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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 39 Recap

Ning Weikai invites Grace to attend her birthday banquet. Grace shirks her work. Ning Weikai insists that she must attend. When Ning Weikai got home, he began to prepare a candlelight dinner for two people, but he waited and waited. He didn’t wait until Grace, thinking she was not coming. Ning Weikai was feeling disappointed and suddenly heard the doorbell. He opened the door and took a look. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Grace came to the appointment in a costume she designed. The two of them made a fuss from the living room to the bedroom. Ning Weikai was emotional and hugged Grace to the bed.

The next morning, Grace woke up, she secretly opened Ning Weikai’s wardrobe, but was surprised to find a wedding dress made of snow smoke and a letter. In order to give Ning Weikai a surprise, Grace simply put on her wedding dress, and then she opened the letter with a sweet heart, only to find that it was actually a last word of apology, and she was stunned. Reading the letter, Grace was crying in tears.

Ning Weikai was awakened from his sleep and was surprised to find that Grace was wearing a snow-smoke wedding dress. Grace asked angrily why he wanted to hide himself. Ning Weikai hesitated. Grace annoyed and accused Ning Weikai of approaching herself deliberately in order to use herself. Ning Weikai was out of control and defended loudly. He worried that this wedding dress would affect his relationship with Grace. Grace thought that Ning Weikai was not sincere enough for the relationship between the two, so she ran out in a wedding dress.

Lin Qian’s Qingcheng store was very sluggish after its opening. The store door was not good. Lin Qian and Chen Yayi were worried and did not know what to do. On this day, a female customer greeted Lin Qian’s shop. She didn’t even read the clothes code. She took 5 pieces and left. After Lin Qian was happy, she felt puzzled, so she asked whether Li Zhicheng, a female customer, was hired by him to make herself happy. Li Zhicheng finally admitted that he was worried that Lin Qian was anxious, so he did so. Lin Qian felt warm in her heart and proactively kissed Li Zhicheng.

Soon after, another female customer came to the store, and she picked out several pieces of Xueyanling’s clothing. Lin Qian thought that Li Zhicheng had repeated his tricks. Faced with the questioning, Li Zhicheng said innocently that he was not the same. It will be staged twice. Lin Qian and Li Zhicheng discussed the need to conduct customer return visits and adjust marketing strategies.

Jerry, assistant to the president of DP Group Greater China, Pete, came to the President’s Office of Simeqi, and claimed to Chen Zheng that DP Group was preparing to take a stake in Simeiki, and he had reached a preliminary agreement with Chen’s father. Chen Zheng directly refused unceremoniously. Then Chen Zheng hurriedly found his father and expressed his concerns, worried that the foreigner would swallow Simici. Father Chen smiled bitterly and said that ever since he handed Si Meiqi into Chen Zheng’s hands, the situation has gone downhill. Now that foreigners have bought shares, they can still sell for a good price. This is to prepare Chen Zheng for the future. Seeing that his father had so little confidence in him, Chen Zheng felt mixed.

Gu Yanzhi came to see Jin Yuan before he was injured. Jin Yuan thought that Yanzhi made the delicious food by himself. Yanzhi said that he injured his hand today, so he ordered a takeaway. Hearing that Gu Yanzhi’s hand was injured, Li Jinyuan quickly checked his injuries and complained that Yanzhi was too careless. At the same time, she emphasized that as her boyfriend, she should cook for herself every day. Yanzhi was surprised, and Jin Yuan kissed him immediately. Gu Yanzhi was stunned for a moment, and then responded enthusiastically to her.

Lin Qian and Li Zhicheng went to visit the customer, Mr. Chen, to give her a return visit to the consumer experience. Teacher Chen strongly praised the characteristics of the Allure series, but at the same time pointed out that the price was too expensive. Teacher Chen also said that one of the clothes had been given to the students as a birthday present, and suggested that Lin Qian could go to the students to collect some opinions. After visiting the students of Teacher Chen, Lin Qian and Li Zhicheng started clay pottery together, and they seemed to be happy. Lin Qian and Li Zhicheng returned to the store. Lin Qian reflected on the failure of Qingcheng because of its own brand positioning. Qingcheng has always positioned itself as a high-end brand. Therefore, she suggested to mix and match different fabrics with snow smoke, which is suitable for the mass consumption of young people, in order to open up the market for Allure. As the two talked, they squatted together sweetly.

The assistant told Grace that the headquarters was going to send an observer named Lisa to China, worrying about her being unkind. Lisa soon came to H Fashion Group, and Grace greeted her warmly. Grace took the opportunity to ask about her trip to China this time. Lisa bluntly said that the sales of Fashion Group magazines in China were declining, so she sent herself to investigate. Grace was wary in her heart, but smiled on the surface to indicate that she would cooperate fully.

Chen Zheng invited Chen Yayi to a dinner, and Chen Yayi specially selected a dress from the Allure shop to go to the appointment. After the meeting, Chen Zheng praised Chen Yayi for her beautiful dress. Later, Peter, the president of DP Group Greater China, was late to arrive. He saw Chen Yayi’s dress suddenly shine, and he looked up and down very impolitely.

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