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Summer Palace in Beijing, China

Summer Palace or Yiheyuan (颐和园) located in the western outskirts of Beijing about 15 km (9.3 mi) far away from the city center. This is greatly influences Chinese horticulture and landscape with its famous natural views and cultural. The palace was about more than 270 years from they build and create the palace. In 1998, the Summer Palace is the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO and one of the first national AAAAA tourist spots in China. It’s the main place that you must visit during you stay in Beijing.

At the summer palace that is radiates with the beauty of natural from outside and inside the palace. There have gardens and lake around the house. The palace was start when the Queen want to have vacation on winter time and they design to build another palace for her to get warm weather.

So according to Chinese history about the area where the Summer Palace was located is a popular recreation place from the royal family and aristocracy since the Ming Dynasty but the construction of this place as a palace for serious resort was began in the Qing Dynasty. Around the time of year 1750, in this construction was an excavation and expansion of the existing pool. To become a large lake and believed that the soil obtained from excavation brought to fill up and become a mountain on the Summer Palace. At that time the summer palace was call Qing Yuan Palace.

Beijing Summer Palace open from 6:30 am – 18:00 pm during April – October and from 7:00 – 17:00 during November – March. The entrance fee will be about RMB30 and RMB20. It’s depend which month you visit.

This is map that can be guideline for you to take a walk because the summer palace have wide area and you cannot walk through all of the area.

How to get there:

By Bus:

  • To the East Palace Gate: Take bus 303, 331, 332, 346, 508, 579, or 584, and then get off at Yiheyuan Station; or take bus 384, 394, 563, 594 or 601 to Poshangcun. After that, walk west for about 200 meters (220 yards) to the gate.
  • To the West Gate: Take bus 469 or 539 and get off at Yiheyuan Ximen (Yiheyuan West Gate) Station.
  • To the North Palace Gate: Take bus 303, 331, 346, 394, 563, 584, 594 or Singtseeing Bus Line 3, and get off at Yiheyuan Beigongmen (North Palace Gate) Station; or take bus 332, 384, or 601 to Beigongmen Subway Station.
  • To the New Palace Gate: Take bus 74, 374, or 437, and get off at Xin Jian Gong Men (Yiheyuan New Palace Gate) Station.

By Subway:

  • Take line 4 to Beigongmen, and exit from D. After that, walk west for 3 minutes to the North Palace Gate.
  • Take line 10 to Bagou Station. Then take Western Suburban Line to Yiheyuanximen Station. Walk north for 4 minutes to the West Gate of Summer Palace.
  • Take line 4 or line 16 to Xiyuan and leave from exit C2. Walk west for about 15 minutes to the East Palace Gate.
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