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Give me 10 billion, I will make “Knife in the Snow” into a TV series!

Mr. Jin Yong passed away, and a big river and lake went away. But there is another river and lake, which is hidden in the book “Knives in the Snow”.

It is rare to have an entire book written by the princes of Fenghuo Opera. But Snow is one of the books.

After reading this book, all the characters are haunted in my mind. The general manager is like a witness of an era, writing about every living being.

If this novel is to be made into a TV series, it will be a big picture. In addition to having a grand layout, there must also be good actors. Every character in Knives in the Snow is unique.

If I have 10 billion, I plan to make “Knives in the Snow” into a TV series, what do you think?

For the protagonist Xu Fengnian, this character must have both ruffian and murderous aura and tenacity. If there is one person to play, it is definitely Hu Ge.

Among the many silver screen images, Hu Ge has created many images, which are ruffian, chilling, soft or rigid, and extremely malleable.

Li Chungang is definitely the first person in the top ten masters of the “In the Snow” force rankings. At the age of sixteen, he entered the Vajra Realm, and at the age of eighteen he entered the Finger Profound Realm. At the age of thirty, he was already the number one person in the Land God Immortal Realm, and he could even compete with Qi Xuanzhen and Wang Xianzhi.

Because his martial arts, his mind, and his infatuation with Lu Pao’er are all worthy of our respect and praise. Many netizens have deep respect for this man.

How magnificent is Lao Li’s life, when he died, the whole river and lake became old.

“Heaven does not give birth to me, Li Chungang, the swordsmanship is like a long night”, this arrogant old swordsman has his arrogant capital!

Teacher Wang Jinsong came to play, there is definitely a strong aura!

Xu Fengnian’s life and death brother. Hanwei Ranger, carrying a wooden sword, walked around the rivers and lakes, met Xu Fengnian on his three-thousand-mile journey, and laughed with Lao Huang and Miss Li.

Wen Hua is the most energetic character in the book. Although he is lazy and scoundrel, he has ambition and loves friendship. He is a real son of the rivers and lakes.

My candidate is: Huang Bo, do you agree with me?

The groom of the Beiliang Palace, an old servant who lacks front teeth and carries a sword case. It is called “Jianjiuhuang” because of the nine-style swordsmanship from Jianyi to Jianjiu.

Xu Fengnian once said that without him, he would not be able to travel less than three years and six thousand miles. He was one of the people who had the greatest influence on Xu Fengnian. Before dying, he stood still, facing north, leaving a last word: “Come, serve the young master!”.

This sentence has brought many readers to tears.

Lao Huang, although he was defeated and died, his spirit will last forever. Mr. Wu Gang, his acting skills are excellent and he can do the job.

In “Knives in the Snow”, Hong Xixiang is definitely an admirable character. At the end of the novel, he chose Bingjie for Xu Zhihu.

“I, Lu Dongxuan five hundred years ago, Qi Xuanzhen fifty years ago, and Hong Xixiang in this life, I wish to be the righteous path of heaven and earth for three hundred years. I just want to open a line between heaven and earth and send Xu Zhihu soaring!”

This may be the end of Hong Xixiang. The person he loves has ascended, but he himself has been relieved. But we know that Hong Xixiang has no regrets, because three hundred years later, he will still be able to meet his lover. Isn’t this kind of happy ending?

Let Wang Kai play the youngest ancestor on Wudang Mountain.

The head of the county of Northern Liang, the eldest sister of Xu Fengnian. At the age of 14, he went to Wudang Mountain to enter incense and met Hong Xixiang. Xu Zhihu was originally the reincarnation of the red clothes that Lu Zu loved, but Lu Zu gave up and became immortal, and waited for the red clothes for seven hundred years. So this character is dressed in red, gorgeous and beautiful.

She was the princess of the subjugated state of Western Chu. She was brought into the Beiliang palace as a maid, and she had assassinated the prince. The former Princess Taiping became Xu Fengnian’s handmaiden, with a “magic” dagger in her sleeve, always thinking about assassinating Xu Fengnian, and even wrote “Da Gengjiao Oath Killing Post under the Moon” when she was in Wudang, the last sentence “Jiang Ni vowed to kill Xu Fengnian” not only made Xu Fengnian unable to calm down, but the readers were also shocked by this sentence.

This woman has always been regarded as the female number one in the novel. I think Liu Shishi is suitable to play, and it happens to be a pair with Hu Ge.

Nangong Pushe

In “The Swordsman in the Snow”, the most beautiful woman in the world has a peerless face. The rouge list ranks her as the number one in the world. Chen Yu, who is number two in the world, rated her as “not losing to Nangong”, which shows her peerless elegance.

At the same time, she is a prodigy of martial arts, with double swords embroidering Dongchunlei, and her talent in martial arts is extremely high. She is a free and easy person with talent and appearance.

The second sister of Xu Fengnian, the top of the rouge list, is a talented girl who is famous all over the world. Excellent temperament, heroic and valiant, capable of writing and martial arts, with thousands of ravines in the chest.

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