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Good Bye My Princess 东宫 Episode 2 Recap

When the loyal king of the royal clan of Feng Dynasty learned that Danchi was bold and daring, and killed the prince, he told the emperor that he wanted to show Danchi a good look. Feng Chao right is higher than Ming’s analysis of the benefits, and believes that there must be a reason for the Dan Chi people to do this. The emperor was angry and ordered Li Chengye to immediately lead his troops to the Anhu Mansion in the Western Region, to thoroughly investigate the assassination of the prince, and then let Li Chengyin take the delegation to Xizhou, and asked to marry the Xizhou princess.

At this time, Li Chengyin, accompanied by Gao Xian, had already come to Qu Wencheng to beg for marriage and present a letter of marriage to the country. Qu Wencheng read the Credentials and nodded frequently. He also hoped that Xizhou and Feng Dynasty could form a relationship through marriage, so that the relations between Xizhou and Feng Dynasty could be established, and the relationship would be good throughout the world. At this moment, King Slobod’s nephew, Lidun, rushed to the hall and angrily accused Xizhou of poor hospitality. Qu Wencheng had to let Li Chengyin visit Princess Mingyuan first.

Gao Xian stayed in the main hall and fought hard, saying that Feng Chao first offered the letter of asking for a marriage, and naturally he should succeed in marrying the nine princesses. Lord Lidun was not to be outdone, and offered generous terms as a bargaining chip to marry the princess. At this time, Xiaofeng pretended to be Adu and came to the temple, claiming to be ordered by the princess to test the sincerity of the two envoys. Xiaofeng prepared a bowl of the blood of the five evils, claiming that it was made from the blood of bats, poisonous lizards, toads, vipers, and centipedes. Whoever can drink it represents sincerity.

Gao Xian and Lord Lidun refused to drink either, Xiao Feng smiled slightly, picked it up and drank it all. It turned out that this was just grape syrup. Gao Xian realized that they were being tricked, their faces flushed with anger, Qu Wencheng hurriedly told Xiao Feng to go back, promising to reply to the two messengers in three days. Xiao Feng returned to the room and took out the cloth strips left by Li Chengyin. She only recognized the words “see you in three days” and couldn’t help guessing, worried about Li Chengyin’s injuries.

Li Chengyin went to visit Princess Mingyuan, Mingyuan took him to a secret room, and Chai Mu was also waiting here. Ming Yuan told Li Chengyin that his mother Gu Yuyao was born in a famous family and was married to the emperor as a concubine. General Gu Ruhui was framed by the leftist and was convicted of collaborating with the enemy and treason. In the end, Gu Jiaman was killed by Gaoming. After giving birth to Li Chengyin, the concubine was poisoned to death by the queen. In the end, before dying, Concubine Gu entrusted her only son, Li Chengyin, to the queen. The queen had no heirs. In order to stabilize her position in the palace, she also raised Li. Cheng Yin grew up, but was quite demanding.

Only then did Li Chengyin realize that for so many years, he had regarded the thief as his mother. Ming Yuan continued, that year, Chai Mu tried his best to save the only bloodline in the Gu family, that is Gu Jian. It turns out that Gu Jian is Gu Ruhui’s son, and he is Li Chengyin’s cousin. Hefu, the first warrior of Danchi, received a secret report. The Central Plains had already stationed troops on the border. He hurriedly reported to the leader. Danchi King Tidal ordered Imoyen to lead the elite soldiers to station outside Anhufu in the west to watch the changes.

Li Chengye quickly arrived at Xizhou Anhu Mansion and met Li Chengyin. The two discussed with Gao Xian and others about the truth about the assassination of the prince. Gao Xian’s words to defend Dan Chi were clearly evident. Gao Xian told Li Chengye privately that Dan Chi’s key lies in King Tidal’s Tent. Although the King Tent often changes positions, as long as he finds it, he can take Dan Chi in one fell swoop. Li Chengye was overjoyed and ordered Gao Xian to find the position of Wang Zhang. He would never treat Gao Xian badly.

Li Chengyin learned about Wang Zhang and decided to volunteer to find the position of Wang Zhang. Chai Mu was worried about Li Chengyin’s safety and asked Gu Jian to protect him. Chai Mu also proposed that Xiao Feng’s grandfather was Tidal, and if Xiao Feng could help find Wang Zhang, it would be a great help. Gu Jian was very embarrassed. He didn’t want to use Xiao Feng, but Chai Mu repeatedly emphasized that Gu Jian is the only blood of the Gu family and must have revenge. Gu Jian was in a dilemma.

Xiaofeng escaped secretly and met with Gu Jian. She put forward her own ideas. If she and Gu Jian had a marriage, then she wouldn’t have to marry a prince of another country. Gu Jian was shocked and didn’t reply. Xiao Feng turned to leave with anger. Gu Jian then took her into his arms. Gu Jian actually liked Xiao Feng very much, but he really didn’t want to let Xiao Feng be involved in the struggle of bloody hatred. Gu Jian said that he would take Xiao Feng to see the best man in the world, Xiao Feng followed him suspiciously, but he did not expect to see Li Chengyin.

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