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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 28 Recap

At the auction venue, Lin Qian ran into Ning Weikai, and they both fell in love with the makeup robe at the same time. Li Zhicheng domineeringly said that he would naturally not give up what his woman was fond of. Ning Weikai said the two could compete at the auction. Lin Qian persuaded Li Zhicheng to do what he could, not to fight Ning Weikai, Li Zhicheng calmly said that he knew what he knew.

Ning Weikai and Zhu Hanqian came out to breathe, and Zhu Hanqian curiously asked how he knew Li Zhi would come. Ning Weikai said with a gloomy look that he has been waiting for Aida to take the bait. Li Zhicheng is interested in Xueyanling, but Aida has limited funds and will only find his own way in the end.

In Aida, Li Zhicheng and Gu Yanzhi were walking and chatting. Li Zhicheng told Gu Yanzhi that Fan Xi in the new issue wanted to add rare fabrics. He ordered Gu Yanzhi to do the last quarter’s financial statements and send it to himself, so that he could look at the budget and Ning Wei Kay is also keeping an eye on the development of this fabric. Gu Yanzhi asked whether this fabric was Xueyan Ling. Li Zhicheng said for sure that he has never forgotten Xueyanling since Lin Qian saw this fabric in the competition last time. Gu Yanzhi opposes blind expansion, but Li Zhicheng believes that as long as it is beneficial to Aida’s long-term development, the capital increase is worthwhile. Gu Yanzhi teased that Zhicheng would fulfill this wish for Lin Qian sooner or later.

Grace was busy reviewing the manuscript in the office, and the assistant reported to her that Ning Weikai was borrowing their studio. Grace put down her work and walked into the studio. Ning Weikai revealed to her that he planned to invest in Xueyanling and asked Grace if she was interested in cooperating. Grace thought the risk was too great and denied it.

With Grace’s help, Li Zhicheng quickly met with Mr. Ding. President Ding claimed that he believed in Grace’s vision and planned to invest in Aida. Li Zhicheng raised his glass and wished the two happy cooperation. Then Li Zhicheng came to Lin Qian’s studio and found that she was studying Xue Yanling’s materials intently. Lin Qian told Li Zhicheng that the Luo Yi exhibited that day was a wedding gown during the Republic of China, and that the wedding gown was made of Xueyan silk. Li Zhicheng said that he would go to participate in the auction and photograph the dress back to Lin Qian, and then he would kiss Lin Qian sweetly.

The auction officially began. At the auction, one piece of the exhibits was taken away, and the host announced that the last collection of the auction was a makeup robe. Ning Weikai opened his mouth to bid for two million, and Li Zhicheng directly bid for three million. You chase me after the two of them, not giving way to each other. The price climbed to six million, and Li Zhicheng wanted to continue to bid. Gu Yanyi took his hand and persuaded him not to be arrogant. The host gave the final blow, and the Zhuanghua Luopao was successfully photographed by Ning Weikai at a high price of 6 million.

After the auction ended, Grace saw that Li Zhicheng was depressed, and praised him for what he had done just now. Li Zhicheng unwillingly said that Lin Qian liked that robe and she needed to use it to study Xueyan Aya. Grace wants him to think about the overall situation of Aida. Li Zhicheng retorted, shouldn’t it be possible to mix personal feelings outside of work and leave unhappily after speaking. At this time, Ning Weikai and Chen Zheng stood on a high place and looked at Grace and Li Zhicheng coldly. Chen Zheng asked Ning Weikai from the onlookers. Since the game, he always heard the word Xue Yanling. It was a coincidence that collectors offered Luo skirts at this time. Chen Zheng looked at Ning Weikai with a torch, and Ning Weikai smiled meaningfully, not sure or denying it.

Grace informed Li Zhicheng that Fan Xi’s headquarters would immediately send a design director to Aida to take charge of the design work. Li Zhicheng worried that the new design director would put Lin Qian’s design constraints. Grace persuaded him euphemistically that the design director was sent from Fan Xi’s headquarters after all. If he blindly resisted, it might cause conflicts between the two companies. Li Zhicheng weighed it up, and finally accepted helplessly.

Chen Zheng returned to work for Si Meiqi. He saw that the advertisement for the business case had shrunk drastically, so he immediately went to his father to revise the business case. Chairman Chen sighed, it is easy to fight the country and it is difficult to defend the country. After 520, it suffered a liquidation. Half of the market share was snatched by Aida. And many partners have invested in the embrace of New Baorui. There is a tiger behind the wolf.

Li Zhicheng called Lin Qian to his office and blamed himself that the makeup Hua Luo Pao had been photographed by Ning Weikai. Lin Qian said indifferently that he could learn about Xue Yanling through other channels. Li Zhicheng then told Lin Qian that the headquarters was going to send a design director to Aida. Lin Qian was startled, she worried that too many chefs would make a pot of soup. At the same time, make sure that you will do your best to cooperate. Li Zhicheng was moved by her understanding and kissed her gently.

Ning Weikai asked Chen Zheng to come to Xin Baorui’s office to discuss cooperation. Chen Zheng complained that Ning Weikai had pried away several old factories belonging to Si Meiqi. Ning Weikai hoped that he would focus on the overall situation and the two parties would join hands again. Chen Zheng said indifferently that it doesn’t matter if the company develops slowly if he wants to live the life of a young master before. Ning Weikai was deliberately alarmist, saying that New Baorui’s market share was robbed by Aida. If it continues to develop, New Baorui’s capital chain will be broken. His words struck Chen Zheng’s heart every word. Chen Zheng couldn’t help frowning.

Li Zhicheng told Gu Yanzhi that Lin Qian was studying Xueyanling’s fabric recently, and hoped that Gu Yanzhi would come forward and borrow the makeup flower Luoyi. Gu Yanzhi believed that Ning Weikai would not easily lend the dress for six million. Li Zhicheng was very affirmed of Gu Yanzhi’s abilities, and this high hat made Gu Yanyi a wry smile.

Li Zhicheng took Lin Qian to greet Amanda, the design director of Fan Xi, and Li Zhicheng introduced Lin Qian as the designer of Aida. Seeing Lin Qian so young, Amanda looked quite disdainful. Amanda had seen the clothes designed by Lin Qian and said that these designs did not meet Fan Xi’s requirements and needed to be redesigned. Lin Qian questioned that diversified design is better for Y Fan Xi’s development. Amanda believes that Y Fan Xi is a subsidiary brand of Fan Xi, and its design should be consistent with the main brand. The two broke up because of different design concepts.

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