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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 43 Recap

Ning Weikai invites Chen Zheng to drink tea together, and Ning Weikai asks Chen Zheng if it is possible to get Simeiqi back. Chen Zheng couldn’t help sighing. Ning Weikai said that the sales of the new Baorui store have also plummeted, and it seems that only they can join forces to fight DP. Chen Zheng told Ning Weikai that Li Zhicheng had found himself for this. Ning Weikai was a little surprised. He felt that the three competitors would work together to fight against DP. At this time, Zhu Hanjing asked Grace to drink tea. Zhu Hanjing said sadly that she watched Ning Weikai’s video when she participated in the competition. She directly broke that Ning Weikai liked Grace and was tortured for Grace. Zhu Hanjing also hopes that Ning Weikai and Grace can explain their misunderstanding clearly, and she does not want Ning Weikai to suffer from emotional matters. Grace said it was a pity that Ning Weikai missed Zhu Hanjing, and thanked Zhu Hanjing for his kindness.

Li Zhicheng invited Ning Weikai and Chen Zheng to meet, hoping that the three companies would join forces against DP, and said that the specific plan would be drawn up by Gu Yanzhi himself. Ning Weikai proposed that a commander is needed for the three joint ventures, and Li Zhi confidently expressed that he was competent. Ning Weikai joked, and at the same time expressed his doubts. Now that the internal equity of New Baorui is dispersed, he is not sure that he can convince everyone, so he can’t easily promise Li Zhicheng anything, and he got up and left after he said it. Ning Weikai returned to the company and considered it again and again. Gao Lang saw his eyes flicker. Ning Weikai said that he was thinking about the combination of the three companies. Gao Lang bluntly said that based on his understanding of Ning Weikai, I believe he must have made his own choice.

Li Zhicheng went to Xinbao Rui to find Zhu Dong, hoping that he would come forward to persuade Ning Weikai and Wen Da to cooperate. Zhu Dong was angrily mentioned DP plagiarizing Qingcheng design and praised Li Zhicheng for doing the right thing. At this time, Ning Weikai pushed in and Li Zhicheng bluntly said that he hoped that the two sides could cooperate sincerely and jointly fight against DP. Zhu Dong also agreed with him, hoping that the two will join forces for the clothing industry in Linhai City. Li Zhicheng and Ning Weikai immediately reached out and shook hands.

I heard that Xinbaorui’s performance has declined recently. I wish Dong insisted on visiting the Xinbaodian store. Seeing that the store is extremely deserted, I wish Dong feel sad. He specially picked a brand-new suit from the store, and then enthusiastically dialed Zhu Hanjing’s video. After the father and daughter had finished talking about their daily routines, Zhu Dong talked a turn and suddenly said that the performance of New Baorui was declining, hoping that Ning Weikai and Zhu Hanjing would come together to reverse the decline of New Baorui. Zhu Hanjing hurriedly avoided the topic. Zhu Dong then stared at Ning Weikai, hoping that he could choose Zhu Hanjing. Ning Weikai hesitated again and again, and I am sorry to tell Dong Zhu that he already has someone he likes. Hearing that Ning Weikai has his own heart, I wish Dong a heart attack with excitement, and Ning Weikai rushed him to the hospital.

Zhu Hanchong and Zhu Hanjing hurried to the hospital after hearing the news. Zhu Hanchong grabbed Ning Weike’s collar and yelled and asked what he had done to his father. Zhu Hanjing rushed to stop Zhu Hanchong who was emotionally out of control. . At this time, the doctor walked out of the rescue room and told them regretfully that Zhu Dong had passed away because of a heart attack. Ning Weikai was heartbroken when the sisters and brothers of Zhu cried.

Zhu Hanchong put forward an issue on the board of directors to cancel all the economic support of the group for the new Baorui brand. Ning Weikai was very angry at Zhu Hanchong’s decision, thinking that the new Baorui was the hard work of wishing Dong’s life, how can he abandon the new Baorui. Zhu Hanchong immediately asked all directors to vote by show of hands. All directors except Zhu Hanjing voted in favor.

Soon after the group’s order came down, Ning Weikai told Zhu Hanjing that he could only use the cash flow of New Baorui. But Zhu Hanjing looked at the cash flow report of New Baorui, and sighed that the money from New Baorui was just a drop in the bucket. Zhu Hanchong once again talked with Pete about cooperation, Pete urged Zhu Hanchong to cooperate with DP, and they teamed up to defeat Wenda. Zhu Hanchong applauded very much. Pete instructed him to first drive Ning Weikai out of New Baorui, which is exactly where Zhu Han rushed into his arms.

Li Zhicheng and Ning Weikai talked about cooperation, and Ning Weikai apologized to Li Zhicheng, thinking that cooperation is not something you want to do. When the three got together, Li Zhicheng explained to Ning Weikai and Chen Zheng that consumers only knew the abbreviated name of DP, but did not know its full name, so they could take advantage of the troubled waters to fish. They can look for small brands, but the brand names, logos, etc. are similar to DP, and the introduction of these brands can compete with DP.

Just do it, Ning Weikai quickly brought back several brands from Italy, and Li Zhicheng quickly set out to fight back. Pete found that there were a lot fewer customers in the store, and asked why he learned that other shopping malls opened a DF brand clothing, which was also an Italian handmade brand and the price was cheaper, so the customers chose that one.

Pete discovered that as soon as DP’s ad came out, his opponent’s ad came out, so it must be that DP’s ad creative and design had been leaked, and the assistant guessed that it was Chen Zheng who had leaked it. Pete decided to bypass Chen Zheng in future company affairs, and guessed that Li Zhicheng was the mastermind at this time.

Chen Zheng instructed the technician Lao Ji to design an advertisement pop-up window to cover the position of the online shopping cart, so that it is difficult for shoppers to operate successfully when adding products to the shopping cart. Lao Ji wonders why he would let himself design such a design that reduces the shopping experience.

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