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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 50 End Recap

Regardless of everything, Chen Yayi ran out to look for Chen Zheng. After looking around, she did not find any trace of Chen Zheng. She was feeling disappointed, and Chen Zheng suddenly came to Chen Yayi with flowers in her hand. He knelt down on one knee and solemnly promised Chen Yayi that he would give her a better life and propose marriage in public. Chen Yayi burst into tears of joy, rushed to hug Chen Zheng tightly, and kissed her sweetly.

Lin Qian received a courier at the Qingcheng store and was about to open it. At this time, his elder brother Lin Mochen called. It turned out that he had sent the courier and contained his own shares in Wenda. I plan to give these shares to Lin Qian as a dowry. Lin Qian is very grateful to her brother for agreeing to be with Li Zhicheng.

At the Allure brand launch conference, Li Zhicheng took the stage to give a speech. He was full of pride and threatened to develop Allure to the world. He was very grateful to Ning Weikai and Chen Zheng for their help. Finally, he especially thanked the chief designer of the Allure brand and his wife Lin Qian. At this time, Lin Qian was watching the Allure brand press conference through the video, and seeing Li Zhicheng confessing in public, Lin Qian felt sweet in his heart.

Li Jinyuan was watching the video of Qingcheng’s press conference at the company. Gu Yanzhi suddenly crept over. It turned out that he was going to give Li Jinyuan a gift. Li Jinyuan was not grateful for her brother’s brooding at the press conference, and Gu Yanzhi teased how she looked like a little girl. Li Jinyuan smiled relieved, and then lightly kissed Gu Yanzhi on the cheek.

At the reception of the press conference, Li Zhicheng met his brother Lin Mochen. He sternly told Li Zhicheng that his shares in Wenda had been handed over to Lin Qian, and he was going to the United States later. If I received a call from Lin Qian complaining, I would never spare him lightly. Li Zhicheng solemnly promised that he would take good care of Lin Qian. At the reception, Chen Zheng mocked Ning Weikai kindly. He, Gu Yanzhi, and Li Zhicheng had a good harvest of career and love, and Ning Weikai could not hold back. Ning Weikai smiled mysteriously.

Then Ning Weikai went to find Grace, without saying anything, knelt down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Grace was surprised. Ning Weikai took out a diamond ring and was about to put it on Grace. Grace mischievously claimed that she had not yet agreed to his marriage proposal. Ning Weikai said emotionally that if she didn’t agree this time, she would propose to marry him thousands of times until she agreed. Grace seriously said that she is usually very busy at work and might neglect to take care of love. Ning Weikai didn’t care, and sincerely said that since he loved her, he would accept all her strengths and weaknesses. His words moved Grace to tears.

At home, Li Zhicheng and Lin Qian discussed the future fashion design matters to Lin Qian, and the management and operation matters to himself. Lin Qian hopes that Li Zhicheng will participate in Paris Fashion Week with herself. Li Zhicheng readily agreed. Soon they flew to Paris to participate in the fashion week. Before the competition, Lin Qian specially asked the model Tian Tian not to be nervous. When Tian Tian was practicing catwalk under the stage, he met Pete who claimed to be a staff member, and immediately lost contact with Lin Qian.

Li Zhicheng they looked around anxiously. On the way, Li Zhicheng found a familiar figure flashed by, much like Pete. He entered the house and found Tian Tian was injured and fell to the ground, so he hurriedly called an ambulance, and then he started looking for Pete. Lin Qian was very anxious at this time, because the competition was about to begin, but there was no spare clothing and models. Li Zhicheng suggested that Lin Qian put on the wedding dress she designed to participate in the competition, and encouraged her to stay with her all the time. Lin Qian was still a little nervous.

At this time, Pete attacked Li Zhicheng, and the two fisted. In the fight, Li Zhicheng hit Pete severely, making him fall to the ground. Here Lin Qian was helpless, and finally put on a wedding dress and went on stage to participate in the competition in person. She searched for Li Zhicheng’s shadow everywhere in the crowd, but she didn’t find Li Zhicheng when she looked at it. In the end, Li Zhicheng was late, and Lin Qian was surprised and delighted. The two looked at each other, and all the light and shadows of the past passed by. At this moment, silence is better than sound. Although neither of them spoke, they seemed to understand each other’s heart by chance, and then they hugged each other tightly. This moment is also a waste of time.

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