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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 37 Recap

In the office, Grace took out George’s contract. Ning Weikai was very excited. He took Grace into his arms. Just then the secretary came in and Grace hurriedly broke free. At this time in Gu Yan’s home, Gu Yanzhi personally made lotus soup for Li Jinyuan. He said with jealousy that Chen Zheng and Li Jinyuan had made improvements to the lotus soup when they were stuck together. Li Jinyuan’s defense was entirely Chen Zheng. Stick to yourself. Gu Yanzhi smiled and said nothing.

Ning Weikai and Grace went to the grave of Li apologized to worship. Grace looked sad, and Ning Weikai solemnly stated that he would take care of Grace in place of Li apology in the future. On the other hand, under Lin Qian’s encouragement, Li Zhicheng cheered up and returned to Wenda to preside over a new round of CEO voting. Before the vote, the directors were arguing, and some were in favor and some were opposed. At the end of the vote, the vote was tied at four to four, and the stalemate was at a stalemate. Li Jinyuan suddenly broke in, claiming that she was a shareholder and had the right to vote, so she would vote for Li Zhicheng. In this way, Li Zhicheng became Wenda’s CEO naturally, and the directors applauded and congratulated. Li Zhicheng publicly announced the appointment of Gu Yanzhi as the CEO of Wenda.

Ning Weikai was in the office of the President of New Baorui. George suddenly visited him. He asked Ning Weikai to talk about the controlling rights of Xue Yanling. He arrogantly offered to hold the controlling rights. Ning Weikai objected immediately. He said that the Chinese own traditional crafts must be controlled by the Chinese themselves. George sneered and said that apart from Seville, other companies were not interested in Xueyanling at all, and Xinbao Rui could not find any other partners. Ning Weikai asked Grace a little angrily. He said that after George changed his past attitude, he actually demanded Xue Yanling’s controlling stake very strongly. Grace was also very surprised. After she pondered, she analyzed whether someone was causing trouble.

In the underground parking lot, Ning Weikai was waiting for Zhu Hanchong. When he saw his car approaching, Ning Weikai pulled the door directly and got into Zhu Hanchong’s car. He asked Zhu Hanchong if it was something about George. He made a mess. Zhu Hanchong admitted unabashedly. Ning Weikai said angrily that he would not allow foreigners to control Xueyanling. The Xueyanling project is Xinbao Rui’s and requires a collective vote of the board of directors. Zhu Han sneered at the corner of his mouth and said, “Let’s take a look”, and at the same time reminded Ning Weikai with a sneer to remind Ning Weikai that he is just a part-time worker for the Zhu family, so don’t take it for granted. The high-level meeting of New Baorui Company voted, and the result of the vote was that New Baorui agreed to control Xueyanling by Xavier Company. Ning Weikai felt extremely frustrated and disappointed after Zhu Han was so proud of a villain.

Zhu Hanjing went forward angrily to discuss with Zhu Han, and asked him why he deliberately undermined Ning Weikai’s plan. Zhu Hanjing sneered and said that she did it for the sake of her sister, and everyone in the company knew she liked it. Ning Weikai, but once Xueyanling’s project is negotiated, Ning Weikai and Grace have money and connections. Who cares about Zhu Hanjing’s kindness. Zhu Hanjing suddenly became dumb.

Zhu Hanchong came to Geng’s house and cynically told Teacher Geng that Xue Yanling’s project had been sold to foreigners, and Ning Weikai’s approval was also obtained. Teacher Geng was so angry that he couldn’t speak. Ms. Geng angrily accused Ning Weikai who came later. She said that she trusted him so much to sign the Xueyanling intellectual property cooperation agreement with him, but she did not expect that because of Ning Weikai’s mistake, Xueyanling’s intellectual property rights would fall Hands of foreigners. Ms. Geng said bitterly that Xue Yanling was sold to foreigners to make her faceless to face her ancestors. Ms. Geng drove Ning Weikai away, and Ning Weikai felt guilty and did not know what to do. Lin Qian comforted him by the side.

Lin Qian called and told Li Zhicheng anxiously that now Xueyanling was in Xin Baorui’s hands, and Ning Weikai somehow agreed to sell Xueyanling to foreigners. I hope Li Zhicheng will find a way to stop Zhu Hanchong. Li Zhicheng comforted Lin Qian and said that he would do his best. At this time, Grace stayed with Ning Weikai, Ning Weikai’s face was depressed, Grace paced anxiously in front of him, and then sternly asked Ning Weikai no matter what he tried, Xue Yanling must not fall into Seville’s company. Hands. Ning Weikai thought about it and said that there is actually a last resort. That is Li Zhicheng can participate in and help himself. But he also worried that he and Li Zhicheng have always been competitors, and he may not be willing to help. Grace then asked Ning Weikai to put aside the man’s face and cooperate frankly with Li Zhicheng.

Ning Weikai asked Li Zhicheng to drink together. Ning Weikai opened the door and proposed that Xueyanling’s project had an accident. The board of directors decided to hand over the controlling rights of this project to foreigners. At the same time, he reminded Li Zhicheng that Li Apology had also thought about developing Xueyanling back then. Back then, Li Apology had signed a Xueyanling contract, but the contract was later stranded. Now, as long as the contract is found, everything can be restored.

Li Zhicheng returned to Li’s house and asked Li’s father, Xueyanling’s contract, but Li’s father was so confused that he couldn’t remember it. Then Li Zhicheng finally found the Xueyanling contract during the old cooperation and immediately called Lin Qian. On the phone, Lin Qian was very happy to hear that. Here Ning Weikai asked Zhu Hanjing to drink coffee. He expressed the hope that Zhu Hanqian could fully support herself. Zhu Hanjing suddenly asked Ning Weikai if he had established a company with someone else, hoping that he would not rush to leave New Baorui. Ning Weikai said that Xin Baorui’s business was his own business, and Zhu Hanjing promised to help. In order to delay the time, she then called George, claiming that there are still some details waiting to be dealt with in the contract, and during this period she can take him to the scenic spots around Linhai City.

Li Zhicheng took Xue Yanling’s contract with Teacher Geng to discuss countermeasures. He asked whether Li Apology had signed a cooperation contract with Teacher Geng five years ago. Teacher Geng said in a puzzled way that it happened many years ago. Li Zhicheng sternly said that the only way to save Xue Yanling is to sue Teacher Geng for the right to sell it twice. As for the liquidated damages she is worried about, she can advance for her. Teacher Geng breathed a sigh of relief. Soon Zhu Hanchong received a call from George, claiming that there was a legal dispute in the Xueyanling project and the company decided not to acquire it. Zhu Hanchong was unwilling to persuade him, and George hung up the phone.

Li Zhicheng is working out at home. Gu Yanzhi took the real estate mortgage contract and quotation sheet and asked in disbelief whether Li Zhicheng planned to bankrupt his family and support Lin Qian to continue developing the Xueyanling project. Seeing Li Zhicheng confessed, he anxiously persuaded Li Zhicheng to develop Xueyanling as a bottomless pit, and he should weigh it.

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