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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 41 Recap

In the living room, Li Zhicheng said that he was neither humble nor arrogant, but that DP needs him, and that only Wenda in Linhai City has a production line that meets all the conditions of DP. Pete promised to give Li Zhicheng some time to calculate the price. Before he left, Li Zhicheng warned Pete not to touch his bottom line and stop playing games that let Wenda and Xinbao Rui kill each other next time.

At home, Lin Qian lay comfortably in Li Zhicheng’s arms to play games, and Li Zhicheng suddenly asked her if any stranger had been to the store recently. Lin Qian wondered why he asked so suddenly. Li Zhicheng said that Wenda was recently talking to DP about a foundry cooperation project, but he knew almost nothing about Pete. Lin Qian asked Li Zhicheng what countermeasures she had, and Li Zhicheng relieved her that as long as she manages the Qingcheng brand well, she doesn’t need to worry about other things.

Pete and Li Zhicheng formally signed a contract. Wen Da is the DP’s foundry. Seeing Li Zhicheng’s stern look, Pete can’t help feeling that he is worthy of a military background. As soon as the signing ceremony was completed, Wenda quickly invested in the production of DP clothes. Chen Zheng learned that Wenda and DP had finally signed a cooperation agreement. He was very dissatisfied that DP didn’t tell him. Unexpectedly, the assistant to the president of DP Jerry directly refuted that Si Meiqi only needed to work with DP. This made Chen Zheng even more angry.

Li Zhicheng inspected the production line and unexpectedly discovered that DP clothes had copied the Allure brand, and immediately suspended all DP production lines. Gu Yanzhi did not want Li Zhicheng to stop the production line under the impulse of Li Zhicheng, causing the construction period to be unpredictable, so he carried Li Zhicheng on his back and let the factory continue production.

When Yayi was visiting the mall, she accidentally discovered that DP’s clothes were exactly the same as those designed by Lin Qian. Angrily, she bought some and prepared to take them back to Lin Qian to sue. Chen Zheng met Yayi in the mall and asked her if she needed a discount card. Who knew that Chen Yayi lost his head and lost his temper before leaving in angrily.

Lin Qian was very angry when she saw DP plagiarizing her clothes. Yayi recalled that day when DP President Pete seemed very interested in her dress, she told Lin Qian directly. She realized that Pete was planning to copy the Allure design. Lin Qian was a little surprised. She said that Chen Yayi and Chen Zheng had not mentioned the relationship in advance, and first took photos of the clothes and prepared to send them to Li Zhicheng.

Chen Zheng invited the company’s directors to meet. Chen Zheng told everyone that Pete was unpredictable, so everyone should unite and not allow Pete to devour Miki. Unexpectedly, I learned that the directors had sold the company’s shares early. Chen Zheng angrily scolded the director for escaping, and was helpless after learning that DP had spent money to buy people’s hearts.

Seeing that the factory was still producing, Li Zhicheng angrily blamed the employees for clearly that he had ordered the stop of production, so why did he continue to produce. At this time, Gu Yanzhi came to tell Li Zhicheng that he had ordered it, because once Wenda stopped production, he would break the contract and must pay a large liquidated damages. As the vice president of Wenda, I have to consider Wenda’s interests. And even if production is stopped now, the problem of infringement cannot be stopped.

Li Zhicheng called Gu Yanzhi and Li Jinyuan to the office to come up with a contract, and pointed out that one of them clearly stipulates that if the parties are involved in a legal dispute, Party B can delay delivery. As long as Lin Qian continues to sue DP for plagiarism, Wenda can continue to postpone the delivery without compensating for liquidated damages. Li Zhicheng said that he knew that Pete was cunning, so he specifically asked the lawyer to add this provision to the contract. Gu Yanzhi no longer worried about liquidated damages, but immediately asked what to do with the newly recruited hundreds of employees. Li Zhicheng resolutely said that other projects could be arranged immediately, in short, DP plagiarism should not be condoned.

In the office of the president, Ning Weikai saw the company’s performance drop last month, and only after inquiring did he know that DP’s newly launched brand had a huge impact on New Baorui. Ning Weikai couldn’t help frowning. At this time, Zhu Han rushed to Ning Weikai’s office triumphantly. He sneered at Ning Weikai. Ning Weikai coldly refuted that the loss of New Baorui was the loss of the Zhu Group. Zhu Hanchong sneered and said that the old man was very disappointed with him recently. At this time, the newly recruited employees in Wenda plant caused trouble due to unwarranted work stoppages, and Li Zhicheng hurried back, publicly promising not to dismiss any of the employees. The employees turned their worries into joy and expressed their support for Li Zhicheng.

Yayi met with Chen Zheng and said angrily that the dress she wore before was from the Qingcheng store. Now she was plagiarized by DP, and hoped that Chen Zheng could give herself an explanation. Chen Zheng swears that he didn’t know about DP plagiarism, he was fooled by DP, and the company’s shares were swallowed by DP little by little. Chen Zheng lamented that the control of the company was gone, and the company his father had worked so hard to build was about to be destroyed in his own hands. Yayi looked at Chen Zheng’s self-blame, and quickly soothed Chen Zheng’s emotions, and the two ordered a meal.

Li Zhicheng took Lin Qian to confront Pete. Lin Qian angrily accused DP of plagiarism. Pete’s sophistry did not apply for a patent for the Allure series, and he did not constitute plagiarism. Li Zhicheng solemnly said that he brought evidence, so long as he sued himself, it would suspend the sale of Pete’s clothing. Pete said contemptuously that Wenda wanted to challenge himself, and in the end it would only drag Wenda into the abyss. Li Zhicheng replied unceremoniously, and then took Lin Qianyang away.

When Li Zhicheng returned to Wenda, he immediately arranged for Gu Yanzhi to contact the garment factories he had made with Wenda and prevent these garment factories from taking over DP orders. Although this cannot guarantee that they will do so, he must tell them the truth about DP plagiarism. . Even tell these garment factories that DP is short of suppliers and they can raise prices at will.

Pete quickly got news that although DP found several foundries, they raised their prices as soon as they knew Wenda had stopped production. Pete angrily instructed to immediately arrange to see the quotation, as long as it is within the acceptable range, and contract production as soon as possible. In order to promote and promote, Pitt plans to advertise for DP in H Fashion Group. He discussed with Lisa and hoped to do more cover interviews in the next issue of the magazine. In this way, Lisa’s position on the board of directors can also be elevated, which is tantamount to a win-win situation, and Lisa readily agreed.

Li Zhicheng talked with Ning Weikai and learned that the day after Wenda stopped work, DP planned to find Xinbao Rui as a supplier, but Ning Weikai refused. Li Zhicheng reminded Ning Weikai that several DP stores were under renovation near Xinbao Rui’s store. Ning Weikai immediately became vigilant and ordered Gao Lang to investigate the matter.

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