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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 30 Recap

Li Zhicheng received the email from Tang and immediately called Grace and questioned whether she was helping Amanda suppress Lin Qian. However, Grace said that Li Zhicheng’s behavior was excessive, saying that Tang may have seen Lin Qian’s design draft and thought that Amanda’s design was more in line with his design style. Seeing Li Zhicheng lose control of his emotions, Grace hoped that Li Zhicheng would calm down.

Knowing that Lin Qian was in a bad mood, Li Zhicheng specially ordered a takeaway for her. Li Zhicheng apologized to say that he could not favor Amanda in this matter. Lin Qian lightly smiled and said softly that since two people are together, they have to face everything they encounter together. At this time, Li Zhicheng received a call from the housekeeper, claiming that there was something wrong at home and he needed to go back.

Li Zhicheng hurried home, and the nanny told him that Li’s father was so furious today that he would throw away all the things that Li apologized for. Li Zhicheng immediately went to see his father. Some demented father Li regarded Li Zhicheng as an apology, and it was just a reprimand. After diagnosis, the family doctor told him that Li’s father’s condition had stabilized and that he should be Alzheimer’s syndrome from the perspective of symptoms. He hoped to go to the hospital for further diagnosis. Li Zhicheng couldn’t help sighing.

At the Aida company, Amanda angrily criticized Chen Yayi, who went to pick up the goods, and devalued her for nothing. Chen Yayi sneered, Amanda this is a fake tiger. Amanda questioned whether Chen Yayi should stay in the design department. Lin Qian just arrived, and she relentlessly criticized Amanda for being too lenient. Seeing that the two sides are already in conflict, Lin Qian simply proposed one person to submit a plan to the headquarters to see whose design plan the headquarters will adopt in the end, Amanda sneered and challenged.

Lin Qian returned to the design room, and she discussed with Chen Yayi that since Amanda looked down on Chinese elements, she would use Xueyan Ling to design and convince her to lose. Li Zhicheng and Li Jinyuan sent Li’s father to the hospital for an examination. The doctor told them that there would be no more than two years before Mr. Li would become completely ill and could not remember anyone. Li Jinyuan couldn’t accept it, so she lay in her second brother’s arms and started crying.

Li Zhicheng finally understood his father’s good intentions. He returned to Aida and told Gu Yanzhi’s father that he was worried about leaking the news after the diagnosis. Wenda’s intertwined forces would fight indiscriminately, so now love has reached the moment of return. Gu Yan looked surprised. Li Zhicheng said firmly that he was ready to take the team and projects to upgrade Wenda into a new enterprise with its own brand. Gu Yanzhi reminded him that there will be a few tough personnel battles to fight when he returns to Wenda.

Gu Yanzhi submitted Lin Qian’s and Amanda’s design draft to Grace and Li Zhicheng, saying that this was a blind election, which would be more fair and just. Grace and Li Zhicheng carefully studied the design draft. Lin Qian and Amanda were waiting for the result in the meeting room at this time. Amanda told Lin Qian that she had seen her design and it was better than expected. She warned Lin Qian that reality is cruel, although she is very impressed with Xue Yanling. Interested, but it is difficult to incorporate snow smoke into the fabric.

Grace and Li Zhicheng have read the design draft separately, and Li Zhicheng believes that Y Fan Xi should be different from Fan Xi and need more Chinese elements. Grace, on the contrary, believes that Amanda’s design is updated and in line with the tastes of young people. Li Zhicheng tried his best to argue with reason. Grace further pointed out that Lin Qian’s design needs to invest 10% more cost. If the market does not approve it, the consequences will be very bad. The two couldn’t help but set their sights on Gu Yanzhi at the same time. Gu Yanzhi finally chose Amanda. Facing the two-to-one result, Li Zhicheng had to choose Amanda’s design as the final draft.

Lin Qian failed in the competition and was depressed. Li Zhicheng came to persuade her to cheer up and comfort her that the direction she was pursuing was not suitable for the company’s current development. He admitted that Xueyanling’s design requires more time and capital investment, so the company decided to adopt a more reliable design. Lin Qian also reflected on herself, feeling that she had taken too much steps.

Chen Zheng and Ning Weikai met again, and Chen Zheng asked Ning Weikai what plans. Ning Weikai jokingly said that now his plan is missing a link and he needs Chen Zheng’s help to fix Gu Yanzhi. Chen Zheng felt that this was impossible because Gu Yanzhi had always been loyal to Li Zhicheng. Ning Weikai smiled deeply, expressing heartfeltness, but it doesn’t mean it’s absolutely impossible.

Li Jinyuan went to the studio to shoot the commercial and was surprised to find that the male partner was actually Chen Zheng. When the two were shooting together, Chen Zheng was frivolous and deliberately teased Li Jinyuan. Li Jinyuan also secretly messed up, causing Chen Zheng to suffer a lot.

Amanda’s assistant was holding a pile of materials and fell heavily in front of Chen Yayi, claiming that Amanda asked Director Lin Qian for comments. This is a work process. Seeing the assistant’s aggressiveness, Lin Qian bluntly put forward his own opinions. The assistant arrogantly said that Lin Qian must personally sort out his opinions. Lin Qian retorted unceremoniously, and then his assistant left angrily. Chen Yayi complained that Amanda was deliberately making things difficult, and Lin Qian persuaded Chen Yayi not to think too much.

When Li Zhicheng returned to Li’s house, he found that Li’s father refused to sleep and was sitting on the ground. The nanny on the side reminded him that whenever anyone mentions sleeping, Father Li will lose his temper. Li Zhicheng gently told his father Edison’s story. His father suddenly turned to look at him and asked when Li Zhicheng would return home. Li Zhicheng felt enthusiastic in his heart and couldn’t help but put his arm around his father.

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