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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 32 Recap

Before Lin Qian left, she went to Amanda to take over the job. Unexpectedly, Amanda fell down suddenly, Lin Qian hurriedly stretched out her hand to help. It turns out that Amanda was busy with work and lack of sleep for the past two days. Lin Qian enthusiastically suggested that she could help her with the work, but Amanda angeredly refused. Lin Qian said sincerely that she had resigned now, and according to her current physical condition, she couldn’t finish the job at all. Amanda had no choice but to agree to Lin Qian’s help.

Chen Zheng asked Chen Yayi to eat together and claimed to pay back the money. He deliberately teased Chen Yayi. Chen Yayi left angrily, and then she went to the barber shop and asked the barber to cut her hair, claiming that she would break her invention and learn from Lin Qian.

In the office, Amanda woke up and found that Lin Qian was still busy at work, feeling a little sorry. She was surprised to find that Lin Qian had slightly changed her design, and she admired Lin Qian’s ingenuity. Lin Qian said that ingenuity is inspiration, and inspiration comes from her love of design. Amanda regrets Lin Qian’s resignation. She apologizes for thinking that Lin Qian is a gold-worship girl, and wishes Lin Qian can shine on the road of costume design. The two finally shook hands and made peace.

Through monitoring, Hornet quickly found that Amanda’s assistant had sneaked into Lin Qian’s studio on the night when the design draft was leaked. Connect several videos in series, and infer from the time when the design draft was leaked, that the person behind the scenes should be Amanda’s assistant. Gu Yanzhi immediately went to Amanda with the monitor and asked what Amanda should do. Amanda bluntly said that the matter was announced to the public, and Lin Qian was innocent.

The assistant was quickly called to confront him. At first, the assistant deliberately pretended to be confused. He saw the face change in the surveillance video, but still quibbleed. Gu Yanzhi allegedly defrauded her, claiming that the black hand must have left the fingerprints on Lin Qian’s computer, and he had asked the Hornet to collect the fingerprints and prepare to call the police. The assistant was frightened, and quickly admitted that he had deliberately leaked the design because he hated Lin Qian.

Gu Yanzhi and Li Jinyuan clubbed together. Li Jinyuan thanked Gu Yanzhi for following Li Zhicheng forever. Gu Yanzhi casually said that as long as it is for Li Jinyuan, he is willing to do everything. Li Jinyuan was half joking, hoping that he would sing for herself in front of the whole world. Before she finished her voice, Gu Yanzhi strode onto the stage and sang emotionally into the microphone. Li Jinyuan was shocked and deliberately avoided Gu Yanzhi’s fiery gaze.

Gu Yanzhi suddenly confessed in public while holding the microphone. Li Jinyuan’s eyes were dodgy, and she suddenly got up and left in a hurry. Gu Yanzhi hurriedly chased him out. Li Jinyuan claimed that they were in their best condition, and was particularly afraid to take this step with Gu Yanzhi. Gu Yanzhi looked at Li Jinyuan with complicated eyes, speechless for a while.

In the midnight of the heavy rain, Li Zhicheng returned home and found his father guarding the door of the house, waiting for him to return home. Li Zhicheng comforted his father, who said that he had a bad temper, and hoped that he would not take it seriously if he swears indiscriminately in the future. Li Zhicheng’s eyes were red, and he said that he and Li Jinyuan were by his side, if he wanted to make a phone call by himself.

Li Zhicheng went to Lin Qian’s house to find her and told her that the leak of the design draft had been investigated. Lin Qian generously said it was okay, but insisted on resigning. Lin Qian comforted Li Zhicheng and they just didn’t work together, but it didn’t affect the relationship. Love should not make anyone give up on themselves, but make each other a better self.

Li Zhicheng and Grace signed a repurchase contract to reclaim Grace’s shares in Aida at a high price. Grace said that although she is not a partner, she will still be a friend in the future, so she can always find herself if she has any difficulties. Li Zhicheng’s gratitude to Grace is hard to say. At the same time, Ning Weikai made a special visit to Teacher Geng. He opened the door to explain his intentions, hoping to develop Xueyanling. Asking Teacher Geng to cooperate with Xin Baorui, Teacher Geng deliberately changed the subject and talked about him.

Li Zhicheng moved back to the Li family and decided to live with his father. Father Li asked the lawyer to prepare a power of attorney and asked Li Zhicheng to become the chairman of Wenda. Li Zhicheng decided to return to Aida as the vice chairman to compete for the CEO. Gu Yanzhi reminded Li Zhicheng that this matter is not that simple, because Wenda’s internal struggle has reached a fever pitch, and those people will not give way so easily. Gu Yanzhi helped him plan a countermeasure, reminding him that not only Mr. Xue, but also the chief financial officer of his camp, Hao Ling, should not be underestimated.

Lin Qian came to the town to visit Teacher Geng. She bluntly said that she had just left Aida and was very confused. She has always liked Xueyanling and hoped to learn from her. Teacher Geng bluntly said that he has family rules and only accepts apprentices, and Xue Yanling’s skills are not passed down. Lin Qian sincerely wanted to worship Teacher Geng as his teacher, but Mr. Geng remained unmoved.

Chen Zheng drove Li Jinyuan for a drive, and Li Jinyuan kept recalling the scene of Gu Yanzhi confessing in public at the bar. At this time, she received a call from Gu Yanzhi, hoping to pick her up at the shooting location. Li Jinyuan indifferently rejected Gu Yanzhi’s kindness, claiming that Chen Zheng would send herself home in the future. Chen Zheng misunderstood that Li Jinyuan wanted to bring the two closer together, and Li Jinyuan coldly told him not to think too much. Those words just now were deliberately told to Gu Yanzhi.

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