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Cambodian History Information

Cambodian History

The area that is currently home to Cambodia Historians have assumed that people began to settle in prehistoric times (230-500 BC), based on ancient evidence is a scree tool discovered in the northeast. And the discovery of skulls and human bones at Samrong Sen archaeological sites, which suggest that prehistoric Cambodia is similar to modern Cambodians. Which is in the Australasian group (Astroasiatic). Cambodia has archaeological evidence that humans have been inhabited continuously since prehistoric times. Is the land of many ancient kingdoms That is connected and has a history Which is divided into important periods, namely

The Funan period was a time when culture gained from Hindu Brahmanism. India Around the 6th century AD, respecting Shiva and Vishnu (Narai), the Indian alphabet was transformed into Khmer. The center of prosperity is in the county. To the south and lake basin Including parts of Thailand, Laos PDR and Vietnam today As for the citizens, there are Funan, Khmer and Cham tribes, which are common in the southern part of the Mekong River Basin.

Chennai period (1078-1345 BC). During the prosperous Kingdom of Funan There is a territory that is a kingdom based on the Kingdom of Cambodia. The Kingdom of Chenla, the name “Cambodia”, began in this era because the King of the Chenla period was called “Cambodia.” The Kingdom of Chenla divided the territory into sub-kingdoms, the northern kingdom called “Kumppura.” “Later, one of the kings of Cambodia was victorious. Then sent an army to successfully defeat the Funan Kingdom Therefore integrated into the kingdom of Jane

The kingdom of Chennai flourished for a period. Subsequently, the Srivijaya Kingdom took root in Indochina. The Kingdom of Chenla then became a colony of the Sriwichai Kingdom.

Khmer era or Angkor Wat (1345-1735 BC), about 1345 BC, a Cambodian king named “King Jayavarman II” reigned during B.E. 1345-1412 Have compiled the Kingdom of Cambodia and Pura Vijapura together Set up a new kingdom called “Khmer Kingdom”.

He successfully restored the independence of the Khmer kingdom from the Srivijaya Kingdom. He was the King who established the Khmer Kingdom and was so powerful that it spread the power to spread the Khmer empire extending to a third of Indochina for about 400 years. It took over the Kingdom of Khmer until the year 1420, so it broke down. And got a new royal family. With the Genesis dynasty, King Inthavaraman 1, with the son of King Rama I during the year 1432-1451 This king built a new capital in Angkor Thom. Later, there were many monarchs. Until King Suryavarman II, who reigned during the year 1655-1695 B.E. Is the most powerful king in Khmer history. He created the Angkor Wat. And made good relations with Cham and China

Was a dependency of Myanmar and Thailand (1600-2410 B.E.), the Khmer Empire glorified and gradually deteriorated. Due to being invaded by Myanmar in the reign of Anoratha Mangsho and invaded as a colony In which at that time The Khmer kingdom is not much destroyed. Still able to be re-built in about another hundred years.

Later until the reign of King Ramkhamhaeng the Great of Thailand Khmer was expelled from the territory that is now Thailand. The power of the Khmer empire ended around the year 1890. Since then, the Kingdom of Siam has flourished instead of the Khmer empire in Suvarnabhumi.

During the colonization of France (1857-1954 B.E.) the Cambodian kingdom had gradually deteriorated. Until becoming the kingdom of Thailand Later, France invaded and sought to colonize Indochina. Cambodia became a French colony in 1863. Cambodia was governed both economically, politically, socially and culturally. In the year 1864, King Norodom Borommarathevatara moved his capital from Cambodia to Bangkok. Udong Meechai came to live in Phnom Penh. Later, in 1867, France forced Thailand to enter into an agreement allowing the French to protect the Cambodian Protectorate.

After the Great East Asia War in 1945, France and Cambodia made an agreement in 1946 for Cambodia to govern their own territory. Included in the French Union Cambodia established the Constitution Drafting Council in 1947.

In the year 1954, France conquered the battle with the Viet Minh. At the city of Dien Bien Phu Was the reason for the opening of the 14th National Conference in Geneva To bring peace to Indochina. At the time, the Geneva agreement required France to grant independence to Vietnam, the Lao PDR, and Cambodia. Cambodia therefore achieved complete independence. With King Norodom Sihanouk as the King during the history boundary.

Until 1955, he renounced the throne But still holds power as prime minister Heads of country And the president in the year 1970, General Lon Nol created a coup for King Norodom Sihanouk to flee to Beijing And became an ally with the Khmer Rouge Communists When the Khmer Rouge government seized power in 1975, he returned to Phnom Penh. But His Highness was detained by the allies After the expulsion of the Khmer Rouge government in 1979, he was appointed president of the Diaspora of the Front Against Vietnam. His Highness spent most of his time in China and North Korea.

The war in Cambodia is called “The Khmer War” ended until the United Nations assisted in the May 1993 election, which the party of Somdet Norodom Ranarit had won since Somdej Hun Sen did not accept, but eventually a compromise was established. Joint government.

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