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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 49 Recap

Grace went directly to the editor’s office and reminded Lisa H that fashion magazine is now DP’s brochure. Lisa argues that DP is the largest advertising provider for H Fashion Magazine. Grace claimed to have checked the company’s finances. Lisa did not charge any fees for DP interviews and special publications. In addition to Pete’s previous crimes, she kindly reminded Lisa that it’s too late to stop now, otherwise, wait until Pete is arrested. The next unlucky one is Lisa.

Li Zhicheng deliberately stopped Gu Yanzhi on the way and asked Gu Yanzhi to give himself an explanation. Gu Yanzhi accused Li Zhicheng of treating himself as a subordinate instead of a brother for so many years, so there was no need to talk about brotherhood with him. He also said that Wenda would have collapsed without his own help. Now he just wants his own career, and Li Zhicheng has no right to stop him. Li Zhicheng thought that Gu Yanzhi was in the Allure Plan, and the two were arguing. Li Zhicheng couldn’t help but beat Gu Yanzhi, which made Gu Yanzhi even more angry, declaring that the two punches just now had two punches, and the two of them lost their love and did not owe each other.

Gu Yanzhi then went to Pete. Pete asked if Gu Yanzhi had brought Allure’s plan. Gu Yanzhi and Pete talked about the condition that he wanted a DP position in Hong Kong. Pete said that he would try his best to meet Gu Yanzhi’s requirements. Gu Yanzhi gave the plan to Pete, which contained the details of the Allure Plan. Pete boasted that with the Allure Plan, he would be able to prepare early to deal with Li Zhicheng, and Gu Yanzhi reminded Pete not to use fake buttons and find people to make trouble in the future. Seeing him breaking, Pete simply told him that he already knew about the fallout between him and Li Zhicheng. Originally, he was still guarding Gu Yanzhi everywhere, but now he is completely relieved. Pete triumphantly told Gu Yanzhi that the button incident and allergy incident were all planned by himself. Gu Yanzhi quietly recorded the sound while Pete relaxed his vigilance, and the smug Pete didn’t notice it at all.

Gu Yanzhi has recorded all the incidents in which Pete admitted that he framed Allure, and Li Zhicheng was very satisfied with the results of the two acting. Gu Yanzhi wondered why Li Zhicheng believed that he had not betrayed him. Li Zhicheng said that he had always trusted Yanzhi. He also knew that Yanzhi mortgaged the loan for Li Jinyuan. Selling shares to DP was actually a one-strike, two-bird plan to ease his own economy. Pressure, on the one hand, wins Pete’s trust and obtains recording evidence of Pete’s crime. Gu Yanzhi affirmed Li Zhicheng’s cooperation and understood that Li Zhicheng never doubted himself.

Lisa came to look for Pete angrily, saying that Pete had already gotten her wish to get the Allure Plan, and now she should give her photos and videos. Pete continued to threaten Lisa to continue doing things for herself on the grounds that the plan was not given to him by Lisa. After Lisa kicked Pete angrily, she took the opportunity to grab the U disk and ran away. Lisa called Grace to ask her for help, and she told her about Pete’s threats. Lisa admitted to Grace on the phone and hoped that Grace would help herself. Grace called Li Zhicheng, and they arranged to meet Lisa together. Li Zhicheng persuaded Lisa not to be dragged into the water by Pete. Being a witness is Lisa’s best choice. At the same time, he hopes that Lisa believes in the law, is absolutely fair, and can guarantee Lisa’s safety.

In the coffee shop, Lisa turned off her cell phone because she couldn’t bear to be harassed by Pete, but what she didn’t know was that Pete had discovered that the Allure Plan was fake. Pete furiously called Gu Yanzhi and said that there was a problem with the plan. He wanted to see Gu Yanzhi right away, but Gu Yanzhi said that the plan could not be wrong, and he had already gone home. Realizing that something was wrong, Pete quickly opened the safe and took the money and passport to leave. Fortunately, Li Zhicheng had been prepared to send the antelope to watch him. With the help of Lisa and the clues provided by the antelope, Pete was arrested at home.

Li Jinyuan packed her luggage and was sad to leave. Gu Yanzhi suddenly stopped her car and brought Li Jinyuan to a strange company. Gu Yanzhi told her that this is an APP company called Xiyang Fan’er prepared for her after he mortgaged the real estate and sold the shares. Tears in Li Jinyuan’s eyes were already full, and she desperately threw herself into Gu Yanzhi’s arms.

Li Zhicheng regretfully told Lin Qian that he originally wanted Pete to stay in jail for a few years, but the current evidence only caused Pete to be sent back to the country. Lin Qian embarrassedly told Li Zhicheng that the wedding might be postponed because she wanted to attend Paris Fashion Week. Li Zhicheng readily agreed.

Li Zhicheng analyzed the current situation with Ning Weikai and Chen Zheng. He said that DP re-transferred the person in charge from the United States. He found that the domestic price of DP ace products was 60% higher than the foreign price. He decided to use Gu Yanzhi I did overseas shopping with Li Jinyuan’s Western Faner APP, and bought a batch of DP products from abroad to sell on the website, using this method to disrupt the domestic price of DP. Ning Weikai and Chen Zheng both praised Li Zhicheng for having ideas. The Allure brand soon replaced DP’s store in Linhai.

Chen Yayi held a product launch event on behalf of the Allure brand. She started with the four cards selected. When she read the text on the first card, she realized that it was written by Chen Zheng. Chen Yayi remembered the time she spent with Chen Zheng, she ran out desperately, thinking To find Chen Zheng.

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