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Ghost Doll ตุ๊กตาผี

Ghost doll
Other Title: ตุ๊กตาผี, TukKaTaPhee

Genres: drama. horror
Banchong Sinthanamongkolkul
Pradit Kalajarik
Channel 3, Channel 33
Release Date: 
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  • Pichit acted by Chayodom Hirunyatthiti (male)
  • Tada acted by Ekapong Chongketsakorn (First)
  • Komson category performed by Janat Rojanai (Ban)
  • Raviwan played by Phatsatharakorn Bussarakamwadi
  • Manfah performed by Rak Napak Wongthanatat (Namwan)
  • Ruenwut acted by Warit Thipkomut (Ta)
  • Pang Rum acted by Miss Thiprada Meier
  • Flags represented by Kantipas Nakpan.
  • Pichai acted by Kittitat Prub (Bird)
  • Aunt Sai, played by Ampha Phusit
  • Fish played by Rung Lawan Tonahongsa
  • Lamom acted by Aunruen Rachoti
  • Wink-eyes performed by Apassara In Talat Chum (Prae)
  • Gardenia performed by Boonthong
  • Chan acted by Apiradee Phawaputanon (Kaew)
  • Saming performed by Golf Fakling Hero
  • Lung Thep acted by Somchai Sakdikul
  • Kung-Hang performed by Trivarat Chutiwat Kajonchai
  • Stewed Pork performed by Chalermpol Thikampon Teerawong (Jack)

A 7-year-old girl like Pang Rum ” Thiprada Meier” does not speak to anyone but her doll called Wawa Doll, the doll that Wawa doll “Ekapong Jongkesakorn” is her father. Buy for it before being conquered by the wicked “Chayodom Hiranyatthiti”, who intervened as a lawyer of Tipwiman of Doll Wawa Company and eventually killed him. The girl remembered the conquest with precision. Even though you can only see one slice of your face

When the Wawa doll passed away, Nuanthip “Acum Cicada Siri Suwannasuk” was terrified by the secretly passing of the husband. Even her daughter, who is cut off from the outside world, does not go anywhere, but only in the room Causing her to decide to marry Pichit, hoping that Pichit will continue to manage the company But didn’t know that she made the wrong decision

The conquest is not as rich as you understand it. There was also a father who was heavily addicted to gambling and said, “Think Boonthong”, a mother who was addicted to spending lavishly, wasting money until nothing left, like Chan “Apiradee Phavaputanon” and another younger brother, Pichai “Kitti. Thatchadabob “

Nuan Thip began to tire of her weakened physical and mental state. But still fortunate to have a longtime employee of Pa Tirut ” Charonsorat “, his nephew, who has just graduated from a well-known university in product design. And asked Thanida “Suchar Mana Ying”, the niece of Wawa doll, to help with the design of jewelry.

By moving into his own home, Pang Rum, who is loved and trusts Thanida a lot, will probably make Thanida better, but Pang Rum keeps talking with his doll like that doll is alive. Mind like people Until the people in that house were terrified They say that the doll in Pang Rum ‘s room is ” ghost doll “

The spirit of the Wawa doll is still not going anywhere. Because there are still concerns And often appeared to Pang Rum and Nuanthip and when Wawa doll learned that Pichit was determined to get the treasure he had built , so Wawa doll appeared at Thipphiman Factory for people to see. The employees of both companies led terror conquest brought a shaman who is well-known professor Soming to spell spirit toy Chihuahua them.

Competitor of heavenly paradise at Chipper’s “Warit Tipgomut” entrepreneur furniture factory. To possessed doll jade , which belongs to the family of stuffed chihuahua because it is believed that the dolls Jade will make his affairs were prosperous defeating company Nuantip has sent a curtain of blue “Save As Puck Wong banking landscape.” His secret wife enters the life of Conquer and makes conquer very much lost in the blue veil .

He tried to persuade Nuanthip to sell the jade doll, but Nuanthip refused to sell it, causing Conquer to lose patience, bringing Blue Man to the job as head of sales. Claiming that she is the sister of a close friend

The two had planned a flag “to fall foul Pasco Naga sculpture” Robbed home Nuantip order to remove the doll Jade to man the entertainment experience by finding out whether the flag is a supporter of the entertainment experience , which in his day. To rob that house, Thong casually killed Nuan Thip and died before Pang Rum, who had a close relative of Nuan Thip , Aunt Sai “Ampha Phusit” and Pla. But criminals do not see it clearly, but shocking conquest upset the flag that accidentally hand over command. Plus not yet a doll

, ThanidaShocked, shocked, didn’t think that Nuanthip had to leave so quickly. But she was also fortunate to have Atiruj helping beside him , and Raviwan “Pastharakorn Busarakamwadi”, a close friend while studying in the Master’s degree, came back from America just to help comfort. Before dying a few days Nuantip brought dolls Jade to powder by stuffing them in teddy chihuahua and charged powder to keep this a secret with his uncle’s factory manager with Nautilus Rut visitors to witness. Making a new will In the New Testament, to lift all the powder has Thanida a trustee makes conquest.Who got a little bit of shares in Thipphiman

After Nuan ‘s death, her spirit exited her body and was sucked into the jade doll.She tried to come out of the jade doll, but she couldn’t get it until Pang had taken the Wawa doll out to put the bowl in front of the house. You can see the Nuantip who are suffering in the doll. Nuanthip preached Dharma until Nuanthip was able to come out of the jade doll, but she still could not find out why she was sucked into the doll often Not able to come out But she was comfortable trapped in a doll. Because she was close to her beloved daughter Pang Rum.

Atiruj ‘s friend came to accept the case of Nuanthip , Komson “Kanat Rojanai” , immediately liked Thanida and asked Atiruj to help him become a matchmaker. By knowing the fact that ATI rut pursued her since college, and the exuberant experience that impressed Thanida I want to work with and I have a wife, a curtain of blue would have guessed. until then, she did not like Thanida more

to Nuantip death conquest was appointed curtain of blue to oversee the design and sell immediately. In the midst of the dissatisfaction of all parties, the blue curtainAppointed a new personal secretary , “Apasara In Talad Chum” to be the eyes of her in Thipphiman. Until the spirit of Nuan Thip was very dissatisfied, she came out on a rampage, but was only frightened. Not harming anyone curtain of blue began greed overwhelmed because she wanted to be the property of Nuantip all soon conquer brought the curtain of blue into the house of Nuantip and to chase the powder and Thanida go. On the bottom

Pang Rum refuses to open up to anyone, even Thanida, but with Atirut that she gets along with, causing Thanida to get closer to Atiruj by default, and the blue veil begins a plan to force Thanida to work More difficult than before But when the house curtain blue back becomes secondary because Nuantip can control all the dolls in the house of the powder can then be used to rave haunted doll curtain Blue makes heat to conquer to take teachers Soming subdue.

The blue curtain began to suspect something. She sneaked into the powder room and found several dolls dressed like ghosts that had tricked her. So she planned to burn Pang Rum ‘s dolls using the magic fire from Ajarn Saming.

Pichit tried to persuade Thanida to join him in order to hand over all the care of the inheritance to him. But it was not successful Thanida was not easily fooled. The entire plant has a sweet egg Kuggetgn and pork three of their comrades are Thanida and Nautical rut has helped the curtain Blue has partnered with sensitively. Servant hired to look after and watch for

Relatives of conquest has captured powder bound in a day of rain, thunder and gale force powder scare a lot of demands for a stuffed Chihuahua Nuantip tried to help, but the help is not because of the veil of blue took the talisman of teachers Soming together. Not to come out, Pang Rum screams in fear and then fainted , Thanida and Atiruj returned, hurried to help and immediately brought Pang Rum to the hospital.

Pang Rum started to change in mood. Even though he still communicates with the doll Everyone was delighted that Pang Rum became cheerful again. Atirut and Thanida decided to allow Pang Rum to attend a regular education system. Everyone is welcome to veil the sky have used excuse Thanida the need to transfer powder to squeeze Thanida but Thanida refused to concede.

The company of Ruenwut who used to be Rongthip Phiman Now has become a major competitor And also compete for the main customers Many of Thipphiman, until Pichit has no choice but to accept the proposal of Thanida and Atiruj , which is to produce new products to bring back existing customers.

Later , Thanida found out that Manfah had charged a very high commission from the supplier who sent Thipphiman. This has led to a meeting with threatening to use legal means to conquer it, it does not help conquer the accused Nautical rut, it is the man who betrayed heavenly paradise. About stealing raw materials And stole work designs to the competitors until the company was damaged

Pichit dismissed Atiruj from the event , Thanida consulted this matter with Uncle Thepkomson and Raviwan , helping to find evidence to help confirm Atiruj ‘s innocence, with Thanida being close to Pichit to make the blue curtain . The rampage of the house was broken, but Nuanthip ordered the doll to attack the blue curtain until it shattered and allowed Atiruj to return to work as before. In the midst of the joy of the whole company.

Ruenwut made another plan by having the flag bring Thanida to him, but the blue curtain bribed the flag and ordered the flag to bring Thanida to rape and kill, but Nuanthip and the dolls came to help in time to make Thanida. then have the opportunity to communicate with the souls of the creamy nectar is the first

entertainment experience to decide. It was time for him to take possession of Thipphiman, but the conquest would not sell because he thought that he would be able to turn the tip of Phiman back to its greatness again.

Pichit asked Pichai to take part in the administration. But did not know whether Pichai was going to help with the company He’s also looking for a way to embezzle Thipphiman’s money. How will the sad family story of Pang Rum be?

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