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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 38 Recap

Li Zhicheng came to Geng’s house and tore up Xue Yanling’s contract in front of Teacher Geng. Teacher Geng felt very sorry, after all, Li Zhicheng had paid so much liquidated damages in advance. When Li Zhicheng changed his conversation, he suddenly proposed that he hoped that Teacher Geng would transfer Xue Yanling’s intellectual property to Lin Qian. Teacher Geng was slightly startled, and Lin Qian next to him was also unbelievable. Li Zhicheng persuaded her that Xue Yanling would certainly develop in Lin Qian’s hands. After some consideration, Teacher Geng decided to transfer Xue Yanling’s patent to Lin Qian. Lin Qian was a little flattered, and she was unprepared to say that she had no plans for Xue Yanling’s development and that she needed a lot of financial support. Li Zhicheng smiled and took out the plan that had been drawn up, saying that he would fully support her. Lin Qian was surprised and delighted. Li Zhicheng suggested that Lin Qian name the new brand. Lin Qian named the new brand after Qingcheng, which was fully supported by Li Zhicheng and Teacher Geng.

Ning Weikai and Grace clubbed together. Ning Weikai was a little unwilling to say that this would be tantamount to making a wedding dress for others. Grace lamented that this might be the best destination for Xue Yanling. Ning Weikai stretched his brows and suddenly held out a gift box. Grace opened it curiously, and it turned out to be a gorgeous dress, which turned out to be Ning Weikai’s ingenuity. Grace couldn’t help feeling moved, saying that others gave her gifts because she was the editor-in-chief of H Fashion Group, and this gift was for herself, which was the best gift she had ever received.

Chen Zheng went downstairs to pick up Yayi, who had just got off work, but Yayi deliberately avoided him. Chen Zheng directly called her into the car and took out a bag carefully selected for her. Yayi blames him for spending money, and suddenly asks him whether he often buys bags for other girls. Chen Zheng laughed and said nothing.

Ning Weikai guessed how Lin Qian would do Xueyanling’s project. Grace said in deep thought that she might make Xueyanling a brand. Ning Weikai believes that based on her understanding of Lin Qian, she will definitely not focus on profit first. Grace pointedly pointed out that a brand without profit cannot last. Ning Weikai invited Grace to dinner, but Grace claimed that she was not free. Ning Weikai complained that she did not even have the opportunity to have dinner with her girlfriend. Grace retorted when she agreed to him. Ning Weikai smiled and said that the doctor had told him everything when he was in the hospital, and then forced Grace into his arms when he finished speaking.

Lin Qian happily ran to Teacher Geng early in the morning and told her that Xueyanling was light and thin, and she decided to add some fabric. Teacher Geng questioned that it would no longer be Xue Yanling. Lin Qian suddenly had an idea and thought of boss Huang, who had previously worked with him, and wanted to use his laboratory for design research. Unexpectedly, the call was made, and Mr. Huang said guiltily that the laboratory is now in use, and it must be three months later if it is to be used. Lin Qian was greatly disappointed.

Teacher Geng felt very distressed when he saw Lin Qian’s hard work day and night, so he called Li Zhicheng to inform Mr. Huang about the matter. Li Zhicheng put aside the matter at hand and found Mr. Huang as soon as possible. Mr. Huang embarrassedly said that the laboratory was already full. After Li Zhicheng’s persuasion, Mr. Huang finally decided to give up the laboratory to Lin Qian. Afterwards, President Huang called Lin Qian and told her that she could borrow the laboratory. Lin Qian was surprised and delighted.

Li Jinyuan told Gu Yanzhi that he was going to find a job. Chen Zheng gave Gu Yanzhi an idea and asked him to recruit Li Jinyuan to Wenda. The office romance is so romantic. Seeing Gu Yanzhi still hesitating, Chen Zheng encouraged him to take the initiative. Gu Yanzhi did what he said. He went shopping with Li Jinyuan that night. The two returned home full of loads. After Li Jinyuan was carrying a large bag and preparing to leave, Gu Yanzhi suddenly clutched his stomach and lied that his stomach hurts. Li Jinyuan believed it was true and planned to take Gu Yanzhi to the hospital for a look.

On the way, Gu Yanzhi asked Li Jinyuan not to watch the navigation, but to show the direction by herself. Suddenly, Li Jinyuan Gu Yanzhi was still pretending to be sick, and unceremoniously stopped the car and issued a eviction order. Not far after Li Jinyuan drove out, Gu Yanzhi called again, claiming that he had a book left in the car, and Li Jinyuan decided to return the book.

Gu Yanzhi and Chen Zheng conspired how to switch the advertisements on the billboards. Chen Zheng once again encouraged him to win in one fell swoop, and ridiculed the expensive advertising fees. Li Jinyuan drove back to find Gu Yanzhi, and she was surprised to find that the billboards on both sides of the road were all replaced with photos of herself and Gu Yanzhi since childhood. Li Jinyuan was moved and warm in her heart, and her eyes were red before she knew it. After getting out of the car, she walked slowly towards Gu Yanzhi looking at the photo of the billboard, and finally moved to tears.

Lin Qian’s shop opened grandly, and Yayi decided to come back to help her. She was worried that Lin Qian would be unhappy to see Chen Zheng, and she would not let Chen Zheng send herself back. Li Zhicheng showed Lin Qian the cartoon pictures of himself and Lin Qian that he drew, and said that he would accompany Lin Qian as shown in the picture, staying close to each other, and creating their time in the allure together. Ning Weikai invited Grace to eat macarons, and Grace bluntly said that she didn’t like that sweet and greasy relationship. Ning Weikai directly invited Grace to go to her house that night. Facing such a direct request from Ning Weikai, Grace was a little ashamed. Ning Weikai said solemnly that the evening was his birthday, hoping that Grace could wear the dress she designed to participate.

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