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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 45 Recap

Li Zhicheng found a large number of low-quality buttons in the workshop and was very annoyed. He instructed his supervisor to find skilled workers several times to pick out these resin buttons as soon as possible. Then Li Zhicheng rushed to the Qingcheng shop. Lin Qian told Li Zhicheng in a worried expression that there was a hot search for the button problem in Qingcheng’s clothing. Lin Qian asked Li Zhicheng whether to continue business. Li Zhicheng affirmed that the store will continue to open, and there can be no silver three hundred taels here. He speculated that Pete should have done this.

The “Allure shirt” was framed by DP, and many consumers came to the Allure store to defend their rights. Li Zhicheng stated his identity at the door of the store and promised to return all the defective buttons unconditionally, and said that the Qingcheng shirt itself had no problem, because the buttons were maliciously replaced. Li Zhicheng and Ning Weikai Chen Zheng got together to discuss the recent buttoning incident. Li Zhicheng said that he was looking for it, but the purchaser had already escaped and it would take time to track down. At the same time, he proposed that the production of Qingcheng shirts should not be stopped. Ning Weikai nominated himself and offered to go to H Fashion Group magazine to make some positive publicity for Allure Clothing. Ning Weikai immediately asked Grace for help, hoping that she would end the holiday as soon as possible and regain the influence.

Pete received a high evaluation of Allure Design from the headquarters and instructed him to acquire Allure. Pete realized that ordinary commercial methods would not work and must find another way. He then went to the Qingcheng store and asked about Xueyanling’s shirt pretendingly. Lin Qian scolded him on the spot. Pete claimed that the intellectual property was in Lin Qian’s hands. He hoped that Lin Qian would transfer the Qingcheng design to DP, but Lin Qian refused him without thinking. At this time Li Zhicheng rushed to him, and he angrily accused Pete of being vile and acting secretly. Pete then left wittily.

Grace returned to H Fashion Group and was going to the office to find Wu Dong. Unexpectedly, she happened to see the ambiguous scene between Wu Dong and Lisa. Grace proposed to end the holiday early, but Wu Dong advocated that Lisa should replace her as the editor-in-chief, and claimed that this was the decision of the board of directors. Grace was so angry that she had to leave sadly.

Lin Qian and Li Zhicheng studied inferior buttons in the Qingcheng store, and they found that the melting points of the two types of buttons were different. Zhicheng immediately ordered Gu Yanzhi to heat all the buttons. If they deform, they will be inferior buttons. On the other side, Ning Weikai and Grace had dinner together. Grace said angrily that she had sent an email to the influence headquarters and was now waiting for a reply from the headquarters.

Li Zhicheng quickly found Lao Zhao, who was on duty in the warehouse on the day of the accident, who pretended to be ignorant. Li Zhicheng took out Pete’s photo, and Zhao looked down with a guilty conscience. Li Zhicheng saw his mood swings, but Old Zhao claimed that he was about to resign after the funeral, which made Li Zhicheng more suspicious.

Lin Qian told Li Zhicheng that a new photo studio was opened near the Qingcheng store and wanted to go there to take wedding photos with Li Zhicheng. At this time, Lisa came to ask Pete for the advertising fee of the H Market Group, but Pete asked Lisa to continue to release water to resist Xue Yanling. Lisa accused him of making an inch of progress and was about to leave. Pete sneered and took out the phone photo. Lisa was shocked when she saw it. It turned out that she was secretly photographed when she had an affair with Wu Dong. Pete proudly said that if Lisa did not follow her own will, she would send the evidence to the headquarters. Lisa’s momentum suddenly weakened.

Lin Qian was putting on makeup in the photo studio and preparing to take wedding photos with Li Zhicheng, and suddenly received a call from Chen Yayi. Chen Yayiya criedly claimed that there was an accident in the store. It turned out that two customers claimed to have caused allergies when wearing Xueyanling shirts, and they splashed paint on the store. Lin Qian rushed back to reason with them, and asked them what evidence they had to prove that they were allergic to Xueyan Ling clothing. The other party was rather unreasonable, ready to rush into the store aggressively, and pushed with the store staff. Li Zhicheng arrived in time and easily subdued the two troublemakers. He saw through the other party’s tricks at a glance, and solemnly announced that he was Wenda’s president. Today’s affairs will definitely be found out. The two troublemakers left dingy. Back in the shop, Li Zhicheng comforted Lin Qian not to worry, he would investigate the truth of the matter, and don’t let unrelated people affect his mood. After that, the two returned to the photography studio to take their wedding photos.

Grace went to the mall alone. She had just finished the phone call with Ning Weikai, but she didn’t watch out for being pushed down the stairs by a man wearing a peaked cap behind her. Grace fainted on the spot. Ning Weikai got the news and rushed to the hospital in a hurry. Seeing Grace who was unconscious in the hospital bed, Ning Weikai felt very distressed. Grace wakes up from a coma. Ning Weikai reminds Grace to walk carefully in the future. Grace recalls that someone deliberately hit him at the time, and Ning Weikai suddenly felt suspicious. Grace said with some regret that she had already received the email from the headquarters, and it was estimated that the headquarters had also discovered the problem, and she would talk to Lisa soon. Unexpectedly, something went wrong on her side. Ning Weikai comforted her to recover well. .

Gu Yanzhi received the bank’s notice that his mortgage was about to expire soon, and Gu Yanzhi hung up the phone upset. Pete broke the news to Lisa that the buttons of Allure’s clothes caused the bride’s allergies. Lisa angrily accused Pete of seeing too much business competition, but he had never seen him endanger other people’s lives in this way. Pete didn’t care.

Li Zhicheng received a report from the monkey that Gu Yanzhi’s car is now downstairs at Pete’s house. Li Zhicheng pondered for a long while, saying that he would deal with it so that they would not act rashly. Li Zhicheng went home for dinner, and at the dinner table he asked his sister Li Jinyuan how the app was doing. Knowing that his sister had failed to start a business, Li Zhicheng brought along what Gu Yanzhi was up to. Li Jinyuan said she did not know, but at the same time assured Li Zhicheng that Gu Yanzhi would definitely be loyal to Wenda.

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