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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 46 Recap

Ning Weikai sent Grace home and found that the elevator was broken, so Ning Weikai decided to carry Grace and go upstairs. Although he was exhausted and panting, he was very happy and kept joking with Grace. Gu Yanzhi was uneasy in the center of the office, and again received a dunning call from the bank, claiming that if he could not pay on time, he would auction his mortgaged house in accordance with the contract. Gu Yanzhi was extremely heavy. The secretary came in at this time and informed that Li Zhicheng wanted to see him.

After the two met, Li Zhicheng casually asked what Gu Yanzhi was up to, and bluntly asked what Peter and Gu Yanzhi were talking about. Gu Yanzhi couldn’t help but froze, and Li Zhicheng kindly reminded him that Pete should beware. Gu Yanzhi said lightly that he knew it well. At this time, Li Zhicheng received a call and Gu Yanzhi asked what happened. Li Zhicheng did not say clearly, but only instructed Gu Yanzhi to make a sales report of Allure.

Li Zhicheng and Woodpecker met in the underground garage, and Woodpecker reported to him what he had monitored. At this time, in the underground garage, Pete was handing him the money to buy Zhao. Zhao complained that Pete was not trustworthy and gave him 10,000 less. When the two were arguing, Li Zhicheng and Woodpecker blocked the car doors on both sides of Pete. Old Zhao was so frightened that he hurriedly explained to Li Zhicheng that he had been bought by Pete. Pete was not worried at all. He concluded that Li Zhicheng had no evidence in his hands. Pete arrogantly said that the sales of Qingcheng shirts are declining, and they should give Xueyanling to DP to do it. Seeing that he was stubborn, Li Zhicheng warned him awe-inspiringly that unfair competition like him would sooner or later make him get out of China. Pete, however, eagerly asked Li Zhicheng to buy the latest issue of H magazine and take a look.

Ning Weikai was taking care of her at Grace’s house, and received a call from Zhu Hanqian urging him to come back. Ning Weikai rushed to the company conference room for the first time and was surprised to learn that Zhu Hanchong actually planned to sell the shares of New Baorui. Ning Weikai and Zhu Hanjing persuaded him that Xin Baorui was Zhu Dong’s hard work, but Zhu Hanchong was unmoved. Zhu Hanjing deeply blamed herself for her brother’s inability to sell the shares, and asked where Ning Weikai went early in the morning. At this time, Ning Weikai received a call from Grace. After hesitating, he thought of getting up and leaving. Zhu Hanjing reminded him not to forget his promise to his father before he died.

Woodpecker bought the latest issue of H Magazine. The cover of the magazine featured the wedding photos that Lin Qian and Li Zhicheng had just taken. The title of the magazine made them very unbearable, distorted the facts, and exaggerated the two people’s allure costumes to harm the public. Safety. Lin Qian angrily took the magazine to go to the photo studio for an explanation. Li Zhicheng angrily went to Lisa to discuss the explanation. Lisa cleverly defended and prepared to seduce Li Zhicheng. Li Zhicheng immediately separated the two of them.

In the office, Pete was talking with Gu Yanzhi, and Li Zhicheng pushed in and told him that Zhu Hanchong had sold his shares in Xin Baorui. Gu Yanzhi said to himself that shares like shares would be worthless in his hands, and Li Zhicheng asked him vigilantly what he meant. Gu Yanzhi quickly concealed himself, only to talk casually. Gu Yanzhi deliberately decided to agree to Pete’s terms and sell his shares in Wenda. He asked the money to be directly transferred to his account, and at the same time, he must keep the matter secret until the completion of the matter. Pete agreed, and a sneer appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Gao Lang reported to Ning Weikai that he watched the surveillance video and discovered that someone had deliberately pushed Grace downstairs. Ning Weikai hopes that he will be monitored, Gao Lang bluntly said that the other party is wearing a cap, even if it is monitored, it is useless. Ning Weikai told Grace about this, and Grace was very surprised.

Chen Zheng took Chen Yayi to a carnival party. In the middle of the way, Yayi was assaulted by Chen Zheng’s friends and left unhappily. Chen Zheng hurriedly chased her out. Chen Yayi claimed that she didn’t want to play this boring and unethical game anymore, so she wanted to return to her single life. Chen Zheng dissatisfied with accusing Chen Yayi of falling in love but hiding it everywhere, as if she couldn’t see it. The two finally broke up unhappy.

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