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History of the Malacca Strait

History of the Malacca Strait

Once he had a chance to visit Georgetown. Capital city of Penang
The path that will recall the past from colonial buildings. Which reflects the perfect combination between Asia and Europe. This place is considered to be one of the oldest buildings in Malaysia. And able to attract tourists from all over the world Everyday life In addition, you will see people of Chinese, Malay and Indian descent. There are still tourists from nearby regions such as Thailand, Sumatra and Burma, who come to worship the mosques and temples. In a small amount as well

When visiting Penang Like you are traveling with a time machine back to the past!

A city that Thai people are most familiar with in all the Malaysian cities because of the atmosphere, traditions that are the most Chinese. Penang’s history is not inferior to Malacca. Because England first opened its port city in 1786, Penang is now a modern city in Malaysia, where the atmosphere of Western and Eastern cultures is blended with charm, especially the northernmost. East of this island is the island where Georgetown is located. Which is the location of government offices and business centers in the midst of the crowded political conditions. The uniqueness of the East and the West can be seen, most notably from the exquisite architecture The beauty of many old buildings that reflect the influence of foreigners in the past

Penang was originally the first generation of Malayans called Pulau Wasu, or a single island, later found on a navigational map called Pulau Penang or Koh Mak. Later, England called the Prince of Wales Island and when Malaysia gained independence. Therefore changed to Pulau Penang again, Penang Island Is a state in Malaysia The general condition is similar to Phuket Island. But the sea coast is a clay soil, like Bang Pu, Penang or “Pearl of Asia” that is known as the most famous island of Malaysia. Inevitable architecture is everywhere in Georgetown.

Which is Penang’s capital, such as shops on both sides of the street, over a century old And a colonial-era villa building Until it became the background of many leading movies such as “Anna and King Krung Siam” (new edition Starring Jodie Foster) and the French film “Indochina” (starring Kathleen De Neve), the only time you experience the charm of Georgetown. You’ll instantly understand why world-class movie directors make Penang one of the same options as international tourists.

You are invited to walk around the city and indulge in old-fashioned and faded buildings. Impressed with the past traces of the architecture, decorated with pillars and beautiful tiles of various colors. In addition, you are invited to pay respects to shrines and religious sites. Especially the Mosque of the Aceh. Which is considered the oldest religious site in Georgetown The aroma of incense sticks infuses amid the peaceful atmosphere of Thai temples, Burmese temples and Chinese temples such as Khu Khong Si Temple, which is beautifully decorated with carved wooden panels. After that you will find a Chinese shop. The shop owner itself is equally “magical” or Indian food stalls and “rickshaw” and “rickshaw”.

This is a past mourned with unending history of Penang. Pulau Pinang, a small island of Dried fruits, betel leaves, pearls of the east The capital city of Penang Island, George welcomes everyone on a very interesting historical route. Since it’s the whole point Elements of living together in society seamlessly Building Important places of each religion Multi-culture but perfectly beautiful Differences in the culture of the place are shown in the architectural details. And the core lifestyle of George’s history can be explored on foot Or by trishaw Searching in a hurry is the best way.

Brief history
Penang Pearl of the East Located to the northeast of the Malaysian peninsula The state of Penang consists of an island, which has an area of ​​approximately 285 square kilometers. And a large area of ​​land called Seberang Perai, which covers an area of ​​approximately 760 square kilometers. These two areas are separated by a strait, which is the narrowest part, which is only 3 kilometers wide. These two areas are connected by the Penang Bridge and there are also 24-hour ferry services. Penang has a population of over 1 million people, which is a mixture of different ethnicities, including 32% Malay, 59% Chinese and 7% Indian.
The north-easternmost part of the island is home to Georgetown, the government and business center.

In the midst of the crowded congestion of the city You can see the most remarkable combination of the East and the West together. As can be seen from the exquisite architecture of the old buildings that reflect the influence of foreigners in the past. The charm of beauty on the other side of Penang is The beauty of the famous Penang beach and the warm, calm sea. Penang is now a popular vacation destination for sea and sun lovers. Cultural wealth Make Penang to be attractive and able to impress tourists, keep Penang in memory forever

Penang today reflects the flourishing influence of foreigners in the past. From the early historical era, the Hindu civilization spread influence over the northern Malay Peninsula. Until the advent of Westerners, whether Portuguese, Dutch or English, all came to this region in search of spices. And trade benefits Penang’s modern history begins in the year.

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