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Good Bye My Princess 东宫 Episode 7 Recap

Li Chengyin came to Danchi with the corpse of the White-eyed Wolf King. Xiao Feng was overjoyed, his eyes gleaming like stars. After Tidal heard the news, he had to admit that this was indeed the real White-eyed Wolf King. . Xiao Feng almost jumped up happily, when she accidentally discovered that Li Chengyin was injured on her leg, she felt very distressed. Tidal decided to speak up, and if Li Chengyin was willing to stay in Danchi for Xiaofeng, he would promise Xiaofeng to him. Imoyen was suspicious. As a merchant who sells tea, how could Li Chengyin successfully kill the Wolf King? It’s better to try again. Tidal thought about it, and agreed.

Xiao Feng asked a doctor to treat Li Chengyin’s leg injury, and saw that Li Chengyin’s scar was deeply visible, and he couldn’t help feeling that Li Chengyin must have fought a life and death struggle. When Li Chengyin’s thoughts floated back to the wolf hunt, he rode on horseback alone, avoiding the chase of the wolves, and finally found the wolf king in the misty forest. After a desperate fight, he Killed the wolf king, but he was also injured.

Looking at Li Chengyin’s wound, Xiao Feng was moved to tears. Tidal and others hosted a banquet in honor of Li Chengyin. Imoyen offered to let Li Chengyin and He lose a martial arts test. Li Chengyin agreed and decided to try shooting bats. Tidal deliberately made things difficult for Li Chengyin and gave him an extremely heavy bow and arrow. He estimated that as Li Chengyin was weak, he could not beat the defeat of the first warrior of Danchi. Surprisingly, Li Chengyin succeeded in archery, and even won the defeat. He took this opportunity to make a request, hoping to marry Xiaofeng.

Tidal frowned and asked Li Chengyin to follow him into the tent. Who knew that as soon as he entered the tent, Tidal faced Li Chengyin with a sword. It turned out that Tidal recognized him as a descendant of the Gu family by virtue of the arrow method Li Chengyin used just now. Li Chengyin had no choice but to admit that he was the Gu family. In order to avoid hunting down, he lived incognito. Tidal and Gu Ruhui were friends of life and death, and he finally decided to hand over Xiaofeng to Li Chengyin to complete the couple.

In the evening, singing and dancing were uploaded to the grassland, and everyone was celebrating the arrival of the princess’ marriage. Xiao Feng excitedly pulled Li Chengyin out and ran out. The two stared at each other in the sky full of stars. Li Chengyin taught Xiao Feng the wedding ceremony in the Central Plains. Xiao Feng carefully imitated it. She listened to Li Chengyin’s narration. The unique scenery of the Western Regions and the South of the Yangtze River was full of yearning, and I decided to follow Li Chengyin’s journey to the world.

The next day, Xiao Feng couldn’t wait to say goodbye to Tidal, planning to go out with Li Chengyin, Tidal decided to let them have a wedding, and then go on a sweet trip. Gu Jian ran to Danchi to find Xiao Feng, and forbid Xiao Feng to marry Li Chengyin. Xiao Feng naturally refused to agree. Gu Jian simply took Xiao Feng away. Thanks to Li Chengyin’s timely arrival when he heard the wind, he prevented Gu Jian. . Gu Jian talked to Li Chengyin privately. He believed that Li Chengyin’s actions were hurting Xiaofeng, but Li Chengyin had decided that no one could take Xiaofeng away.

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