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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 47 Recap

Lin Qian called Lin Mochen and told him hesitatingly that he was going to get a marriage certificate with Li Zhicheng, hoping that his brother would give him the household registration book. Lin Mochen directly rejected her, saying that although he did not object to the two being together, he did not support the two immediately getting married. Lin Qian angrily criticized Lin Mochen for looking at the problem from the perspective of investment. She solemnly told Lin Mochen that she had considered carefully and that she and Li Zhicheng truly fell in love. Unexpectedly, Lin Mochen suggested that two people could get married first and then obtain a certificate. Lin Mochen seriously advised her that marriage is a matter of the two families and must be cautious.

Li Zhicheng came to see Lin Qian and found that she was unhappy. After asking, he knew that Lin Mochen had asked the two to try marriage first, but Lin Qian did not want to try marriage and wanted to get married, and hoped to get the certificate on the anniversary of their acquaintance. Li Zhicheng assured her that he would work hard to achieve it. Lin Qian then seriously proposed to form an alluring design team, and Li Zhicheng promised to help. When the monkeys learned that Li Zhicheng had been in trouble with the account book, they all came up with ideas. Hornet suggested to drink Lin Mochen on the wine table, but learned from Lin Qian that Lin Mochen was not drunk in a thousand cups. Several people looked at each other and smiled helplessly.

Li Zhicheng asked Ning Weikai and Chen Zheng to discuss countermeasures. Li Zhicheng advocated that the three companies join forces to fight DP. He said that although Allure shirts are mass-produced, they have a single audience. Even if Pete does not come to make trouble, it is difficult to go far. Therefore, Li Zhicheng proposed to be a joint sub-brand of Allure, with Xinbao Rui as the relatively high-end X Allure, Simeiqi as the relatively low-end S Allure, and Wenda as the mid-range W Allure. This series is dominated by Xueyan Ling, supplemented by ordinary fabrics, occupying the entire category of the apparel market. Li Zhicheng wants to make the Allure brand the first in Linhai City and make Allure become a world-renowned brand.

Lin Mochen flew back to the country, Lin Qian lied that she had lost her ID card and had to reapply for the ID card with her hukou. Lin Mochen pushed back and forth. Lin Qian blamed his brother for not trusting him at all, and then pulled Lin Mochen to the dinner table. Lin Qian deliberately pretended to be compliant, but kept filling Lin Mochen with wine. She told Lin Mochen that she wanted to form her own designer team and hoped that Lin Mochen would provide some suggestions. Lin Mochen bluntly said that those big-name designers insist on insisting on quality, and Lin Qian has benefited a lot.

At this time, Li Zhicheng also came to Lin Qian’s home. He told Lin Qian that he had reached a consensus with Chen Zheng and Ning Weikai to jointly complete the Allure Plan. After that, he drank a lot of wine with Lin Mochen, one drink after another, and finally a big drink. Seeing Lin Mochen drowsy, Lin Qian took the opportunity to steal the household registration book from Lin Mochen, and immediately danced with joy. Lin Qian and Li Zhicheng dressed in camouflage uniforms and came to the Civil Affairs Bureau to receive a marriage certificate, and then the two took the marriage oath. The two solemnly swore that they will never leave and share weal and woe. Then Lin Qian and Li Zhicheng looked at each other and smiled, sweet and infinite.

When Lin Qian Li Zhicheng returned home, Lin Mochen was already awake. He expected that the two had already received the certificate, and Lin Mochen was very unhappy when he saw that the deal was done. Li Zhicheng took the initiative to admit that it was all his fault, because only by getting the marriage certificate can he justly love her and protect her. Lin Qian Chuchu poorly hoped that Lin Mochen would not object even if he could not give the two blessings. Lin Mochen was silent. At this time, Li Zhicheng said sincerely that he had written a post-nuptial agreement with a lawyer. If he could not perform his duties, then all his property would belong to Lin Qian. Lin Qian accused Lin Mochen with tears in his eyes because he forced the marriage of the two to build on the agreement, and angrily tore the agreement. Lin Mochen’s heart softened and wish them happiness.

At the board meeting of New Baorui, Ning Weikai came up with the Allure Plan, but Zhu Hanjing thought it was a risky move. Ning Weikai thinks this is a back-to-back fight, because only with Wenda can we fight a beautiful turnaround. He sincerely hoped that the directors could support him, but he looked around but no one responded. Zhu Hanjing hesitated and said that she needed time to consider.

Knowing that Zhu Hanjing did not agree with the Allure Plan, Li Zhicheng decided to go to see Zhu Hanjing in person. After the meeting, Li Zhicheng persuaded her that New Baorui’s market share is getting lower and lower, and a big move is needed to reverse the situation. He confidently said that as long as the three companies work together, a new situation will be opened in Linhai City. Zhu Hanjing questioned whether this business plan was due to Lin Qian, and Li Zhicheng sternly said that she would not make a business plan solely based on personal feelings.

At this time, while Pete went out, Gao Lang quietly climbed the wall and entered Pete’s house. He saw a plan in Pete’s living room and immediately took it with his phone. In the bedroom, Gao Lang turned on Pete’s computer and copied the files in the computer. Unexpectedly, Pete went home suddenly. Pete hid behind the door and attacked Gao Lang, and then the two had a fierce fight. Pete recognized Gao Lang’s identity at a glance and accused him of an illegal invasion. At this time, Ning Weikai went to visit Grace. Grace had read the plan and felt that the plan was feasible. Ning Weikai and her agreed that if the Allure Plan fails, she will go out together according to Grace’s wishes.

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