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My Amazing Boyfriend 2 我的奇妙男友2 Episode 26 Recap

When Xue Lingqiao’s family knocked on the door early in the morning, Xue Lingqiao opened the door and saw that she was an old lady who was begging, and gave her a hundred yuan. Someone knocked on the door shortly after returning. This time, Feng Jiechi went to open the door. Before he could speak, the old lady knocking on the door went angrily. It turned out that Tian Jingzhi said that she wanted to experience life. Xue Lingqiao said that she had recognized her long ago, but only to cooperate with her acting. Tian Jingzhi immediately proposed that the two go out for a date. Tian Jingzhi brought elderly makeup and Xue Lingqiao to the shopping mall, which attracted a lot of people around.

The waiter at the counter even thought that Tian Jingzhi was Xue Lingqiao’s mother, so angry that Tian Jingzhi quickly pulled Xue Lingqiao away. Xue Lingqiao asked if she was very concerned about others’ eyes. Tian Jingzhi said that one day she would grow up like this one day and time, and then Xue Lingqiao was still young, so now she has to experience life in advance and be psychologically prepared. Xue Lingqiao told Jing Zhi that people’s mentality will change, and maybe she won’t care so much when she is really old. The next day, Xue Lingqiao asked Feng Jierong to contact the makeup artist in order to cooperate with Tian Jingzhi. He also put on an elderly makeup, and Tian Jingzhi dressed up as an elderly couple and went out on a date. The two had a good time.

The police found Yun Zhen’s address, but Yun Zhen had already left. Li Yanzhi and his subordinates searched Yun Yun’s house and found three items related to the three victims of the murder in the cave. After confirming the situation, the police issued a warrant for Yun Zhen. Qiu Yuebai became furious when he learned of the situation. Tian Jingzhi, Xue Lingqiao, and Feng Frozen also heard the news. All three were very worried about Yun Zhen’s situation. Yun Zhen saw her wanted order while buying food in a fast food restaurant. Ye Meixiao was still waiting at the stadium. Her driver brought Yun Zhen’s wanted order. Ye Meixiao then realized that Yun Zhen could not see her because she had to be wanted. When Yun Zhen hid in the school dormitory and accidentally mentioned Ye Meixiao’s name, the students in the dormitory said that her favorite anime character is also called Mei Xiao, and the Japanese pronunciation is Misaki.

Yun Zhen heard this and finally remembered that she had seen Ye Mei when she was a child. When she stole from the balcony of her house and accidentally fell down, Yun Zhen saved her because she was worried that a child would be unsafe , Also followed her all the way and took her to the playground. At that time, Ye Mei smiled and told him that he was Misaki. He also agreed with Yun Zhen that he would remember him. Yun Zhen also agreed with her to wait for her long meeting. Take her play. Recalling the past Yun Zhen ran to the stadium to find Ye Meixiao in the heavy rain, but unexpectedly S organization had been ambush under the court cloth, waiting for him to hook up, Yun Zhen tried to rush towards Ye Meixiao, but was Qiu Yuebai Entangled, Yun Zhen was knocked to the ground after a few moves, and he exhausted his last strength and called Ye Meixiao’s name. Ye Meixiao, who was about to leave the stadium, heard Yun Zhen’s voice, but looking back, Yun Zhen was no longer on the court.

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