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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 44 Recap

Lao Ji was still a little worried at the beginning. Chen Zheng promised that Lao Ji would only do what he said, and when Si Meiqi returned to her hands, he would be promoted to chief technician and own shares. Lao Ji immediately stated that he resolutely kept it secret. Pete got feedback from his assistants that the court would not accept their prosecution at all. Pete couldn’t help feeling frustrated. Li Zhicheng, Ning Weikai and Chen Zheng celebrated the victory in the first battle. Li Zhicheng concluded that this time was a small win, and did not win DP in a real sense. If you want to win an absolute victory, you still need a big move.

Pete was upset and caused the old illness to relapse. After swallowing a few pills, he took off his shirt frantically and started exercising frantically on the treadmill. Pete’s back was covered with criss-crossing scars. Someone quietly took a picture of Pete running. After Li Zhicheng got the video, he wondered why Pete had a stab wound. Soon after, Pete received an ultimatum from the company headquarters, asking him to increase sales within three months. As soon as Pete hung up, Lisa hurried in. She urged Pete to pay the advertising fee quickly. Pete said sternly that he would use the headquarters’ ace brand to defeat Linhai’s clothing company.

Li Zhicheng boldly imagined that he wanted to license Xueyanling to two other companies for free, because the cooperation with Xinbao Rui and Simeqi could greatly reduce costs, just like the previous cooperation with Fan Xi. Lin Qian agreed with Li Zhicheng’s idea, but at the same time raised some questions. After talking about work, Li Zhicheng asked Lin Qian when Lin Mochen would return to the United States. He planned to let the two parents meet tomorrow night.

Ning Weikai went to the cemetery to pay homage to Li Zhiqian, and Grace happened to come to pay homage. Ning Weikai confided to Li Zhiqian the reason why he had concealed some things from Grace at the beginning, and he told about his affection for Grace. Grace walked over at this moment, and the two of them hugged each other tightly.

Li Zhicheng made an appointment with Ning Weikai and Chen Zheng, and he told everyone about his plan to produce Xueyanling together with the three companies. Both Ning Weikai and Chen Zheng are worried about funding. Li Zhicheng immediately said that the funding problem should be solved by himself. The three clink glasses together and start a real collaboration.

Lin Qian was soft and hard, and finally made Lin Mochen agree to go to Li Zhicheng’s house to see his parents. Lin Qian asked his brother to go to Li’s house not to make a face. Lin Mochen was also helpless for his sister. The brothers and sisters came to Li Zhicheng’s house, and Li Zhicheng enthusiastically greeted them and introduced each other to their father. Lin Mochen greeted Li Zhongming politely, but Li Zhongming didn’t say very welcome, which made Lin Mochen very dissatisfied.

At the dinner table, learning that Lin Mochen was investing in finance in the United States, Li Zhongming turned to ask why Lin Qian did not go abroad with his brother. Lin Qian said that he liked traditional Chinese clothes very much, so he left to make things he liked. Li Zhicheng also praised Lin Qian’s ability from the side. However, Li Zhongming suddenly changed the conversation and asked when she planned to have a baby. He didn’t want Lin Qian to continue working to give birth to more children for the Li family. Lin Mochen’s face was ugly.

Lin Mochen left Li’s house angrily, and Lin Qian hurriedly chased it out. Lin Mochen ordered Lin Qian to separate from Li Zhicheng immediately. At this moment, Li Zhicheng stepped out and said firmly that he would not be separated from Lin Qian. Li Zhicheng talked about the various experiences he shared with Lin Qian, and Lin Qian also talked about the past that Li Zhicheng saved himself several times. Lin Mochen was stunned after hearing this. Lin Mochen thought for a long time and talked with Li Zhicheng separately. Li Zhicheng told Lin Mochen about the three companies’ plan to jointly develop Xueyanling. Lin Mochen disdainfully said that what Li Zhicheng lacks most now is money. He promised to give Li Zhicheng a large sum of money as long as he left Lin Qian. Seeing that Li Zhicheng was unmoved, Lin Mochen proposed to give Li Zhicheng 200 million yuan to develop Wenda and Qingcheng projects. If he can make the brand of Qingcheng a success, he will promise him and Lin Qian together. If they fail, they must separate.

Gu Yanzhi took out a bank card and asked Chen Zheng to help Li Jinyuan make an APP. This has always been Li Jinyuan’s dream. Chen Zheng asked Gu Yanzhi in astonishment where he got so much money. Gu Yanzhi hesitated to say that he had mortgaged the house. Chen Zheng lamented that Gu Yanzhi really loved Li Jinyuan. Gu Yanzhi asked him to conceal his money. Chen Zheng really kept the contract. He claimed that he had a partner who was willing to help Li Jinyuan make the app unconditionally, and Li Jinyuan was pleasantly surprised.

Soon Qingcheng made shirts with Xueyan Ling on the market, and the sales were extremely hot. Li Zhicheng hurried to the processing factory. He anxiously asked the factory supervisor if he could pick out the inferior buttons from the genuine buttons. The supervisor said with difficulty that it was difficult to see the difference between the two with the naked eye.

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