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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 36 Recap

Outside the meeting room, Mr. Xue was threatening and lure Hao Ling. After he had finished his calculations, he walked into the meeting room. He did not expect that as soon as he sat down, the conversation between Mr. Xue and Hao Ling was playing in the video in the conference room. Mr. Xue’s face suddenly changed, and he accused Li Zhicheng of calculating himself in secret. Li Zhicheng sneered and said that he was just using his own way to treat his own body.

Mr. Xue also tried hard to resist, and Li Zhicheng publicly announced that this was an internal affair of the company. He sneered and ordered Gu Yanzhi to take Mr. Xue to explain his crimes inside the company. Mr. Zhao fell to the side and made Mr. Xue furious. Mr. Zhao later confided with Li Zhicheng almost, and Li Zhicheng said with a cold face that although Mr. Zhao did not participate in the rebate this time, Hao Ling had already accounted for all the bills, and Mr. Zhao couldn’t get rid of the relationship. Mr. Zhao was secretly surprised when he heard this.

Li Zhicheng talked frankly with Mr. Xue, but Mr. Xue said nothing. He told Mr. Xue that Hao Ling had handed over the real account book to him, and the audit office would have a result soon. If he refused to cooperate, Finally, it can only be handed over to the police. Mr. Xue thought to himself, but he still refused to speak. At this time, Gu Yanzhi rushed over and quietly told Li Zhicheng that the audit office had a result, and informed them of the past. Before leaving, Li Zhicheng asked Gu Yanzhi to be optimistic about Mr. Xue.

Li Zhicheng accidentally learned from the auditors in the Audit Office that Li apologized that year and entrusted the auditors to audit Wenda’s accounts. Li Zhicheng was shocked immediately, and immediately called Gu Yanzhi to tell Mr. Xue that he must keep an eye on Mr. Xue, because he was most likely the murderer of his eldest brother, because Li Zhiqian checked Mr. Xue’s account before, but he was later killed. At this time, Gu Yanzhi was accompanying Mr. Xue to the toilet. After Gu Yanzhi hung up the phone, he immediately ordered the security to come. As a result, Mr. Xue in the toilet heard this. So Mr. Xue took advantage of Gu Yan’s unpreparedness and stunned him with a heavy object. To escape quickly.

Li Zhicheng hurried back to Wenda Company. He made a decisive decision to call the police because he suspected that Mr. Xue had something to do with his brother’s death. Mr. Xue immediately became a suspect and was wanted by the police. Ma Feng and the others immediately dispersed, looking for Mr. Xue everywhere, but to no avail.

After receiving the news, Grace and Ning Weikai rushed to meet with Ah Cheng. Ning Weikai hated that it was because of Mr. Xue’s frame that he had no choice but to leave Wenda. He said with a look of indignation that Li apologized and was kind to him, and he would do his best to find him. Grace, Li Zhicheng, and Ning Weikai said that they could act separately and look for Mr. Xue from different directions. Ning Weikai frowned and thought, suddenly remembering that there is Wenda’s warehouse near Mr. Xue’s house, and immediately led Grace to rush over. At this time, Li Zhongming learned that it was Mr. Xue who murdered his son Li and apologized. In anger, he staggered to his feet and drove out to find Mr. Xue.

Sure enough, Ning Weikai and Grace found Xue Mingtao’s traces in the warehouse. Xue Mingtao blamed himself for being wrong. He was the founder of Wenda. From Mr. Li’s face, he begged Ning Weikai to let his life go. Ning Weikai said angrily that many things about Wenda were inseparable from Xue Mingtao, and now Li Zhiqian’s death involves him even more. Xue Mingtao used the money in his bag to bribe Ning Weikai, trying to let Ning Weikai let his life go, but when Ning Weikai was distracted, he stabbed him with a knife. Grace tried to save Ning Weikai from being injured, and Xue Mingtao took this opportunity to escape again.

Grace notified Li Zhicheng the first time. On the way to Li Zhicheng, he happened to meet Mr. Xue, who had fled hurriedly, but the old and cunning Mr. Xue made a fuss, dumped Li Zhicheng and ran away. Li Zhicheng found Mr. Xue’s empty car. He was looking around anxiously. He suddenly received a call from Li Jinyuan, telling his father to drive out, and Li apologized and was shocked.

In Wenda’s warehouse, Ning Weikai gradually lost consciousness due to excessive blood loss, and Grace bitterly accused him of shielding herself from the knife. Ning Weikai endured the pain and smiled and asked Grace to kiss him. Grace leaned over and kissed Ning Weikai’s cheek gently. Ning Weikai smiled and fell into a coma, and Grace was shocked.

Mr. Xue came outside Wenda Company and wanted to take a look at the company he had worked so hard to manage for half his life, but unexpectedly met Li Zhongming here. The two old guys sat together and talked about the past and mentioned Li apologized. Mr. Xue couldn’t help crying with regret in his heart. He bowed deeply at Li Zhongming, confessing his sins. At this time, Li Zhicheng rushed to the police with the police and saw that the two were talking. He motioned the police to stop first. Then, when Li Zhongming left, the police walked up and handcuffed Mr. Xue.

In the interrogation room of the Public Security Bureau, Mr. Xue pleaded guilty on the spot. It turned out that Li apologized when he discovered that he had embezzled public funds to go gambling. Mr. Xue was frightened. He apologized on the same day because he signed the big French order. He was happy that he drank a lot of alcohol. I took the opportunity to invite him to the riverside to drink, and finally put the drunken Li apology into the car and pushed him into the river. Li Zhicheng and Li Jinyuan next to them listened, their eyes were already red and tears were streaming down their faces.

The Li family went to the grave where Li apologized. After the grave, Li Zhongming’s old illness had relapsed, and he could no longer distinguish between Li Zhicheng and Li Zhicheng. At this time, Lin Qian, who was studying Xueyanling at Geng’s house, was always unable to get through Li Zhicheng’s call. She was wondering, and suddenly received a call from Li Jinyuan. Jin Yuan cried to her and told her that Li Zhiqian was killed by Xue Mingtao.

Now Li Zhicheng couldn’t accept the truth, and it had disappeared for two days and two nights. Lin Qian comforted Jingyuan and said that she would go to Li Zhicheng. Lin Qian finally found Li Zhicheng on the embankment of the river. Li Zhicheng thought he was ashamed of his elder brother. Lin Qian persuaded him that if he really felt sorry for his elder brother, he should live for him earnestly and fulfill his wish for him. The two hugged tightly.

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