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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 49 Recap

When the father-in-law saw Mrs. Zeng crying, Zeng Jing would only care about comforting his wife. Impatiently, she urged to see Sang Sang. When Sang Sang came out, he asked what he was doing, and Gong Sang respected and distressed and told Mr. Sang Sang that he was seriously injured. Sang Sang hurriedly went back to find Ning Que, and Madam Zeng was even more sad. When Ning Que woke up, she smelled a familiar smell of porridge. She opened the quilt and ran to the kitchen without worrying about injury. Sang Sang was busy making porridge in the kitchen and happiness. Ning Que and Sang Sang only ate porridge, without any taste of mountains and seas, it was incomparable to express that kind of joy and satisfaction from the bottom of their hearts.

They also fed each other to eat their own porridge, and the time returned to the two of them. Years, very happy. Mo Shanshan and his party left the capital and took out the “glasses” given to themselves in the sauna of the carriage. They recalled the sweet moment when they held the glasses in their palms, and their eyes were filled with tears. It’s your own world. Ning Que also received a letter from Mo Shanshan.

Sitting in the yard, Sang Sang looked up at Ning Que from time to time in the kitchen. Sang Sang recalled the two previous trips to the wasteland, and thanked Ning Que for saying that she liked her, although she also said that just liking was not enough. Mo Shanshan also seems to have let go of everything, taking Ning Que as his life’s confidant, telling Ning Que if he meets in the future, no matter where he meets, it is a matter of life, and I hope Ning Que will continue to work hard. Seeing her son Daoshi’s tragic death, Qu Ni concentrated all her anger and hatred on Ning Que, and ordered people to ask Master Baoshu to list Ning Que as a world-wide place.

In Qu Ni’s opinion, Ning Que, who can crack Dao Shi’s killer, must have been enchanted, and maybe he must have framed him even if he had not. Chen Pippi was stealing food, and the Master suddenly appeared in his room. Regarding Dao Shi’s death, the Master asked Chen Pipi about Ning Que, and Chen Pipi secretly thought that he could never let the Master know about Ning Que’s enchantment. The master with a beard, his eyes told Chen Pippi a lot of things. He didn’t say that he knew it. Chen Pippi knew that Master could be naturally flustered. Ning Queyu went to Zengfu with Sang Sang to pay a visit. This time he also bought gifts and respectfully apologized to Zeng Jing. Zeng Jing thought that Ning Que was coming to return to Sang Sang, and he was unhappy about him.

Ning Que was overbearing and said that he would not interfere with their family reunion, but Sang Sang usually had to show him a shop, and he could only come back on New Year’s Day. The Zeng Jing couple was helpless, and Sang Sang also said that she must never register with the young master. At the same time, she also kneeled on the ground and called her father and mother for the first time. The excited tears of the Zeng Jing couple fell tightly around Sang Sang. Ning Que also smiled Content. He also had to know that Shi was killed by Ning Que, and he couldn’t help laughing, thinking that Ning Que could defeat Dao Shi to deal with Mozong’s mortal killing trick, and he must be enchanted. Analysis of two people. The dangling treasure tree is another god-man other than Weiguangming who foresees the future power of the underworld.

If the treasure tree can come out to prove that Ning Que is the son of Pluto, they will have enough reasons to crusade the Academy and crusade the Tang Dynasty. At the same time, the teacher is most concerned about the situation in the southern Fujian sword pavilion. The great priest knew that the sword pavilion’s Liu Bai sang and refused to leave the mountain, but he had a younger brother Liu Yiqing who always wanted to get rid of his brother’s aura and earn a name However, Xiling is exactly the idea of ​​Liu Yiqing. As long as Liu Yiqing goes out, regardless of victory or defeat, the sword court is pulled down. The Moon State sent envoys to seek justice from the Tang King, hoping that the Tang King would deal with Ning Que and take revenge for Tao Shi.

King Tang told the envoy that Mr. Thirteen was right. It was the people of the Moon Country who ran boldly to challenge Ning Que. The principle of Tang Kingdom is that if you bully me, I will give it back to you. If I bully you, you also Don’t fight back, otherwise I’ll hit you, and I’ll order the envoy to be rude. Xiling has been worshiping Liu Bai as a master in Jiange. Chao Xiaoshu also jumped off the cliff because of him, and Chao Xiaoshu’s sword fell into his hands. At this point, the spy knew the character of Liu Yiqing, so he came to instigate him to duel with Ning Que, to make a name for himself, and also gave Liu Yiqing the sword of the small tree, because he knew that Ning Que would not easily accept it now. Anyone’s challenge, but as long as he sees the sword, he will do his best.

What Liu Yiqing wants is Ning Que to do his best. Only in this way can he truly become famous. What Liu Yiqing didn’t know was that he had actually fallen into the calculation of Xiling. Chen Pipi came to Ning Que panting, telling his Master to come back and ask to see him. Ning Que was a little flustered and planned to burn incense to see the Master. Chen Pipi took Ning Que to Houshan. On the back mountain, many brothers and sisters are already here. Ning Que knelt in front of the Master, looking nervous and afraid to look up. The master called Ning Que as a “drinker” with a smile. Ning Que looked up at the master and realized that he was a gibberish old man. He was so scared that he had lost his soul. After all, he had told the master about the magic.

The master called Ning Que, and at the same time, he also accused Ning Que of being a dead ghost teacher. He was still acting in Meng Lang. After returning, he accepted Dao Shi ’s challenge and caused Dao Shi ’s death. I’ve thought about it behind closed doors. When did you think about it carefully and let him go down the mountain. The master’s disciples gathered together. Chen Pipi also specially studied the pizza for the master to eat. Everyone pleased the master to see if he could eat happily, hoping the master would let Ning Que I feel that the master punished Ning Que too much. Li slowly expressed that he knew the profound meaning of the Master, but Ning Que is still at a basic level, and if he does not understand, he will go astray. The master expressed his deep meaning, and felt that since Ning Que realized that Hao Ranqi had inherited Ke Haoran’s mantle, he should take the same path that Hao Ran once had.

The Master also showed that as long as Ning Que could wake up and understand that walking down the mountain, he would walk the world on the second floor of the academy. According to Ning Que’s character, he was the most suitable person. The crowd was shocked, claiming that the second floor of the academy had not walked the world for a long time, and that the walks of all factions were conscious of the realm of life, and Ning Que was just a cave, if it really became the world ’s weakest walk, then Even Jun Mo also thought it would be better not to go out to shame.

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