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Good Bye My Princess 东宫 Episode 3 Recap

Xiao Feng saw Li Chengyin unexpectedly, and she couldn’t help but ask, what was written on the strip of cloth left by Li Chengyin. Li Chengyin didn’t answer, but instead asked about Xiao Feng’s identity. Xiao Feng didn’t conceal the fact that he was the Ninth Princess of Xizhou and his grandfather was Tidal. Li Chengyin smiled slyly and falsely claimed that he was named Gu Xiaowu, and his parents and elders were all engaged in the tea shop business. Xiao Feng was convinced, Gu Jian listened not far away and shook his head helplessly.

Li Chengyin made a promise that as long as Xiao Feng could understand the words on the banner, he would help prevent Xiao Feng from marrying the Central Plains. Xiao Feng returned to the palace angrily. She couldn’t understand the Chinese characters at all, which was really embarrassing. When Adu learned of this, he also fought for the princess. The queen couldn’t bear to watch her daughter marry away, so she planned to let Xiaofeng go to Danchi to hide from the limelight and let King Tidal protect her. Xiao Feng opened his eyes and smiled, and promised, also planning to take Gu Jian to Dan Chi. In Xiaofeng’s heart, Gu Jian is the most trustworthy person and will always protect himself.

The next day, Gao Xian and Lord Lidun asked Qu Wencheng who they were going to betroth the princess to. At this time, news suddenly came from the servants saying that Mingyuan’s condition was getting worse and that he was about to pass away. Qu Wencheng knew that Mingyuan had always been frail and sickly, so he hurried over, only to see that Mingyuan was like a gossamer, and soon disappeared. Xiaofeng and Gu Jian went to Danchi to seek the protection of Tidal. Who knew that Gu Jian also brought Li Chengyin. Xiaofeng didn’t have any doubts, and only regarded Li Chengyin as a good friend. When Mingyuan passed away, Xizhou offered a memorial service for his concubine. The queen used this as an excuse to say that the principal waited seven or seventy-nine days before she could get married.

Li Chengyin felt that Xiaofeng had affection for Gu Jian, so he volunteered to test Gu Jian’s mind for Xiaofeng, on the condition that Xiaofeng take herself to King Tidal’s account to select treasures. Xiao Feng was innocent and innocent, and did not question Li Chengyin’s intentions at all. Xiao Feng really liked Gu Jian, and couldn’t help asking if Gu Jian had feelings for him. Gu Jian could only say something against his will. Xiao Feng pretended to be strong and ran away tearfully. Pei Zhao captured Danchi’s Batur and tied him in front of Li Chengye. Li Chengye took the opportunity to put the responsibility for the death of the prince on Danchi’s head.

Li Chengyin tried his best to talk and laugh with Xiao Feng along the way. Gu Jian couldn’t help feeling jealous when he saw it. Xiaofeng walked to the valley with three people, and was suddenly surrounded by General Shuobo Yuange’s people. Yuange was not good and planned to catch Xiaofeng and go to Shuobo. Gu Jian and Li Chengyin protected Xiaofeng and started fighting with Yuange. . In order to protect Xiaofeng’s safety, Gu Jian stayed behind the palace, while Li Chengyin led Xiaofeng on horseback. The two jumped into the lake to avoid chasing soldiers. Xiao Feng was not familiar with water, so Li Chengyin kissed in the water. Get Xiaofeng, give her a breath.

Qu Wencheng soon discovered that Xiao Feng was missing, and the queen had to tell the truth that she secretly let Xiao Feng go to Danchi to avoid the limelight. Qu Wencheng was furious and offered a reward to catch the princess back. On the other side, Xiaofeng and Li Chengyin came to Gongyue City. They were surprised to see a notice to capture Xiaofeng posted in the city, so they didn’t dare to stay in the inn and could only hide in the ruined house. Li Chengyin suddenly found that his jade pendant had been lost while escaping.

He was anxious, and Xiao Feng was confused, wondering why the jade pendant was so important. Li Chengye severely beat Batoul, but Batoul insisted that Danchi had nothing to do with the death of the prince. Gao showed his mind and sent Batoul back to Feng Dynasty to let the emperor lose his mind. Xiao Feng guessed that Li Chengyin’s jade pendant fell in the lake and went to salvage it alone, but she was not well watered and lost consciousness in the water.

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