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Good Bye My Princess 东宫 Episode 5 Recap

When Li Chengyin was almost swallowed by quicksand, Gu Jian came to rescue him in time, and finally pulled Li Chengyin back from the ghost gate. On the other side, Li Yun brought the fake Batur back to the Feng Dynasty. The ministers all participated in the performance, believing that the Danchi people were disrespectful to Feng Dynasty when they killed the prince, and that Danchi should be put down as soon as possible. Gao Kun’s second son, Gao Kun, disagreed with the officials. Several people quarreled in the court. The emperor finally decided to take Batur to Dali Temple and wait for the emperor to interrogate him.

Li Chengyin and Gu Jian brought Xiao Feng to Pei Zhao’s station, begging Pei Zhao to send troops to rescue Hao Shi. Pei Zhao did not provoke Li Chengyin’s true identity, and Xiao Feng did not suspect. Zhang Meiniang and Gao Ming had a secret conversation. Gao Ming believed that whether to send troops to Danchi or not depends on whether the emperor wants to start a war. At the critical moment, Pei Zhao and others arrived with rescuers to solve Hao’s plight.

Xiaofeng introduced Pei Zhao and others to He Shi. Tonight, Dan Chi people sang sing songs and danced around the bonfire. Xiaofeng and Li Chengyin chatted and talked in the night, and Li Chengyin compiled his own background and background. It became a story and told Xiao Feng. Xiao Feng listened attentively. She did not expect that the protagonist of the story was Li Chengyin. What made her even more unexpected was that in the near future, Xiao Feng would be ruthlessly deceived and used by Li Chengyin.

The emperor personally interrogated “Batur”, and finally sentenced him to behead. In fact, the emperor was wise and wise. He had long seen the strangeness in the eyes of “Batur” and judged that the real murderer of the prince was someone else, but the emperor had long wanted to fight Dan Chi, so he used this as an excuse to start the war. Not bad. Heshi prepares to take Xiaofeng to the King Tiedal’s account. Xiaofeng insists on taking Li Chengyin and Gu Jian with him. He looks embarrassed. Gu Jian wittily leaves first. Xiaofeng pleads again and again, but He has to allow Li. Cheng Yin followed along with him, but he must be blindfolded to prevent outsiders from knowing the position of the king’s account.

Several people rushed in the direction of Wang Zhang. Although Li Chengyin was blindfolded, he felt the route with hearing and touch, and he remembered it firmly in his heart. Everyone soon came to the territory of the Danchi tribe. Adu had long been looking forward to Xiaofeng and He lost. It turned out that Adu was He lost sister. Li Chengyin finally took off his blindfold and chatted and laughed happily with Adu and others.

At this time, Xiaofeng suddenly saw Shuobo’s people here, she was very angry, Imoyen came over with a smile, and he told Xiaofeng that Shuobo’s people were here to propose marriage, but Tidal didn’t see them at all. People, let Imoyen send them away. At this time, Tidal is organizing a martial arts competition, who can defeat Tidal, can win a helmet. As soon as these words were made, the warriors rushed forward. Although Tidal was old, he was extremely brave and invincible for a time.

At this time, Xiaofeng leaped over happily, and Tidal was happy to close his mouth when he saw his granddaughter. Xiaofeng actively introduced Li Chengyin to his grandfather. Tidal learned that this person had saved Xiaofeng many times and immediately expressed his willingness to donate colorful glass beads. Imoyen looked at his cousin’s elated appearance and asked Xiaofeng if Xiaofeng was interesting to Li Chengyin. Tidal’s expression became serious. He never looked at the Central Plains. Moreover, whoever can kill the White-eyed Wolf King of Tiangen Mountain can do so. Qualified to marry Xiaofeng.

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