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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 29 Recap

Amanda happened to see the closeness between Lin Qian and Li Zhicheng. She said harshly that she originally wanted to report to Li Zhicheng, but apparently Lin Qian had already said something in advance. Li Zhicheng’s comments on Y Fan Xi’s design style should be made by Tang to himself. Amanda left the office a little embarrassed. Gu Yanzhi knew that Ning Weikai liked to drink, so he brought a bottle of whiskey to visit, but Ning Weikai was unmoved. He bluntly said that the two sides are competitors and there is no reason to lend Ada. Gu Yanzhi smiled and said that he was not a company behavior this time, but a personal behavior. He reminded Ning Weikai that he owed Li Zhicheng a favor. Ning Weikai knew that he was wrong, so he hesitated for a moment and had to agree to borrow Luo Robe, but the condition was that he must return to Zhao in two days.

Gu Yanzhi brought Luo Yi back to Aida, and Lin Qian immediately began to study. She used a magnifying glass to study Xueyanling’s wedding dress. Yayi felt that the wedding dress was very beautiful and wanted Lin Qian to try it on, but Lin Qian refused on the grounds that it was a work of art. At this time, Li Zhicheng called Grace, hoping to invest in Xueyanling’s project. If it succeeds, Aida will at least struggle for three to five years less. Grace reminded him that doing business should not be based solely on interest, otherwise Ada’s reputation would be ruined.

Lin Qian returned to the office and found that Chen Yayi was holding the makeup flower robe, crying and crying. After this question, she learned that she had accidentally damaged the makeup flower robe, and Lin Qian was shocked when she heard this. Li Zhicheng told Lin Qian that he had seen an old artist surnamed Geng at the auction. He was the inheritor of Xueyanling. Now he can only ask the old man for help and use a dead horse as a living horse doctor. They quickly met the old artist Geng in a small town. The old artist Geng blamed them for being too careless, but fortunately the damage was not serious, but it was troublesome to repair. Li Zhicheng and Lin Qian breathed a sigh of relief.

Chen Yayi was in Aida’s office, but Chen Zheng called. Yayi was upset and refused to answer the phone and said that she had nothing to do with Chen Zheng. Chen Zheng said that if Yayi didn’t see herself, she would go to Yayi from office to office. Chen Yayi went downstairs to meet Chen Zheng in a bad mood, and it was inevitable that the two would have another battle of saliva. Chen Zheng saw that Chen Yayi’s makeup was crying, so he touched up her makeup intimately. Chen Zheng comforted her, there is a solution to everything, and gave her the powder box as a gift.

Li Zhicheng took Lin Qian for a walk around the town while the old artist Geng was repairing the gap in the make-up robe. By the pool, they saw a child setting the lantern, and the two squatted by the pool to make a wish to the lantern. Early the next morning, Li Zhicheng and Lin Qian were informed that Luo Pao had been repaired, and they ran to see that Luo Pao was repaired as new.

Li Zhicheng personally sent Luo Pao to New Baorui. He bluntly told Ning Weikai that he had accidentally damaged Luo Pao, but it has now been repaired. Seeing that Li Zhicheng was so open, Ning Weikai couldn’t continue to pursue it. He reminded Li Zhicheng that both parties had a gambling agreement, and he owed Li Zhicheng a favor, but now the two sides are even. Li Zhicheng couldn’t help but admire Ning Weikai’s tolerance secretly.

Amanda was bored to go to the bar to drink alone, Ning Weikai deliberately came up to strike up a conversation, Ning Weikai explained the origins of Amanda, and hoped that the two sides could cooperate. And deliberately provoke the relationship between Amanda and Ada. Amanda expressed that she is very loyal to Fan Xi. Ning Weikai deliberately revealed that Amanda Aida will not have good results if he continues to stay. Because Li Zhicheng and designer Lin Qian are lovers. Amanda’s face was very ugly.

The next day, Amanda brought her assistant to the design room and saw Chen Yayi put lace on the hem of her dress. Amanda unceremoniously criticized this design as rubbish, she picked up the scissors and prepared to cut it off. Lin Qian just arrived. She argued for reasons and advised Amanda to point out a problem, but not to undermine the design of others. Amanda had to leave angrily. Then Amanda met Grace, and she grumbled against Grace and slandered Lin Qian for being too temperamental. Grace hopes that the two sides can reconcile. Amanda becomes more angry and accuses Lin Qian’s team of being like a grass-roots team. Her ability and design are worrying, and she hopes that the two parties can clearly divide the work.

Li Zhicheng agreed to meet with Mr. Ding and took out a plan, hoping that he could invest in Xueyanling’s project. Mr. Ding said with concern that the project was too risky and asked him if he had discussed it with investors. Li Zhicheng confidently said that his biggest advantage is to have some talented and loyal comrades-in-arms. Mr. Ding reminded him that talents are mobile. Li Zhicheng couldn’t help being taken aback.

Lin Qian found that the design draft had been drastically changed, and was very dissatisfied, so he took the design draft to find Amanda Theory. Amanda’s domineering Shaotang has officially notified that she is fully responsible for Y Fan Xi’s design work. Lin Qian complained that Amanda was too extreme and completely deleted the Chinese elements. Amanda deliberately belittle Lin Qian, saying that Lin Qian relied on Li Zhicheng’s leadership, and ridiculed Lin Qian’s design team for not having the strength to carry out the design work.

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