolonke was very serious, and was very jealous of me like them. Even the daily conversations were conducted through the intercom on the glass window. But after a long time, I gradually got acquainted with each other. Now he would nag me about some things outside the room when delivering meals every day. Although I am not very interested, I like to watch him laugh. , He looks good with a smile, and there are two shallow dimples at the corners of his mouth.

I live almost the same life every day. In addition to receiving treatment, I have to complete some naive questions in the afternoon. Kronke said this is to test the results of my treatment. If my answer is judged to be long If my intelligence continues to decline, it means that my condition may have begun to worsen, so I must cooperate carefully to complete the test. The rest of the time, I was mostly in a daze. Maybe it was because I was too focused on remembering the past, so I didn’t feel that boring. But sometimes there will be changes…

I remember last time, I almost recalled the reason why I appeared in the ruins, but the most important place is that no matter how hard I try, I still can’t remember it. This makes my emotions very excited. I was furious. Everything I fell was broken, glass shards scratched my arm, and blood dripped down my wrist to the ground. Cologne was terrified. He quickly called Dr. Detelli and other researchers. They watched me around the glass door like animals, until my mood slowly eased and I was paralyzed on the sofa. Go up, hold your head and start crying…

With a sound of’bang’, as a burst of white spray sprayed from the isolator, the vacuum door was opened. Kronke ran in hastily, squatted down beside me, and asked with concern what happened to me. In fact, I smelled a strong smell of disinfectant. After a mess of footsteps, Dr. Detelli and the group of researchers in white vacuum research suits walked into the room one after another. I heard them talking about something. My head was about to explode. At that moment , I felt very scared. I didn’t like these people. I wanted to let them all go out. So I covered my ears, screamed loudly, and cried more presumptuously. Then someone grabbed my wrist and I felt a tingling pain in my arm. They injected a powerful sedative into my arm. When I understood it, I had gradually lost consciousness.

When I woke up, I found myself lying on the bed with the wound on my wrist bandaged. It’s still this room, but the difference is that all the utensils I used before are gone. I must have broken it. There is a pot of pink flowers on the bedside table. Cologne was standing by the bed and smiling at me with a silly smile.

I closed my eyes again and sorted out my thoughts. I really hope that all of this is a dream. When I open my eyes again, I hope I can see the man in the broken memory who I have been calling Dad, even though I don’t. Remember what he looks like. But what I saw was Kronke, or his nice smile.

Kronke asked me many questions, but I didn’t answer him a single one, just looking at his face a little fascinated. Didn’t Detelli say that I can tell him everything I need? But what I really need, can they satisfy me?

At dinner, Kronke saw that I was still not emotional, smiled mysteriously at me and said that if I wait a moment, it would give me a surprise, then got up and left in a hurry. I have had this kind of experience before. He always tried his best to make me happy when I was down. I thought he was going to get me some rag dolls like toy bears, so he didn’t raise any interest. Come. Until he stood in front of me with his hands folded and said to me, “You will like it this time, trust me.” I still didn’t have much expression.

But when I saw him take out a strange thing from behind, and put it to his mouth, a little doubt flashed in my eyes, that thing…that sound…as if in the fragments of my memory …Existed…

I started to get a little serious. After adjusting a few syllables, Kologne officially blew the weird thing made of metal. He seemed a little embarrassed, as if it was the first time for a beginner to play a piece of music for others. It was inconsistent. When the interruption broke several notes, but I still found it very good. I dragged my chin with one hand and sat at the dining table listening to his jerky tunes, and I gradually became fascinated…

My thoughts took me to a sunny morning. The flowers on the balcony were blooming colorfully, as if I could smell the fragrance of a house. I dragged my chin like this, sitting at the table with a happy face, quietly Listening to another piece of excellent music, it was so good, the person who played the tune seemed to have a kind of magic power to transmit the feeling of happiness to my ears through the tune. The person who played the tune, he was wearing a black suit, and he was leaning on the balcony door comfortably. I want to see his face clearly, but the sun is too dazzling, I can only see a kind outline, and the shallow dimples at the corners of his mouth…

This person… is he my father? He must be my father, but why can’t I remember at all? I want to stand up and touch his face, but I am afraid that this happy and harmonious atmosphere will be destroyed by my sudden actions. , I can also be quiet in this carefree, happy time, even if it is only a fragment of my memory, even if it only has the time of a song, but this feeling has never been before. I looked at his vague outline and the shallow dimples at the corners of his mouth, and finally understood why I like to watch Cologne smile…

There is really only one piece of time, and I was pulled back to reality. Seeing Kronke shyly asked me “How do you like it?” I rarely smiled at him and nodded, even though I didn’t listen to her seriously just now.

When he saw me smile, he also smiled naively, reached out his hand and fished his head, a little embarrassed, said to me, “It’s good if you like it. “

“What is this?” I asked with interest, pointing to the metal thing that looked like a strange flower in his hand.

He told me that this was called Shakes, which was given to him by his father, and that his father used to be a member of the royal band. I feel that Kolonke is always proud when he mentions his father.

I thought of the vague outline in my memory again. If I can remember it completely, I should be as proud of my father as Cologne, right? However, due to the lack of memory, even my emotions have become extremely monotonous. So I asked Kronke a little enviously, “Did your father teach you the song you just played?”

Hearing my question, Kronk’s expression suddenly dimmed. He didn’t answer me. After easing his emotions, he asked me, “Do you remember how many years you have been here?”

In this small room, repeating the same thing every day, I have no concept of time at all, so I shook my head.

Kronke told me that I have been here for three years, because the year I first came, his father was attacked by mutant creatures during a charity performance. All disasters started from that year. Those infected people attacked their relatives and friends like wild beasts, becoming extremely violent and cruel. Many people have lost their lives without realizing that the disaster is coming. , All the victims are spared, except me. Cologne said that I am the most special one…

I asked Cologne, “Am I a different kind?” ‘He smiled and said to me: “After the disaster, people have become particularly sensitive. They label the victims differently, just because of their inner fear, they are afraid that they will become victims one day. “He looked at me, touched my head, and said: “You are not a stranger, you are just my patient… One day, I will cure you…”

We talked for a long time that day, and Kronke told me a lot of things outside the house, such as flying eagles, running wild deer, green mountains, green water, and laughing people. What he said was different from what I remembered. He said that these are all things from the past, and I… as if there is no past…

Look for

The next few months still went smoothly. The difference was that Kronke played Shax to me almost every day. He played better and better, and I liked it very much. He told me that the piece he played was called In “Hometown”, I asked him what his hometown is. After thinking about it, he just smiled and didn’t answer me.

During the period on the eve of the war, Kronke became obsessed with reading newspapers. Every time he read the newspaper, he always said some very strange things and made some very strange actions. Sometimes he would shake his head and whisper to himself, “No.” , Not good…’ Sometimes I slammed the newspaper on the table again, stood up abruptly, and said outrageously, “It’s too much…it’s too much…” At first, I thought he was sick. Until one night…

A cannonball struck the calm of the night sky, and a huge explosion awakened me from my dream. I sat up and looked at the researcher hurriedly fleeing outside the glass window. I didn’t know why. Suddenly, the isolation door was opened. Kronke ran in in a panic with a white vacuum suit, and while handing me the clothes, he said eagerly: “Riana, quickly put on the clothes. The institute has been unexplained. An armed attack on your identity, you must follow me right away…”

“Go?…Where to go?” I asked him a little dazedly.

He hurriedly put his clothes on my head and said to me, “The defensive alarm in the north did not work. It seems to be a large-scale attack. I think the war has broken out. We must move to the center of the empire and seek the government. Asylum.”

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