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History of the Chakri Dynasty, Thailand

1. Phra Yot Fa or Rama 1

The original name, Thong Duang, was the son of the First King of Thailand. (Phra Aksorn Sunthornthong) was born in 1835 during the reign of King Rama V Married a daughter of Banhabata Ban Amphawa, Bang Chang Subdistrict, Samut Songkhram Province After losing Ayutthaya to Myanmar in the year. 1767. King Taksin, Thonburi Have freed independence and built Thonburi as a royal capital Phra Buddha Phra Yot Fa Entered service with King Taksin His Majesty’s ability to fight is a favorite. Considered to be the right military commander was appointed to be a general in many major battles. Was given the title of Somdejchaopraya the Great War in 1776 B.E.
1782 B.E., a riot occurs in the country.

Phra Buddha Phra Yot Fa His Majesty suppressed Civil servants Therefore united to be summoned to be crowned king Later, please create a new capital. The eastern side of the Chao Phraya River is Bangkok. His Highness moved to live in the new capital in 1784 B.E. The most important was the Nine-Army War in 1784. The government was divided according to the Ayudhya style and paid the various laws. Correct and write in the book as evidence 3 copies

For religious reasons, please order the Tripitaka 2331 B.E. and the golden edition to be enshrined in the Montien Hall. Temple of the Emerald Buddha In addition, he built and restored many temples and statues.

In literature and fine arts Revive Thai literature, which has deteriorated since Ayutthaya Recovered another term Promoting and patronizing poets in the royal court Important royal works such as the drama of Ramayana, etc. The work of art is a result of the restoration, restoration and creation of A large number of monasteries Is an opportunity for artisans in various fields With work and production of masterpieces.

Nowadays, there is a day to remember the royal grace of His Majesty the King, Phra Phut Yod Fa Chula Lok, which is the Chakri Memorial Day, which is April 6 every year. There will be a paying obeisance ceremony at the foot of the Phra Buddha Yod Fa Bridge.

2. His Majesty the King Rama 2, King Rama II (1767 – 2367)

The former name was Chim, the son of Phra Buddha Yod Fa Chula Lok. Born only Somdej Phra Rin informed the Queen at Ban Amphawa, Muang Samut Songkhram, on February 24, 1767, when he was still young and studied the royal authority in the office of King Wanarat (Thongyoo), Wat Bang Wa Yai. Academic battle For the royal child. He studied from real experience. Meaning that he followed His Highness His Majesty the King went to the war service every time. Which his wisdom and expertise was evident until he was graciously pleased To establish His Majesty as a Department of Royal Blessings, Bowonnathan That the Great Viceroy instead

Phrabat Phra Buddha Loet La Napalai Ascended to the throne as the 2nd King of the Chakri Dynasty in 2352 B.E.. Important royal duties His Highness began the first urgency, namely Gathering people who have been scattered since The city was to be settled for the country’s unity. By issuing a Emergency Decree and numbering the civil registration seriously And has allowed to enter the month, leaving only 3 months a year, three months into the month. In addition, another important law is called Royal Decree on the prohibition of smoking opium, selling opium.

In the maintenance of the prosperity of the country, there are construction of various places. And has composed Brig to trade in various cities And more Chinese cities Causing the national economy to improve considerably And why Dress up junks to trade in large numbers. As a result, the use of the national flag His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej graciously. To bring the symbol of the important white elephant that has come to the royal line 3 stamped on the red flag The national flag of Thailand was first established.
National art and culture His Majesty the King’s maintenance of maintenance As well as being the true artist of the king.

3. King Nang Klao, Rama 3 (Year 1824 – 2394)

With the original name Thap Chao Was a great son In His Majesty the King, Phra Buddha Lertlah, Napalai And the Department of Somdet Phra Sri Sulalai Was born on 22 March 1787. Later, he was established is Krommuenedad Jesada Bodin His Highness has started his civil service since Phra Somdejchanokchanat Is still in the position of Department of the Royal Palace Therefore is the place for the royal heart to perform royal duties With many different eyes The important royal duties that were performed during the reign of King Rama 2 were government offices in the navy, which were responsible for trade and relations with foreign countries. Benefit From this junk trade Later, it was used in the critical condition of the country. Protection in Bangkok Was the leader of the fort building East coast And was a general leading the attack on Burma At Pak Phraek sub-district Kanchanaburi for 1 year.

King Nang Klao Ascended to the throne in 1824 to uphold the country for prosperity in all aspects, such as the economy. Please improve trade with foreign countries and various taxation procedures. Security Please build fortifications in important cities and Along the coast As well as a large number of naval warships for civil service Please have a suppression Such as the suppression of Vientiane, Yuan and Southern provinces, and also elevating the status of villages Became a city to expand the prosperity of religious government, continuously performing merit He restored the temple a lot. Please teach the Buddha. Buddhist teaching for monks And please have inscriptions of 8 different texts on the stone adorned at the Sala Rai in Phra Chetuphon Temple To disseminate knowledge to the public As if it were the country’s first university.

In literature, he was a poet himself. And promoting people with this knowledge. In the arts, it is a consequence of creating Renovate the monastery It is said that The artistic characteristics of Rama 3 are even more beautiful. Because after this, Thai art is too influenced by Western art. King Nang Klao He remained the throne for 26 years. On 2 April 1851, 63 years old.

4. King Mongkut, Rama IV (1851 – 2411 B.E.)

He was the second son In the reign of King Phra Phuttha Lertla was born, but King Suriyentamat at the former palace, Thonburi, on October 18, 1804, when Phra Chan Mayu, 13 years old, performed a large ritual. After ordained as a novice for 7 months. King Mongkut His Majesty studied general subjects such as arms training, Bayan’s subjects. In studying a foreign language very much When his life was ordained again. And this tonsure He had to enter a Buddhist monk for a long time during the reign of King Rama 3. During the Buddhist Lent at Racha Thiwat Temple, he studied various academic subjects. Proficiently, such as astrology, English, as well as profound education in the Tipitaka very much While entering a Buddhist priesthood, he saw the practice of monkhood Therefore established a new sermon To be a role model for strict monks.

In 1801 B.E., His Majesty graciously passed away among royalty. Chancellors and all senior officials At the same time summoning His Majesty the King Reign Is the 4th king of the Chakri Dynasty.

After ascending the throne, he maintained the country. To prosper in all aspects, is the King who began the era Contact with Nana civilized countries All seriously As can be seen from In different countries Send diplomatic corps to grow relations. And dealing And he appointed a diplomatic mission Went out to develop relations for many times, such as England, France, the United States, Portugal, Mark, etc. New renaissance studies, such as shipbuilding, sailboat, warship, European military training The abolition of some obsolete customs, such as the tradition of wearing an attire Allowing people to observe him throughout the journey, etc.

Another important element is Astrology And astronomy He can calculate the duration. Precisely the occurrence of an eclipse As he proceeded with all the visitors to see the solar eclipse at Wa Ko Prachuap Khiri Khan, 1868
King Mongkut After 18 years of the royal throne, he passed away on Thursday the eleventh month on the 15th of the evening, 1230 BC (1868).

5. King Chulalongkorn, Rama 5 (B.E. 2411 – 1910)

He is a son of King Mongkut And Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn The royal birth on September 20, 1853, received a good education in literature. Ancient tradition Academic warfare and government administration, also interested in studying the discipline Was ordained as a novice in 1866 and was a monk in 1873 B.E., King Chulalongkorn. Received the coronation 2 times, the first time on 1 October 1868, while he was only 16 years old with Somdej Chao Phraya Borom Maha Suriyawong (Bunnag) as the successor. Substitution Until becoming of legal age Then ascended to the throne again in 1873 when he passed away for 42 years. On 23 October 1910

Important royal duties

King Chulalongkorn Was regarded as a reformer of the country From the old style to the new style Is a leader in modernizing traditions, traditions, social systems and the regime of Thailand equal to the civilized countries, such as canceling traditional observance traditions Came to be a Western homage stand Canceled the customary trial Metropolitan became a trial hearing in the current court. His Majesty abolished the slavery tenderly. Organized the study of a new plan Established the Royal School in both the Grand Palace and the temples. Please improve the public utilities and facilities such as water supply, railways and postal – telegraph. Religious, constructing and renovating temples Improved the regime by Traveled to neighboring countries in Java, Singapore, and India to study Western governance at Applied in Eastern countries Then revamped the Thai government to be modernized by dividing the central government administration into 12 ministries and dividing the local administration into counties. He proceeded with diligence, forgiving him that he had lost some of the territories to the superpowers currently seeking colonies. To preserve the independence of the country Is loved by people of all classes Until receiving the Somyanya name that is King Chulalongkorn.

Broke up the slaves
King Chulalongkorn With a heart full of compassion You are the most incomparable citizen. Foresee And aware of the prosperity and peace of the country, various changes In order to be successful, Thai people must be free. No more slaves He then proceeded to abolish slavery without affecting the slave owners and the slaves with an uncompromising heart and with great effort for 30 years. The determination that he had set.

The event shows that King Chulalongkorn His Highness cares for his happiness. Of the people is Journey Was a simple royal gesture Without having to have a belly to order the districts to make a residence When His Majesty’s heart is anywhere he sits there. Sometimes he would take a small boat or travel by train. Without anyone knowing him Causing the stamp to be mixed among the people, knowing the happiness of the people directly from the people Causing His Highness to correct and dispel misery His people directly affected.

6. King Rama VI Rama VI (1910-1968)

A son of King Chulalongkorn Chao Hua and HRH Princess Sirindhorn The birthday on January 1, 1880, he studied the Thai language intelligently. And then went to study military education in England in 1893, when he lived only 14 years later. He studied history, politics, economics and geography. At Oxford University (Oxford) returned to Thailand in 2445 B.E., including a 9-year residence in England. Reigning on 23 October 1910, passing away on 25 November 1925, including 16 years of throne

Important royal duties
King Rama VI His Highness carried out the policy of succession from Crown Prince During his reign National education is very advanced. Established Chulalongkorn University Religious progress Preserving the reconstruction of temples And expand the education of the monks to be more spacious. Transportation such as railways is much more convenient. His Highness carried out foreign policy accurately, foresighted by bringing the country into World War I, sending troops to help the Allies. Friendly battle on the European battlefield Making the international people know more about Thailand And also allowing the country to receive various benefits as the country wins the war Royal duties are very important.

He nourished the battle and arouse him. Citizenship for Patriotism He organized the European military strategy. Establishing another Air Force, establishing a Scout and Scout Division to raise citizens for patriotism In addition to being a ruler who has foresight His Highness is also capable of literary intuition, as can be seen from the royal writing of all kinds in all aspects, such as arousing the scout. What does the Buddha enlightenment? Poem Samanan consciousness, etc., a total of more than 200 celebrations, as the Thai public gave the name The Great King.

When King Rama VI His Majesty was aware that the people were fed up with absolute monarchy. Then please create a model country called Dusit Thani to be a teaching school Chancellor and royal family to know democratic governance His Highness granted the Ministry of Interior Prepare a draft law governing local Samut Sakhon province In order to truly begin local government in the municipality, but some Chancellors agree that this law gives citizens too much rights The matter therefore remained pending consideration until his death.

7. King Rama VII, Rama VII (1925 – 2477)

The last son In the reign of King Chulalongkorn And HRH Princess Sirindhorn Was born on the 14th Wednesday of the lunar month, 11 years of the Year of the Snake, on the 8th of November 1893. His original name was Prince Prachadhipok Sakdidet. The common name is called “Little Crown Prince.”

Biography and royal duties
When he was young he studied Thai language. And ancient traditions When he was young, he studied horse artillery. Of the British army Graduated from the Royal Thai Army Later went to study Aide France Ordained in 2460 B.E. at the Temple of the Emerald Buddha And married with Prince Rambhai Barni in 1918. He served in the Royal Thai Army during the reign of King Rama VI, who was the commander of the 2nd Army Brigade and the 2nd Artillery Commander. King Aware of the need to prepare those Succeed to Which fell to King Rama VII.

Therefore, in the year 2467 he studied Governing the country and the civil service Studied the customs and official duties of the Lord God Clay from important government documents in the reign of King Chulalongkorn Made him realize that Democracy in Thailand Occurred clearly since the reign of King Rama 5, but not yet officially.

When King Rama VI passed away in 1925, His Royal Highness passed away on November 26, 1925. His duties were summarized as follows: Economy as a result of World War 1 Countries around the world face the economic downturn which has an impact on Thailand. His Majesty has tried to amend the country’s budget to the best balance sheet. By sacrificing his personal expenses Without raising taxes for the people in trouble

Education promotes the education of the nation, both public and private. Please allow the construction of the Phra Phrawal Hall for Phra Nakorn. To give people the opportunity to study freely Established the Royal Institute In order to have the responsibility of managing and disseminating academic literature, archaeology and fine arts in literature, enacting the Protection of Literature and Art Act in 1932, granting personal money Is an award for the best book author And scholarships for students to study science from foreign countries, religion, to instill youth with morality. By adhering to the teachings of Buddhism Please have the Royal Institute create a book to teach Buddhism for children. Which is considered the first king to create children’s books As for the study of the essence of Buddhism, Please allow the creation of the complete Tripitaka book. Called the first edition of Siam Rath, a total of 42 books that have been used to this day.

Sanitation and Utilities Please improve the sanitation throughout the Kingdom to be equal to civilized countries. Expand communication and transportation Please create the first radio station in Thailand for the train business. Expand the car route east from Prachin Buri province until reaching the Cambodian border.

In the year 1932, when 150 years were over, Bangkok organized a celebration by sustaining The restoration of the important things of Bangkok is the restoration of the Temple of the Emerald Buddha. Grand Palace Constructing the Pathom Borommarajanuson Bridge To connect Bangkok and Thonburi Is an expansion The city is spacious. And build a royal monument to King Chulalongkorn Fah Governing His Majesty the King granting the constitution on the occasion of Bangkok turning 150 in the year 1932, but there were events that could not be done in that period. Which was a period of holding a group of people Opportunity to seize power Requesting to change the governing on June 24. Such an act is Royal wishes that King Rama VII His Majesty initially appointed royal powers and granted royal approval.

It is considered the only change of government in A world with no blood Gave up royal authority Being a King is under the law. His Highness has carefully inspected the constitutional laws that will be the basis for thorough governance. His Highness It is truly a democracy. When the government administration fails to comply with the principles laid down He renounced the throne on 2 March 2477, for a total of 9 years. He was in England and died with heart disease on 30 May 1941, including 48 years of age. rainy season.

8. King Rama VIII, Ananda Mahidol, Rama VIII (1934-1989)

He was the second son of King Maha Tilathet. Adulyadej Vikrom Boromarajchanok And HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Was born on Sunday 20 September 1925 in Heidelberg. Germany He was not only born in a foreign country if he was to continue to exist. Along with His Majesty the King And royal mother Due to His Majesty the King He was currently studying medical studies at that time. His Majesty studied basic subjects in Thailand. Then went to study in Switzerland.

Ascended the throne When King Rama VII His Highness abdicated on 2 March 2477 B.E., the government with the approval of the House of Representatives. Therefore invited him to reign Is the 8th King of the Chakri dynasty, named as King Rama VIII. Adulyadej Vimol Ramathibodi Chakri Naruebodin Sayamindradhiraj At the age of 9 years old with King Worawong her Krommuen Anuwat Chaturon King Worawong, Her Royal Highness, Athitip Apha and Chao Phraya Yama (Pan Sukhum) are the Board of Regents

Royal duties
While he was studying in Switzerland King Anandamahidol went back to Thailand twice in 1938 and in the year 2488, even though he was a young king. But His Majesty has performed his royal duties well with the Thai people, and has always graciously visited the people. Especially Proceeding to visit the Chinese and Indian people in that area As a result, the divide between the Thai and Chinese people. Which had previously been suppressed by the ability

Pass away
While the King Ananda Mahidol was in Bangkok When he returned to Thailand for the second time without unexpectedly, His Highness passed away. Because he was shot at the Phra Saen Gun lying in the Boromphiman Throne Hall on June 9, 1946, after serving the throne for 12 years.

9. His Majesty the King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Rama 9

He was born at Mount Auburn Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts, United States of America on December 5, 1927. He is the 3rd son of King Maha Lathibeth. Fri Adulyadej Vikrom Boromarajchanok and HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Is a brother of Her Royal Highness Princess Galyani Vadhana and His Majesty King Anandamahidol He studied basic classes at Materdei School. Then went to live and study in Lausanne Switzerland in the year 2481 he was granted by His Majesty the King. Anandamahidol Niwat, Thailand, about 2 months, then returned to Switzerland. Until after World War 2 in the year 2488, followed by His Majesty King Ananda Mahidol returned to Thailand.

King Anandamahidol passed away on June 9, 1946. Bhumibol Adulyadej Ascended the throne From then he returned to Switzerland. For further education And returned to Thailand in 1950. His Royal Highness married the Queen Sirikit. Her Majesty the Queen on 28 April 2493 and performed the coronation on 5 May 1950 and then went to Switzerland. In order to study and return in 1951, there were 4 sons and daughters, His Royal Highness the Son of Greece. Chaofa Ubonratana Rajaganya Siri Wattana Panwadee Crown Prince Crown Prince HRH Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Siam And Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Walailak Archangel

Important royal duties
Although the role of the monarchy after the 1932 administration change to be reduced to a monarch under the constitution His Majesty is still trying to perform royal duties to bring about benefits in various fields, namely the economy. His Highness tried to help By promoting careers such as royal dairy farming, the idea of ​​inventing mechanical engines Promote silk raising, forest fisheries, Royal Agricultural Project at Doi Ang Khang, Chiang Mai Province To persuade the hill tribe to stop opium cultivation To grow crops and flowers That will be more useful Agricultural project at Hup Krapong Prachuap Khiri Khan

In social aspect, he went to visit people in various provinces thoroughly. Established the Rajaprachanukroh Foundation. To help the victims Rajpracha Samasai Foundation In order to help leprosy patients, His Royal Highness established a medical unit. Sanitation Development Foundation Neurology Research Foundation, etc.

Traditions He revived and inherited many traditions as a gift, such as the Royal Plowing Ceremony. Royal patriarchal ceremony etc.
Religious aspects entered as a royal ordinance in 1952 when fostering all aspects of religious maintenance such as building temples and creating Buddha images. Perform religious ceremonies such as offering Kathin robes and robes In addition, he is the patron of all Religion that people respect Politics and government Since his status as a monarch under the constitution.

Therefore has no direct role in politics but in practice he is the head of state. Is the royal constitution grantor Which is a role model for governing Is the center of the mind of the people When the crisis occurs or Insecurity in the nation As when the events occurred October 14, 1973, when the most suffering The people asked Received the peace from His Majesty He is still the heart of the people of Thailand.

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