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A 13-year-old man saves his family from a house fire in the middle of the night after staring at Netflix

Heroes don’t need to wear capes. Just being someone who is addicted to the series is enough… On Tuesday, January 3, it was reported that 13-year-old Demir Carter saved his family from a house fire in the middle of the night. Because he’s the only person in the house who hasn’t slept yet and is watching The Flash on Netflix on mobile. which is against his mother’s orders

Carter recalls that around 1am he heard a pet cat rummaging through the bathroom. but in fact, it was the sound of a raging fire.

“I went out to check on the cat. Then I saw smoke coming from the hall of the house. Then I saw a fire,” Carter told NBC Philadelphia.

After that, Carter began shouting for his sleeping mother to wake up and run away from home in time. But he couldn’t save the four dogs, cats and three chameleons that were keeping him. That night, Carter’s father was on the night shift so he wasn’t on the scene. And later the family was informed that the fire was caused by the plug overheating.

“If he fell asleep I don’t even know what will happen. Because by the time I realized the fire had been burning for four minutes and my kitchen was on fire,” Carter’s mother, Angela Borden, recalls.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, as their entire home was set on fire four years ago as well. However, even with the loss of property, homes and pets, But Angela said she was glad she and her son were safe. And of course, Carter wouldn’t be scolded by her mother for disobeying her orders not to stay up late.


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