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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 33 Recap

Li Jinyuan got out of the car angrily, Chen Zheng hurriedly chased the car and asked whether Li Jinyuan refused Gu Yanzhi because she liked herself. Li Jinyuan simply asked Chen Zheng to take out her mobile phone, and in a mocking tone, she accused Chen Zheng of being two-minded and playing with women. He told him sternly that although he didn’t like Gu Yanzhi, Gu Yanzhi was more important to him than him.

Chen Zheng saw Ning Weikai’s phone call and asked how his plan was progressing. After learning that he was unhappy, he hoped that he would consider the family business. Chen Zheng recalled that Li Jinyuan told herself just now that she wanted pure love with one heart and one mind. For some reason, Chen Yayi’s pretty and lovely cheeks suddenly appeared in front of Chen Zheng’s eyes. But then he laughed at himself, laughing at how he thought of Chen Yayi, he must have been confused.

Lin Qian insisted on learning art from Teacher Geng. Teacher Geng was impressed and gave her five pieces of fabric, and asked Lin Qian to choose which one was the snow smoke silk fabric. If he could choose the right one, even if Lin Qian passed the test. Lin Qian was surprised and happy. Among the five pieces of fabric, although she finally chose the wrong one, Geng still decided to accept her as a disciple. Lin Qian immediately burned incense to apprentice, and the senior sister asked to confiscate her mobile phone and could not contact the outside world. Lin Qian eagerly asked Teacher Geng what the first lesson taught herself. Teacher Geng coldly handed him a broom, let her sweep the yard, and then left directly. Lin Qian was dumbfounded.

When Li Zhicheng returned to Wenda, Mr. Xue greeted him with a smile. Seeing that the office arranged by the secretary is too small, he bluffs and reprimands the secretary for being too inconsiderate. Li Zhicheng didn’t care, claiming that the room was small and well-equipped. Mr. Xue also pushed the boat forward and asked Li Zhicheng to work here. Then he told Li Zhicheng playfully that he wouldn’t need to be on duty anyway, he just needed to attend the shareholders’ meeting on time.

Chen Zheng talks with Ning Weikai, and Ning Weikai tells Chen Zheng to be careful of Li Zhicheng’s helper. Chen Zheng said that it is okay to let Gu Yanzhi be distracted, but it feels a bit too much to use Jingyuan. He just saw Chen Yayi who was looking for a house not far away, and told Ning Weikai that he had someone he liked. After he finished speaking, he hung up the phone and ran to pester Chen Yayi. Hearing that Chen Yayi had resigned, he tried to invite Chen Yayi to work with Sime Qi, but Chen Yayi refused her angrily.

Ning Weikai found Teacher Geng again and prepared to give the Luopao he had photographed with 6 million to Teacher Geng. Teacher Geng said that no merits will be meted out. Ning Weikai proposed to brand Xueyanling. Teacher Geng hopes to live some idle days without worrying about business matters. Ning Weikai tried his best to lobby Teacher Geng and cooperate with Xin Baorui to pass on Xue Yanling’s skills. Teacher Geng was finally moved by Ning Weikai’s sincerity, and the two parties signed a cooperation contract.

Wenda held a board meeting, and Li Zhicheng introduced to the directors of Y Fan Xi designer Amanda. The old and cunning Mr. Xue took advantage of the trend and proposed that Amanda be the design director of Wenda. Gu Yanzhi seized the opportunity and immediately proposed that the position of Wenda’s CEO has been vacant, so he should choose a new CEO to lead the company as soon as possible. Mr. Xue first stated that this is a major event and needs to give the directors some time to think about it.

Later, Gu Yanzhi came to Li Zhicheng’s office and asked him why he did not object to Mr. Xue’s appointment of Amanda. Li Zhicheng calmly said that returning to Wenda was not to seize power, but to change blood. Amanda is just a nail. When it gets loose, she pulls out the old stubborn gang completely.

Li Zhicheng came to Geng’s old house to visit Lin Qian, who was studying art. Lin Qian was pleasantly surprised. The two were talking about work. Teacher Geng suddenly came over and Li Zhicheng greeted Teacher Geng with a smile. Teacher Geng said coldly that he has everything here, so don’t worry about Lin Qian. I hope that during Lin Qian’s art studies, he needs to let everything go and concentrate on studying. Li Zhicheng therefore agreed with her to come and find her as soon as the company’s internal affairs are finished.

Mr. Xue had a private dinner with the directors, and the directors supported Mr. Xue as CEO. He suggested that the company’s vacant CEO is also a good choice, because Li Zhicheng had served as a soldier and he did not want to provoke him or allow him to blend in with the company’s business. He sneered that as long as everyone abstained from voting and more than half did not support it, Li Zhicheng would not be able to serve as CEO.

Gu Yanzhi told Li Zhicheng that there was a conflict of interest between Mr. Xue and Mr. Zhao, and Mr. Zhao had been very angry because of the food. Li Zhicheng and Gu Yanzhi waited for Mr. Zhao in the parking lot. After Mr. Zhao’s car stopped, Li Zhicheng pulled the car door and sat directly on it. Mr. Zhao expected that he was here for the election, but Li Zhicheng suddenly said that he wanted Mr. Zhao to be the CEO. After all, with his abilities and qualifications enough to convince the public, Mr. Zhao was refreshed when he heard the words, and politely said that it takes time to consider. After Mr. Zhao left, Gu Yanzhi couldn’t help but praise Li Zhicheng’s divorce plan for making it so good, and aroused Mr. Xue’s fighting spirit. At the same time, Gu Yanzhi suggested that the company’s accounts should be checked in the near future.

In order to apologize to Chen Yayi, Chen Zheng was about to invite her to dinner. Unexpectedly, Chen Yayi was studying in a design class. Chen Zheng deliberately took delicacies into photos to lure Chen Yayi. Chen Yayi was absent-minded in class, but her thoughts had already flown to the food.

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