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A watch from Breitling that keeps every detail of the legendary grandeur in a 38mm case

For over 134 years, the Breitling watch brand has focused on quality and craftsmanship. Until becoming one of the watch brands that are known for their design and functionality that are the best in various fields. Especially for the Navitimer, the chronograph that has become the world’s most respected pilot’s watch for over 65 years, but with the vision of its latest CEO, George Kern, Brightling Take this legendary watch.

Let’s talk about it in a modern style that creates a lot of buzz because the Navitimer 1 Automatic 38 is not a chronograph watch, and most importantly, it has a diameter of only 38 millimeters, which is a size suitable for both ladies and gentlemen.

The Navitimer 1 Automatic 38 is no longer a chronograph. It’s to respect the previous generation. in this collection Taking inspiration from the legendary model, the team led by the 1966 Breitling Reference 806 reinterpreted it as if it were taking raw materials from the previous model. Let’s season it with new recipes that are more modern and cleaner.

Of course, the sub-dial had to be removed to honor the Reference 806 and to make the dial look cleaner. But adding a slide hole on the bezel of the watch to have more functions and look more detailed as well, while around the bezel holding the glass.

It is decorated with silver beads to enhance the vintage look. Contrasting with the red arrow seconds hand, the thin line perfectly complements the modern style. As for the self-winding movement, the Breitling Automatic Caliber 17 is equipped with COSC chronometer precision, a globally recognized standard for precision and precision. All of this is housed in a 38mm case on an alligator leather or steel strap.

While admiring the work of this new design, many people are probably wondering whether With a size of only 38 millimeters and decorated with a silver bead bezel It might make sense that this Brightling Navitimer1 Automatic 38 is the first women’s watch in the collection, but its subtle design is sure to catch the eye of many young men. People who are passionate about vintage style can be. because really the intention is to reinterpret previous legends and included in this small dial Is to combine to create a unisex watch, which is considered the signature of Kern that has it all.

with people in this era Began to focus on gender and sexuality dynamics. Observed from the number of women who began to choose men’s watches, there is a noticeable increase. Not just for millennials. but also to women of various ages who are fascinated by unisex watches. and picked up a selection of men’s watches for use in everyday life The Navitimer 1 Automatic 38 is a model that is perfectly positioned to fit the current trend.

Navitimer 1 Automatic 38 comes in a variety of models, such as a steel case with a black or blue dial on a steel strap. Steel case with black or blue dial on alligator strap. Steel and red gold case with silver dial on steel and alligator strap.

More details of the Navitimer 1Automatic 38 can be found at

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