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Green Tea Villainess Fails

Green Tea Villainess Fails (Novel)
Other Name: 绿茶原地翻车GL

Genre: novel, Comedy, Shoujo Ai, Yuri
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Suddenly crossed as a Green Tea Villainess in the novel, Zuo Bian heard a self-proclaimed system said: “Drip, in order to continue living, you are bound to system 555.”

“Congratulation Host, you are qualified to play the Green Tea Villainess, to promote the development of the plot. Please host read the Green Tea manual, and attracts the Female Lead.”

The Ancients person Zuo Bian who didn’t understand the meaning of “Green Tea” carried the Green Tea Manual. In order to complete the task, Zuo Bian desperately tried to get Female Lead’s attention, and then tells her:

“You are so kind to me, yet I have nothing to reward you.”
“He misunderstood, it’s all my bad, let me explain.”
“He is actually very good, just misunderstood us, you shouldn’t be so fierce to him.”
“He is spoiled, I certainly can’t bear to let my girlfriend work hard.”
“The rain is heavy, and I am soaked all over, he is away, can I borrow your bathroom to take a shower?”
“This is the last time I will call you big sister. Let’s stop contacting. I don’t want to make him unhappy.”

Zuo Bian, who thought that she would successfully complete the task, was pressed against the wall by the female lead, and then she heard the Female Lead say: “Since you want to repay me, just give yourself to me. Don’t call me big sister. Call me wife. ”

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