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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 34 Recap

Grace worked overtime at the company at night, and the security guard downstairs brought in a coffee takeaway. Grace received a call from Ning Weikai. Ning Weikai asked her to take a look at the window, but Grace saw Ning Weikai’s car parked downstairs. Grace heard Ning Weikai’s cough on the phone, and then heard Ning Weikai say that she would wait for her downstairs. After all, Grace couldn’t let Ning Weikai go. She asked the security guard to send Ning Weikai cold medicine and coat. Ning Weikai’s heart was warm.

Chen Zheng waited and waited, but Chen Yayi did not come. Chen Zheng ate and drank depressedly and became drunk. The waiter had to call Chen Yayi and asked her to pick up Chen Zheng and pay for the meal. Chen Yayi had to pay for the meal and temporarily took Chen Zheng back to her home. After Chen Yayi settled down, Chen Zheng began to review the design lessons she had learned during the day. Unexpectedly, the lights in the room turned on and off, and Chen Zheng deliberately frightened her. After the two had a fight for a while, Chen Zheng caught Chen Yayi caught off guard. Chen Yayi couldn’t help but kissed Chen Zheng, and Chen Zheng stayed in Chen Yayi’s room that night.

Li Zhicheng asked Mr. Xue to take himself to the financial room, and Li Zhicheng asked the chief financial officer Hao Ling to look at the account books. Hao Ling looked at Mr. Xue, embarrassed that she would show him the account book later. Li Zhicheng smiled unquestionably and said that he wanted to watch it right away.

After Chen Zheng woke up early in the morning and found that Chen Yayi had gone to class, Chen Zheng then blocked Chen Yayi at the door of the classroom. He took Chen Yayi to a rooftop, and Chen Zheng confessed to Chen Yayi affectionately and deleted the female contacts and dating software on his mobile phone in person. Chen Yayi said in a panic that they had different starting points. Chen Zheng thought that Chen Yayi was going to reject herself. Unexpectedly, Chen Yayi went on to say that although they are not suitable, they can try to associate. Chen Zheng was overjoyed.

At Wenda Company, Gu Yanzhi and Li Zhicheng checked Wenda’s bills for the past ten years overnight, but they couldn’t see any errors on the books. However, Li Zhicheng just thinks that the more beautiful the book is, the more it shows that there is a problem. Because Wenda has been battered in the past five years, it is impossible to avoid bad debts. Gu Yanzhi guessed that what the company was doing was false accounts. Li Zhicheng said that Xue Mingtao’s subordinates must have a real account book, because if the two broke, the only life-saving straw in the hands of the subordinates would be the real account book. Then the two discussed countermeasures and looked for the real account book.

Mr. Xue convened other directors in private and asked Li Zhicheng whether he had approached them in private recently. Everyone denied it. Only then did Mr. Xue relax and hypocritically claimed that he hoped that everyone would be fair and just and vote for himself. In the end, he only left Mr. Zhao. He first accused him of taking a kickback, and then threatened him to expose him if he could not help maintain Ada’s status quo. Mr. Zhao’s complexion was complicated, and the weather was uncertain.

When Gu Yanzhi invited people from the finance department to eat seafood, Hao Ling shrugged off in every possible way, but could not withstand Gu Yanzhi’s repeated invitations, so she had to agree. When Hao Ling returned, she found someone flashing past the finance department. She was shocked and hurried back to the finance department. Only then did she discover that the secret account book had not been lost. But she did not expect that this was Li Zhicheng and Gu Yanzhi monitoring everything through surveillance. It turned out that all of this was Li Zhicheng’s strategy. He first tuned the tiger away from the mountain, and then stunned the snake. Hao Ling checked the real account book for the first time out of instinct, but instead showed her feet.

In Geng’s house, Lin Qian was a little surprised to learn that his senior was going to the sea to do business. Master Geng called Lin Qian into the courtyard and asked her to keep looking at the sky. Lin Qian was a little inexplicable, but still did. It wasn’t until the night that Master Geng came to the courtyard. Lin Qian asked if Master Geng, who was a business man in the sea, was angry. Master Geng said indifferently that his anger would not change anything. She taught Lin Qian that he could see the most important things only by letting go of everything. Master Geng’s face was soft and took out his phone, and said that he would give Lin Qian a vacation.

That night, Li Zhicheng and Lin Qian took a boat tour of the small town at night. They were warm and infinite. Lin Qian Youyou talked about the teachings he received from his master. The master said that love is fulfillment. I thank Li Zhicheng for fulfilling his departure from Aida and fulfilling his personal ambitions. Li Zhicheng couldn’t help but stretched out his hand and clasped Lin Qian’s small hand tightly.

Voting was held on Wenda’s board of directors, and the directors had their own thoughts. Mr. Zhao seemed to be very preoccupied, but Mr. Xue had the chance to win. After voting, a director stood up and announced the result of the vote. Because none of the three candidates had more than half of the votes, the vote was invalid. The corner of Mr. Xue’s mouth suddenly showed a triumphant smile.

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