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Good Bye My Princess 东宫 Episode 6 Recap

Xiao Feng couldn’t fall asleep, so he took Li Chengyin to an oasis in the desert, pointing to the fireflies with a smile and dancing. The young girl Xiaofeng burst into heart, clamoring for Li Chengyin to catch a hundred fireflies for herself. Li Chengyin was also unambiguous. He caught a lot of fireflies in two hits and took them to Xiaofeng and let them go. The two stared at each other in a little light. Li Chengyin felt that Xiaofeng was shy and cute, and couldn’t help kissing her. Lips.

The next day, Li Chengyin chatted with Xiaofeng as usual. Xiaofeng held his head high in spirit. In this world, as long as anyone can kill the White-eyed Wolf King, he would follow his grandfather’s words and marry him. Li Chengyin’s heart moved, Xiao Feng asked timidly, would Li Chengyin kill the White-eyed Wolf King for himself? Li Chengyin smiled heartily, and agreed, Xiao Feng was overjoyed with joy.

However, Tidal didn’t want Li Chengyin to stay in Danchi, so Li Chengyin left Danchi and went straight to Shuobo. Li Chengyin met with King Shuobo as the fifth prince of the Feng Dynasty and proposed to join forces with Shuobo to attack Danchi. King Shuobo was a little timid and did not give a clear answer. Li Chengyin could only leave with disappointment. Unexpectedly, not long after Li Chengyin left, Lord Lidun of Shuobo caught up with him. It turned out that Lidun was very ambitious and planned to reach a cooperation with Li Chengyin privately.

Xiaofeng missed Li Chengyin day and night, hoping that he would kill the White-eyed Wolf King and marry herself. Adu saw through Xiao Feng’s thoughts and couldn’t help teasing Xiao Feng with this. On the other side, Li Chengyin had returned to Xizhou Anhu Mansion. With his own memory, he drew the location map of the Danchi King’s account and handed it to his second brother Li Chengye. Li Chengye looked at the map drawn by his fifth brother and was very surprised. He didn’t expect that he would underestimate this brother on weekdays.

In the evening, Li Chengyin discussed the battle plan with Gu Jian and Pei Zhao. When several people mentioned Xiaofeng, they felt very embarrassed. Li Chengyin didn’t want to hurt Xiaofeng very much. Gu Jian spoke quietly, that each other had actually hurt Xiaofeng. The Danchi tribe was also not peaceful. Someone had made a fake white-eyed wolf king and planned to fool Guan into marrying Xiaofeng. Thanks to Xiaofeng’s resourcefulness, he saw through the tricks of the villain. The Danchi people were whispering, thinking that no one on the grassland could kill the wolf king.

Li Chengyin and Pei Zhao sat in the tavern. Who knows that they overheard the two downstairs discussing the White-eyed Wolf King. Pei Zhao pretended to inquire with curiosity, and then learned that there are people selling White-eyed Wolf King everywhere on the market. , But they are all deceptive tricks, and almost all warriors from all over the world have entered the mountains to hunt wolves. Li Chengyin remembered the look in Xiao Feng’s expectant eyes, and made up his mind to kill the White-eyed Wolf King. Therefore, Li Chengyin ordered Pei Zhao to prepare a team of cavalry. They really lived up to expectations and succeeded in hunting the Wolf King. When they got it in front of Dan Chi, Xiao Feng couldn’t help but smile when he saw that his sweetheart had killed the Wolf King.

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