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I Will Never Let You Go 小女花不弃 Episode 43 Recap

Xiao Jiufeng received the news from Bai Ma and learned that Hua Buqi was about to rob the prisoner car. Both he and Xiao Jiufeng believed that Chen Yu was arrested and decided to do it on the way. They would rather watch Chen Yu die than let the emperor get the treasure and saint. Things. Hua Buqi’s group rushed to Qiyun Mountain, and Chen Yu pretended to be Baima and went with him.

He revealed his identity to Xiaoliu and joined the couple. Originally, General Guan promised to borrow three thousand soldiers, but only five hundred people actually came. Chen Yu knew that General Guan had suspicions about him, but he must not tell General Guan about the sacred objects and the map. He had to concentrate all his troops on Together, prepare to fight back.

Jian Fei escorted the empty prison car back to the capital. On the way, he was attacked by Xiao Jiufeng and his party. After Dongfang Shi calmed down the disaster, he came to Hua Buqi and ordered Chen Yu’s body to be brought up. Hua Buqi’s heart trembled. Chen Yu had planned to wipe out all the people who knew her identity as a saint when he hijacked the prisoner’s car, but now Dongfang Shi is here safe and sound, and she is afraid that Chen Yu will have an accident.

Seeing the corpse covered with white cloth on the ground, Hua Buqi told Dongfang Stoneware that the reason she didn’t love Dongfang Stoneware was because Dongfang Stoneware’s love was purposeful. Dongfang Stoneware knew that she would be sad, and even took Chen Yu’s body. Put it in front of her and let her confirm. Dongfang Stone wanted Hua Buqi to fully recognize the reality.

Even though the body was scorched, Hua Buqi recognized the scar on her hand. She burst into tears and almost fainted. After Dongfang Stone confirmed Chen Yu’s identity , Ordered people to bury him in Qi Yunshan, and threatened Huabuqi to go with him with Xiaoxia and Huabuqi’s guards.

Hua Buqi knew that Dongfang Stone had obtained the sacred object and the map, she sneered, Dongfang Stone kept saying that he liked her just because he wanted to use her to get two things, and then kill her to get the treasure. Dongfang Stone didn’t understand what Hua didn’t give up in his words. Hua didn’t give up and rejected everyone, and told Dongfang Stone of the complete Bi Luotian prophecy.

If he wanted to get the treasure, he had to sacrifice the saint to heaven first. Dongfang Stone refused to believe the words of Hua Buqi, Hua Buqi had already guessed that Dongfang Stone was the queen of Cheng, and since Chen Yu was dead, she did not want to live alone. She was willing to go back with Dongfang Stone and let Dongfang Stone make sacrifices to the sky.

Dongfang Stone loves Hua Buqi deeply. Although he does not want to hurt Hua Buqi, he does not completely believe in Hua Buqi. He is going to go back and confirm this to Xiao Jiufeng. If Hua Buqi’s prediction is false, he Will come back again to find flowers and never give up.

Hua Buqi returned to Zhu Mansion in a trance, but unexpectedly ran into Bai Ma on the way. Bai Ma killed several servants of the Zhu Mansion, looking at Bai Ma in front of him, Hua Buqi was surprised and delighted, and did not hesitate to follow Bai Ma to leave. When the two walked to no one, Chen Yu just unmasked and hugged Hua Buqi tightly.

He designed himself to feign death, and told Hua Buqi to prevent Hua Buqi from getting involved and doing tricks on the corpse. Now Mrs. Zhu has been moved to a safe place by him, and the eyeliner that others have placed in Zhu’s mansion has also been cleared by him. He plans to avoid this crisis by not taking flowers to the hiding place.

Dongfang Stone came to ask Xiao Jiufeng about Bi Luotian’s prophecy. Xiao Jiufeng admitted the prophecy and asked Dongfang Stone to bring Hua Buqi back. Dongfang Stone is unwilling to hurt Hua but not to give up. If he wants Hua not to give up to death, he would rather not have this country than Bi Luotian’s treasure. Xiao Jiufeng was very angry at Dongfang Stone’s words, and all of them spent their entire lives in order for Dongfang Stone to sit on the throne. Dongfang Stone resolutely refused to let Xiao Jiufeng move the flower without abandoning it.

If there were any accidents with the flower, he would surely burn Guigu. Xiao Jiufeng saw the shadow of Dongfang Stoneware’s mother from Dongfang Stoneware. Back then, Dongfang Stoneware’s mother fell in love with the son of Prince Cheng. He even promised Dongfang Stoneware’s mother that he would help Dongfang Stoneware ascend to the throne for Cheng Wang’s desire to burn Guigu. .

In this life, Dongfang Stoneware was destined to be unable to stay with Huanengqi. They raised troops in the Northern Chu Jing, and Dongfang Stoneware could only marry the daughter of King Beiye instead of Huanengqiu. Xiao Jiufeng hoped that Dongfang Stoneware would recognize the reality. At this moment, Xiao Jiufeng received the news that all the people they sent to follow Hua Buqi were killed. Hua Buqi did not return to the mansion.

Xiao Jiufeng guessed that the holy artifact and the map were most likely in Hua Buqi’s hands. Now Chen Yu is dead. , They must raise troops within this month. To keep the flowers safe, Dongfang Stone assured Xiao Jiufeng that even if he didn’t rely on the Bi Luo Heavenly Treasure, he would still be able to win the world and the throne.

The emperor received two portraits of people chasing Afu sent by Chen Yu, and gradually flew back to the palace to return to life. He mentioned the death of Chen Yu in battle, and his eyeliner in Zhu Mansion was killed by a person named Baima. To die, he thinks that Bai Ma must have been pretended by Chen Yu. At the same time, Jian Fei also brought up the matter of Bi Luotian Saintess, and brought Liu Qingwu to the emperor. Liu Qingwu’s face saint, she said Hua Buqi is the sage Bi Luotian, the emperor believed what Liu Qingwu said, and placed Liu Qingwu in the palace.

Subsequently, the emperor ordered Mrs. Zhu to return to the palace, and immediately wanted Chen Yu, Xiao Jiufeng and Dongfang Shi. The emperor ordered to take back the horses of Feiyun Fort, Xiao Jiufeng deliberately poisoned the water near Feiyun Fort, causing horse plague to grow, and thousands of horses died of illness. In the palace, the emperor came to see Liu Qingwu, he took a fancy to Liu Qingwu’s beautiful appearance, and Liu Qingwu was also ready to seduce the emperor to get the power she wanted.

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