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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 35 Recap

After the voting, the directors left the scene one after another, Li Zhicheng smiled calmly and without the slightest anger. Instead, Mr. Xue walked over and gave Acheng a hypocritical comfort. Don’t be too anxious when he just came to Wenda. Sometimes maintaining the original state is the best result. Li Zhichengxu and Weishe ridiculed Mr. Xue insinuatingly for being too greedy, but Mr. Xue deliberately pretended to be confused.

Ning Weikai called Lin Qian and invited her to eat together. Only then did she learn that Lin Qian was learning Xueyanling from Master Geng and told her that she was currently discussing cooperation with Master Geng. Lin Qian was secretly surprised, and immediately asked Master Geng whether he had sold Xue Yanling’s intellectual property to Xin Baorui. Master Geng bluntly said that he had taken a fancy to Ning Weikai’s sincerity and Xin Baorui’s strength.

Chen Zheng and Chen Yayi formally dated, and the two flirted all the way. When Chen Zheng went to order milk tea, Chen Yayi happened to meet Li Jinyuan. She desperately tried to change the subject, but Li Jinyuan broke it. Li Jinyuan curiously asked Chen Yayi why she was with such an abusive person like Chen Zheng. Chen Yayi asked back, Gu Yanzhi was so kind to her, why she was not with Gu Yanzhi, Li Jinyuan touched a nail and had no choice but to leave.

Master Geng talked with Ning Weikai. Master Geng told him that when Li Zhiqian asked him to discuss cooperation, he made it clear that he wanted to make Xueyanling into a wedding dress to confess his beloved woman. Now when I was sorting out the old things, I found this wedding dress, and I don’t know who to give it to. Ning Weikai speculated that Li Zhiqian had not confessed his heart to his beloved woman before his death. Ning Weikai hesitated, and then said that he could help Li apologize to accept the wedding dress, which was considered as fulfilling his wish. Master Geng was very pleased.

At the meeting of Aida, Mr. Xue made an arrogant announcement that Li Zhicheng had ambitions and he was more suitable to go out and expand the territory, and Fan Xi would leave the project to Mr. Zhao for follow-up. Gu Yanzhi asked if Li Zhicheng’s approval was required for today’s decision. Mr. Xue sneered and said that Li Zhicheng was only the company’s acting president and was not responsible for the company’s daily operations. Gu Yanzhi was bitterly speechless.

Mr. Xue called Gu Yanzhi to the office and ordered him to notify Y Fan Xi’s key personnel to come to the meeting. Gu Yanzhi questioned that this requires Li Zhicheng’s consent. Mr. Xue asked Li Zhicheng why there was no meeting today. Gu Yanzhi avoided saying that he was busy with something special recently. With a tone of disdain, Mr. Xue said that Fan Xi’s project had been handed over to Mr. Zhao, and it was the same whether or not Li Zhicheng was. Gu Yanzhi was a little annoyed. He privately called the backbone of Fan Xi, hoping that everyone would fight against the enemy and resist Mr. Xue together.

After Ning Weikai and Grace talked about the cooperation, they rushed back to New Baorui. At the high-level meeting, Ning Weikai impassionedly described to the senior management the support of H Fashion Group and Xue Yanling’s future blueprint, but Zhu Hanchong was out of date. Sleeping in the meeting room. Zhu Han stretched out a lazy waist, ridiculing Ning Weikai for doing a full set of the show, and he wanted to use H Fashion Group as a shield. He reprimanded Ning Weikai by saying that he would let New Baorui pay for his daydreams. Other directors also stood up and questioned, and the meeting had to be temporarily terminated.

Mr. Xue held a special meeting of Fan Xi’s backbone. Mr. Zhao proposed to open up online sales. Gu Yanzhi retorted on the spot that it would be unwise to compete with New Baorui. Mr. Zhao was a little angry, and blamed Gu Yanzhi for working against him. Gu Yanzhi’s jokes might as well open half of the channel first, and the attendees not only laughed blankly. At this moment, Li Zhicheng suddenly walked into the venue, claiming to agree with Mr. Zhao’s proposal, and he was ready to transfer power to Mr. Zhao so that he would be fully responsible for the project for Fan Xi. The people in the meeting room looked at each other suddenly.

Gu Yanzhi Li Zhicheng returned to the office, and the two smiled tacitly after closing the door. Gu Yanzhi asked Li Zhicheng what his calculations were this time. Li Zhicheng confidently said that he was trying to get rid of it and deliberately handed Fan Xi’s project to these old guys. When they saw such a big piece of cake, they would definitely become greedy, so they would be tricky on the books. And I only need to wait and see what happens, grab their handle, and I can overturn them in one fell swoop.

Grace and Ning Weikai met again. She expressed her dissatisfaction with the current situation of New Baorui, and directly proposed that she hoped to own 51% of the shares and the final decision. Ning Weikai did not give in. He admitted that he was responsible for this project before and after, and he would never give it up easily. Grace decided to quit annoyed. She thought the project was insecure. Ning Weikai persuaded her not to make a decision lightly, and decided to have a fair contest with her. Whoever wins will listen to whom, Grace can’t help being taken aback.

What Ning Weikai said of the contest was to take Grace to rock climbing. Grace accidentally fell with one foot. Fortunately, Grace was not injured. Grace teased that Ning Weikai shouldn’t pull herself just now. If she is outdoors, this behavior will cause trouble for both of them. However, the two people use the rock climbing success or failure to determine the amount of controlling rights. At present, it can only be regarded as a tie. Ning Weikai proposed that Xinbao Rui and H Fashion Group each hold 40% of the shares, and the remaining 20% ​​should be given to a third-party company.

Li Zhicheng came to pick up Lin Qian from the old house of Geng’s family. He took Lin Qian to eat delicious food, and the two discussed their marriage from love. Li Zhicheng teased whether Lin Qian wanted to get married. Lin Qian argued that marriage is the grave of love, and he did not want to get married. Li Zhicheng affirmed that marriage is the most perfect home for love, and the two look forward to a bright future.

Grace arranged for her assistant to schedule a video conference with Mr. George at seven. In the bar, Grace was full of praise while drinking the cocktail named Blue Ocean that Ning Weikai personally designed for her. Ning Weikai smiled and Zanglaisi managed to get George from a third-party company in a short time through a video conference. Grace explained that George is a fan of China, so she was very excited after hearing about the traditional Chinese craftsmanship Xueyan Ling, so she made a decision quickly. Lin Qian told Li Zhicheng that he had bought some Y Fan Xi’s clothes online two days ago, but he felt uncomfortable wearing them, and suspected that the quality of the clothes was defective. Li Zhicheng took the clothes back to the company to find Gu Yanzhi, guessing that Mr. Xue must have been shoddy when buying the goods, in order to embezzle the price difference. He and Gu Yanzhi decided to seize the opportunity to grab the old fox’s tail, and make sure to hit it. .

Wenda held a meeting, and Li Zhicheng and Gu Yanzhi were preparing to attack President Xue, but President Xue was late. It turned out that at this time outside the conference room, Hao Ling pulled Mr. Xue to tell him in a panic that Li Zhicheng’s person detained him on the spot when transferring money yesterday. Mr. Xue not only frowned, and then threatened Hao Ling, if she capsized, she would not be able to get out of the relationship.

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