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Good Bye My Princess 东宫 Episode 1 Recap

In the twenty-three years of Tiantong, in order to maintain the tradition of peacemaking between the Western Regions and the Central Plains, Xizhou Wang Qu Wencheng and the married princess Mingyuan made a petition to the Feng Dynasty. At this time, the Feng Dynasty was also politically turbulent. Prince Li Chengji exposed imperial examination fraud. One case clashed with the emperor and was punished by the emperor. The emperor also ordered Li Chengji to go to Xizhou to seek marriage, and then to Xizhou Anhu Mansion.

Li Chengji had no choice but to obey his father’s orders. When he was about to leave, the fifth prince Li Chengyin came to ask for orders, hoping to go to the west with his brother. Upon seeing this, Zhang Meiniang, the empress of the Feng Dynasty, hurriedly defended Li Chengyin, and the second prince Xuande Wang Li Chengye was also on the sidelines, saying that although Li Chengyin was deeply and righteous, the environment in Xizhou was difficult. adapt. The emperor spoke coldly and asked Li Chengyin whether he had made up his mind. Li Chengyin was ready to go to the border to experience it, and the emperor no longer violated his will, and immediately agreed.

At this time, the nine princesses of Xiliang Kingdom, Xiaofeng, are racing horses in a brave manner. Xiaofeng is not only beautiful and beautiful, but also innocent, clever and lovely, and full of romantic appearance. Xiaofeng accidentally frightened the horse and almost fell off the horse’s back. Thanks to her master Gu Jian’s timely rescue, this was not a major problem. When Xiao Feng returned to the palace, he was surprised to learn that he was going to the Central Plains to make peace. Xiao Feng was naturally unwilling, but Qu Wencheng had decided.

Feeling helpless, Xiao Feng had to ask Gu Jian for help, hoping that he would take him away and fly high, but Gu Jian refused Xiao Feng’s request in one fell swoop, which made her heartbroken, and at the same time strengthened her conviction and pledged not to marry the Prince of Central Plains. On the other side, the side concubine of Xizhou Wang Qu Wencheng, who is also the princess Mingyuan of Feng Dynasty, got news that Li Chengji and Li Chengyin were on their way to Xizhou Yanzhi City, and she informed Chai Mu of the matter. Chai Mu was the leader of the Qianlong envoy of the Jianghu organization. He was requested by Mingyuan to take people to meet the two princes.

Li Chengji and Li Chengyin traveled to the outskirts and suddenly met an assassin assassinated. Li Chengyin turned the tide and ran away with his brother, but Li Chengji still died under the sword of Danchi. The Queen of Xizhou hated Mingyuan. She thought it was the enchantress who confuses Qu Wencheng and proposed the idea of ​​a marriage, which made Xiaofeng have to go to the Central Plains. Therefore, the queen ordered his confidant Adu to assassinate Mingyuan. Without success, Gu Jian found out and stopped him in time. Gu Jian thought about it and decided to take Xiao Feng away, which made Xiao Feng overjoyed.

Pei Zhao, son of Feng Chao Xiaoqi General Pei Kuang, came to the outskirts, and was shocked to find that the corpses were everywhere. He was shocked and ordered people to block the place and reported the news to Feng Chao Gaoxiang’s eldest son, Gao Xian, who was stationed in the Anhu Mansion in the West. According to the agreement, Xiao Feng came to the desert to wait for Gu Jian, but he was waiting for the blood-stained Li Chengyin. Xiao Feng was kind-hearted and decided to save Li Chengyin’s life. For safety, she took advantage of Li Chengyin’s fainting and tied him to a tree. After Li Chengyin woke up, Xiao Feng asked his identity, but Li Chengyin refused to say it. On the other side, Gu Jian didn’t find Xiao Feng, and was very anxious.

Li Chengyin lied that he was a businessman from the Feng Dynasty, but unfortunately encountered a robber and fell here. Xiaofeng didn’t doubt it, but believed it all. At this moment, the two suddenly heard a noise, and they stuck their heads out and saw King Danchi’s grandson Yi Moyan passing by with many prisoners and belongings, and were meeting with Gao Xian. Those prisoners and belongings were brought by the Li Chengji brothers. Li Chengyin looked jealous. He thought that the person in front of him was the murderer of his eldest brother.

Imoyen and Gao Xian knew each other very well. It turned out that the two had secretly colluded with each other, and agreed that Imoyen would take the border villages three times a year. As long as the Anhu Mansion in the West Region sent troops, Imoyen would retreat. Imoyen got property, and Gao Xian got military service. However, Gao Xian suddenly proposed to terminate cooperation with Yimoyan this time, which made Yimoyan have to guess that something big happened to Feng Chao. After Gao Xian left, Yi Moyan suddenly noticed someone not far away.

Xiao Feng told Li Chengyin to stop and ran out alone. It turned out that Imoyen was Xiao Feng’s cousin, and he let go of his guard when he saw his cousin here. Xiao Feng returned to the hiding place and found that Li Chengyin was nowhere to be seen, except for a piece of cloth, but Xiao Feng could only recognize three of them.

Li Chengyin was alone in the wilderness. Thanks to Chai Mu, he was able to go to safety. Xiao Feng wandered aimlessly, and met Gu Jian halfway. The two were about to leave the place of right and wrong. The chasing soldiers sent by Qu Wencheng surrounded them. Xiao Feng had no choice but to agree to go back. The Emperor Feng Dynasty soon learned that his two princes were assassinated by Dan Chi people. He was so furious that he decided to avenge Li Chengji, but he didn’t know that all of this was arranged by Li Chengye.

With the help of Chai Mu, Li Chengyin went to Xizhou Anhu Mansion and met Gao Xian who was polite and respectful. Gao Xian made a look of concern, but Li Chengyin had seen Gao Xian colluding with Yimoyan a long time ago, and he was more alert. When Xiao Feng returned to the palace, Qu Wencheng was about to fight. The queen hurriedly protected her precious daughter. Qu Wencheng was so angry that Xiao Feng was under house arrest and she was not allowed to escape again. At this time, news came from the female envoy that the envoys of Fengchao and Shuobo were proposing marriage to Xiaofeng in the Yeezheng Hall.

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