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Good Bye My Princess 东宫 Episode 4 Recap

Xiao Feng gradually lost consciousness in the water. At this time, Li Chengyin came to rescue her, and staged a scene where a hero saves the United States. Xiao Feng woke up with a cough, still holding the jade pendant tightly in his hand, Li Chengyin looked at her twinkling eyes, and his heart was hot. Xiaofeng and Li Chengyin were sitting on the grass by the lake. Xiaofeng talked about her views on Gu Jian. At this moment, she wished that she was not the nine princesses and didn’t have to go to the Central Plains to make peace. Xiaofeng also told Li Chengyin that there is a valley in Tiangen Mountain called Wangchuan, where the water flows all the year round and is crystal clear. When the clouds recede in the morning and evening, you can see the sun and the moon, the old man. We often say that the water of forgetting the river can forget love and sorrow, which is very magical.

Li Chengyin saw that Xiao Feng said so vividly, he couldn’t help joking, if Xiao Feng is really troubled by love, don’t think about it, after all, he is the best man in the world. Xiao Feng turned her head, she was still worried about Gu Jian who had no news. Gao Xian told Pei Zhao that sand pirates had recently appeared in the desert. He hoped that Pei Zhao would take two thousand soldiers and horses to patrol. Pei Zhao fully agreed. After Pei Zhao left, his subordinates sent Gao Xian a portrait of Batur, Gao Xian smiled treacherously, as if he had another plot.

Li Chengye asked Ai to escort Li Yun to Batur to Beijing, but Li Yun did not dare to neglect and set off on the same day. Li Wei followed Li Chengye’s order to kill the real Batur halfway, and then asked a soldier named Leng Kun to pretend to be Batur and go to Beijing with him. Li Chengyin met Gu Jian by chance in Gongyue City. He hurriedly took Gu Jian to the ruined house, but Xiao Feng who was hiding here was missing. Li Chengyin’s inspiration suddenly appeared, remembering that someone had just let out a dying sound, Xiao Feng was afraid that he had mistakenly thought that Gu Jian had sent a signal, so he went to look for it.

Gu Jian realized that this was probably a trap set by the Shuobo people, and hurriedly ordered his men to look around. Sure enough, Xiao Feng went to the wild to look for the sound of Dy, but was chased by the Shuobo people. Thanks to the Danchi warrior Hao Shi, this did not fall into the hands of Shuobo people. Hao Shi led the warriors to fight against the Shuobo, and let Xiaofeng take refuge in King Tidal first. On the other hand, Empress Zhang Meiniang of the Feng Dynasty discussed the situation in the DPRK and China with the right counterpart Gao Ming. They all hoped that Li Chengyin could enter the Eastern Palace and inherit the Datong.

Xiaofeng went to Wangzhang alone. He was tired and rained. He fell off his horse and fainted on the way. Fortunately, Li Chengyin and Gu Jian found him and rescued Xiaofeng. Gu Jian guarded Xiao Feng until he got better, and went to find Pei Zhao to rescue Hao Shi from the crisis. Therefore, when Xiao Feng woke up, he only saw Li Chengyin, and couldn’t help but feel a little more fond of him.

Li Chengyin and Xiaofeng marched into the desert. Li Chengyin accidentally fell into the quicksand. Xiaofeng threw the rope at him, intending to pull Li Chengyin out, but the quicksand was really powerful, even though Xiaofeng’s hands were The rope was dripping with blood, and Li Chengyin was unable to save Li Chengyin, so he could only watch him being swallowed by quicksand bit by bit.

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