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Our Glamorous Times 你和我的倾城时光 Episode 26 Recap

Li Zhicheng was taken to a secret drug trafficking base by drug dealers. After getting out of the car, Li Zhicheng took advantage of his unpreparedness to subdue two drug dealers, and then sneaked into the drug den. At this time in the designer competition, Lin Qian worried about Li Zhicheng and insisted on sitting in Li Zhicheng’s car and waiting for him to return. After Chen Yayi’s repeated persuasion, she returned to the arena. Grace announced that the theme of the third game is reunion, with twenty-four hours of closed creative time. Chen Yayi saw that Lin Qian was absent-minded, so she persuaded her to return safely with Li Zhicheng’s ability, but Lin Qian still couldn’t let go.

Li Zhicheng grabbed a submachine gun and rushed into the poison den. The two sides were in a melee. Li Zhicheng had to deal with the enemy while rescuing his comrades. Li Zhicheng led the Hornets to fight and retreat. They were repeatedly intercepted by the drug dealers, and finally suppressed by the drug dealers in a separate room with powerful firepower. The drug lord Honey Badger shouted Li Zhicheng and they came out to surrender. Li Zhicheng threatened with the USB flash drive and demanded the secret exchange of the USB flash drive to release the five brothers. Honey Badger thought for a moment and agreed. Li Zhicheng solemnly told Ma Feng to notify the police immediately if they escaped danger, but he could only delay it for twelve hours at most.

Gu Yanzhi took Li Jinyuan to dinner. Li Jinyuan was worried that her brother would have no appetite. Gu Yanzhi comforted her with Li Zhicheng’s ability to be okay. Li Jinyuan didn’t know how to eat, and turned and left. Not far from the restaurant, Chen Zheng was making an appointment with Chen Yayi for dinner. Chen Zheng commented that Gu Yanzhi’s tricks of chasing girls were too gentle to support the wall. Yayi thinks that Gu Yanyi only loves Jin Yuan alone, which is worthy of praise, unlike Chen Zheng. Chen Zheng thinks that he is the young president of Simeqi, and he must pay attention to his identity. Yayi irons that the perfume smell on Chen Zheng seems to be superficial. The two of them didn’t agree with each other, and they started a war of words again.

At night, Lin Qian was designing clothes in the designer’s room alone. She was worried about the missing Li Zhicheng, and she couldn’t help but burst into tears. At this time in the poison den, the honey badger violently beat Li Zhicheng to vent the anger in his heart, and he forced Li Zhicheng to ask Li Zhicheng the secret of the USB flash drive. Li Zhicheng gritted his teeth and refused to speak, insisting that he waited until tomorrow morning when the brothers escaped safely.

After dawn, the Honey Badger strapped a time bomb to Li Zhicheng and asked him again about the secret of the USB flash drive. He saw that Li Zhicheng was playing tricks on himself, and he couldn’t help turning into anger from shame, and he was ready to kill him. At this moment, the rescued special forces descended from the sky and surrounded the drug dealers. In the end, the Honey Badger was desperate. He surrendered with a grinning grin. He wanted to see how Li Zhicheng was killed by the time bomb. Li Zhicheng broke the gun and killed the Honey Badger. Ma Feng and the others arrived in time and risked their lives to dismantle the bomb for Li Zhicheng. They stepped through the gunpowder smoke and walked out of the poison nest safely. The five brothers hugged and formed a ball, and their brotherhood was further sublimated.

The designer competition has entered a white-hot stage, and Ning Weikai’s team and Lin Qian’s team have become two hot spots. In an interview, Ning Weikai admitted frankly that he would fight Lin Qian. After that, Li Jinyuan and Gao Lang appeared on the stage at the same time wearing designed costumes. The next step was for the two contestants to elaborate on their design concepts. Ning Weikai first elaborated on his design of Xueyanling. Then it was Lin Qian’s turn. She recounted that her design philosophy came from Li Zhicheng. Just halfway through Lin Qian, Chen Yayi hurried in with Li Zhicheng’s phone. Lin Qian was pleasantly surprised. She desperately rushed out of the design room to find Li Zhicheng. The two met again in the pool at the entrance of the hotel, hugging each other tightly, hard to separate.

The host of the game announced that if a player is missing any link, he will be deemed to have automatically abstained. Lin Qian quit the game and Ning Weikai became the only winner. Facing the host’s microphone, Ning Weikai looked affectionately at Grace in the distance, and said emotionally that he thanked those who understood the soul of his work. Grace turned her head away, avoiding his fiery eyes.

Lin Qian came out of the hotel room and saw Li Zhicheng’s naked upper body covered with scars. He couldn’t help but stroke his scars gently. Li Zhicheng couldn’t help but fell on the bed while hugging Lin Qian. Early the next morning, Lin Qian woke up and was surprised to find that Li Zhicheng was not around. She got up anxiously and looked around, and finally found that Li Zhicheng had left herself to buy breakfast. Lin Qian accused Li Zhicheng of not saying hello, and then left suddenly. Li Zhicheng apologized to her and said that he would definitely change for her in the future.

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