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Publisher Choose Your Own Adventure sues Netflix for trademark infringement on Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Variety reports that publisher Choose Your Own Adventure filed a complaint with the court on Friday that Netflix’s Black Mirror: Bandersnatch infringed their trademark.

Choose Your Own Adventure is a series of books that allow readers to choose their own story path. which will lead the main character to various endings Publisher Chooseco claims that Netflix deliberately exploited their brand of books in a film where the storyline was similar and the book was referenced in the movie. As a result, they suffered losses with sales worth at least $25 million.

According to the lawsuit, Netflix tried to license the Choose Your Own Adventure trademark a few years ago. However, any agreement never happened In addition, it states that Twenty Century Fox has also acquired the rights to develop the film adaptation of the book.

The distributor claims that the movie contains violent content. It contains murders, drugs and corpses that are inappropriate for their teenage readers, in other words, portraying violence against the Choose Your Own Adventure brand.

“We don’t want to resort to prosecution. But we have suffered damage resulting from the use of our trademarks. We have no other choice,” said Chooseco CEO Shannon Gilligan.

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