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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 31 Recap

Yayi saw that the clothes designed by Amanda were unreasonable, and thought that if she told Amanda, she would only be regarded as finding fault, but if this question was not raised, once the clothes were produced, the problem would be even greater. For the company’s sake, Lin Qian decided to talk to Amanda with the clothes design pattern.

Lin Qian went to report the clothes problem to Amanda. Amanda called her assistant to reprimand her, but the design draft that criticized her subordinates was rejected appeared in the final draft. The assistant was angry at Lin Qian’s discovery of the problem, and was so angry that he directly slandered Lin Qian as a deliberate revenge. Lin Qian Dayuanchang agreed with the assistant’s idea of ​​splicing. The assistant planned to design by herself. Amanda angrily ordered her not to touch the design draft.

The assistant took the design draft and went to Lin Qian to lose her temper, and accused Lin Qian of deliberately going to the boss to sue her. Yayi asked her to shut up if she couldn’t stand it. Lin Qian asked his assistant to put aside the dispute first, and now the most important thing is to revise the design draft. The assistant thought that Lin Qian and Yayi were bullying, and left angrily.

Li Zhicheng asked Grace to come out to discuss the merger of Aida and Wenda. Grace was worried that Wenda was intricately intertwined, and it was not appropriate to go back hastily, but Li Zhicheng thought he had no time to think about it. Grace said that H Group would not take a trip to Wenda’s muddy water, and Li Zhicheng pondered that he planned to repurchase the shares of Aida previously bought by H Group at a high price. Grace readily agreed.

Chen Zheng sent Li Jinyuan home, and when he saw Gu Yanzhi driving to Gu’s house, he deliberately confessed to Li Jinyuan loudly. Li Jinyuan thought that Chen Zheng was joking, Chen Zheng denied, saying only that Li Jinyuan is the only woman in his heart, and said that he would pursue Li Jinyuan from then on. He even knelt down to express to Li Jinyuan his sincere attitude towards Li Jinyuan, hoping that Li Jinyuan could consider the relationship between the two. Li Jinyuan looked at a loss, Gu Yanzhi was so angry at this scene, and immediately drove away.

Gu Yanzhi was really angry and called Chen Zheng out. He scolded Chen Zheng for not being qualified to pursue Li Jinyuan. Chen Zheng deliberately angered Gu Yanzhi, saying that he would always be a servant in front of Li Zhicheng, and Li Zhicheng would never let his sister be with a servant. Gu Yanzhi warned Chen Zheng to stay away from Li Jinyuan, otherwise he would be rude to him. Chen Zheng cynically proposed fair competition. Gu Yanzhi was noncommittal, and turned away angrily.

That night, Lin Qian and Yayi slept in the design room because of the revision of the design draft. They did not expect that after they fell asleep, the assistant sneaked in and moved the computer design.

The next day Gu Yanzhi took the cake to visit the class, but Chen Zheng also brought some food. I wanted to stay and wait for Li Jinyuan to finish sending her home, but suddenly the company came to him for something, so he had to leave unwillingly. Chen Zheng deliberately told Gu Yanzhi that he would take care of Li Jinyuan, and they would go to dinner together after a while.

When Gu Yanzhi returned to the company, she saw Amanda rushing to confront Lin Qian, and Amanda accused Lin Qian of leaking out her design draft, saying that she took advantage of the opportunity to help herself revise the design draft last night and sent her design to Foreign designers exchange platforms, and then questioned Lin Qian’s professional ethics. Amanda asked Gu Yanzhi to give herself an explanation.

Chen Yayi ran to complain to Li Zhicheng, hoping that he could stand up for justice. Li Zhicheng calmly said that Lin Qian was his own woman, and he had asked Ma Feng and the others to find out the truth. What we have to do now is to prove Lin Qian’s innocence, not to blindly favor Lin Qian. Chen Yayi was very disappointed with Li Zhicheng’s performance.

Li Zhicheng heard about the outflow of the design draft, and came to comfort Lin Qian. Li Zhicheng encouraged Lin Qian Anxin to make his own design, and leave the rest to him. After Li Zhicheng left, Lin Qian thought about it, wrote a resignation letter, and asked Yayi to hand it over to Li Zhicheng. Yayi was puzzled, thinking that Lin Qian didn’t do the thing, and Lin Qian didn’t need to resign. Upon receiving his resignation, Li Zhicheng drove to Lin Qian’s home immediately. Li Zhicheng hoped that Lin Qian would withdraw his resignation. Lin Qian said movingly that she entered Aida because she wanted to do a good job of her own design. He didn’t expect that the personal relationship between the two would become a weapon for others to slander.

Knowing that Lin Qian was about to resign, Chen Yayi and Gu Yanzhi came to persuade her to change her mind. Lin Qian was determined, and at the same time said that although he left, he would always support Li Zhicheng.

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