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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 27 Recap

In Xin Baorui, Zhu Hanchong learned that Ning Weikai had come to the fore in the fashion design competition, and behaved extremely disdainfully. He did not expect that Ning Weikai was having a tea with reporter Cai who had hacked him before, and tempted him with a high price. He hoped that reporter Cai would turn back, but reporter Cai declined to leave. After reporter Cai left, Gao Lang asked how they were talking. Ning Weikai said with a calm face that it seemed that the bargaining chip he opened was not interested in the other party. Gao Lang continued to ask what to do next, but Ning Weikai was silent. He didn’t know, all of this was seen by Grace, who also came to this cafe.

Zhu Hanchong was about to drive to the nightclub Chic, but was unexpectedly recalled to the company by Chairman Zhu. Zhu’s father’s head and face was a reprimand, and he took out the photo of Zhu Hanchong who had bought reporter Cai in private, and asked him why he wanted to fire a group of veterans in the company. Zhu Hanchong argued that New Baorui did not want an outsider to intervene. Zhu’s father angrily announced that Zhu Hanchong would not be allowed to intervene in any company affairs in the future.

I wish the chairman invite Ning Weikai to return to New Baorui, and said that as long as Ning Weikai returns to the company, he will give him the maximum freedom, and Ning Weikai will get what he wants and is heartbroken. Ning Weikai took the initiative to make an appointment with Li Zhicheng for dinner. Before he quit Xin Baorui because of a gambling agreement, but now I wish Dong re-invite myself to work in Xin Baorui, and I wish Dong have the kindness of knowing him, and he has no reason to refuse. He said that he would not pursue the matter in the warehouse last time, but he also hopes that Li Zhicheng can temporarily withdraw his previous gambling agreement. Li Zhicheng hesitated for a moment, and agreed to withdraw the gambling agreement.

Gu Yanzhi asked Li Jin Yuan to dine in a romantic restaurant, but Gu Yanzhi hesitated but stopped talking. In the end, he plucked up the courage and said that he was rash backstage last time, but he really liked her. Li Jinyuan flinched, hoping that Gu Yanzhi would not wait for herself, because she had always been bad at making choices. In order to avoid embarrassment, Gu Yanzhi had to divert the topic.

At the awards ceremony of the designer competition, Ning Weikai faced the microphone and said the words “Don’t forget the original heart”, and said emotionally that it was Grace’s words that inspired him deeply. As Lin Qian’s clothes are outstanding, the judges decided to include them in the magazine after discussion with Ning Weikai’s works. Li Zhicheng regretted Lin Qian’s exit midway. Lin Qian said indifferently that although he did not win the first place this time, he had gained something more precious.

At the reception after the award ceremony, Ning Weikai walked to Grace and thanked her sincerely for helping her successfully persuade reporter Cai to turn back. It turned out that Ning Weikai guessed that this was Grace’s handwriting. Grace didn’t care and said that it was just a matter of effort. Ning Weikai joked about being killed in this world and refused to admit that she was good to herself. The only person who was good to herself was Grace.

At the reception, Chen Yayi accidentally spilled wine on the clothes of a woman next to him in order to avoid Chen Zheng’s accusation. The other party was reluctant. Chen Zheng walked over to Chen Yayi to relieve him, but Chen Yayi showed no sympathy. They saw Gu Yanzhi and Li Jinyuan sitting side by side in the remote corner of the reception, and they leaned over. At this time, Gu Yanzhi sincerely hoped that Li Jinyuan could reconsider the matter between the two, but Li Jinyuan talked about it from left to right. Chen Zheng commented on the result of Gu Yanzhi’s love with Chen Yayi, and Chen Yayi said with envy, when would a good man like Gu Yanzhi appear in her own world. Chen Zheng deliberately stabbed Chen Yayi and said that she was far away in front of her eyes, but she was blind.

Grace is preparing to host a charity party, and her assistant told her that the most expensive item in the auction this time was a makeup robe from the Republic of China, which was made of snow smoke silk. On the other hand, Ning Weikai went to work at Xinbao Rui and learned that the company’s designers had gone a lot during this period of time when he learned that he was away. Regardless of his assistant’s obstruction, he insisted on walking into his office, only to find that his office was messed up. He knew that all of this was given by Zhu Hanchong, and he couldn’t help but feel annoyed in secret. Zhu Hanqian came to visit Ning Weikai. Ning Weikai said with emotion that he had been thinking about defeating his opponent Li Zhicheng, but the opponent was Zhongxing Pengyue, and he was fighting alone.

In Aida’s office, Chen Yayi complained that Lin Qian had been focusing on work since the competition, and should take the time to fall in love with Li Zhicheng, otherwise Li Zhicheng would be easy to follow. Lin Qian thinks Li Zhicheng doesn’t understand routines. Chen Yayi refuted that Li Zhicheng’s appearance was naive, but his actual routine was deep. Li Zhicheng took Lin Qian to leave work early, and Lin Qian joked that it was the boss who took the lead. Li Zhicheng claimed to take Lin Qian on a date, but instead took her to the gym. In the fitness room, the two of them kissed while sitting up, and the sweetness was infinite. Li Zhicheng told Lin Qian that H Fashion Group was going to hold an auction, which contained the makeup and robe that Lin Qian was interested in. Lin Qian was surprised and happy.

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