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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 46 Recap

Ye Hongyu finally helped the clergyman to finish copying things. He just got up and dropped a handkerchief on the floor. Ye Hongyu picked it up and remembered that it was left by Ning Que when he was bandaging his wound. A smile appeared on the corner of his mouth and put the handkerchief on his chest again. Ning Que brought Mo Shanshan to the back of the academy. Mo Shanshan was very happy. He felt that knowing Ning Que was a lucky thing. He followed him to the gate of Mozong Mountain, and now he is fortunate to come to the back of the academy. Ning Que wanted to take Mo Shanshan to see his brothers and sisters. Mo Shanshan thought that now Ning Que must have a lot of things to tell everyone, so he left first and waited for Ning Que at the foot of the mountain.

Muyu asked Ning Que whether her handkerchief was easy to use. Ning Que remembered that the handkerchief gave Ye Hongyu a little embarrassed, and hurriedly explained that it was not useful. Muyou smiled and told Ning Que that it would be useful in the future. Ning Que wanted to truthfully tell Muyou that Muyou interrupted Ning Que and asked him to see Jun Mo. Jun Mo already knew about Ning Que’s killing Lin Ling, but he did not blame him but thought that this matter was rather rational. Ning Que wanted to say something about his magnanimity. Jun Mo also seemed to know Blocked Ning Que’s unspoken words. As for the fact that Li slowly returned to Xiahou for the sake of Ning Que, Jun Mo thought that there was nothing wrong.

The Master had said before that if he had always complained with virtue, why would he report it? The people in the red sleeves also quarreled for Sang Sang. They felt that Sang Sang had taken care of everything for Ning Que, but the bad guys had tightened their cells. Ning Que had brought in a lot of people, especially the bookworm Mo Shanshan. Worried that Sang Sang would become Ning Que’s uncle. Sang Sang said that he was not a cripple, but Sang Sang was just Sang Sang. Ning Que took Mo Shanshan to play, met a stranger on a bridge and blocked the road with a cape. He respectfully called Ning Que as Mr. Thirteen, and claimed that because he recognized Mo Shanshan, he decided that this person was Ning Que. . The comer took off his cape and showed his face, and Mo Shanshan recognized that it was Tiankezong’s bad view of the sea, and hurried to say hello. Lanke is an unknowable place for Tianqingzong. It is a mountain gate hanging from the earth.

Although Brother Guanhai is a young man, he is really a virtue. Guan Hai invited Ning Que to the invitation of the Academy to participate in Yu Lan Festival, and entrusted him to transfer it to the Academy. Later, Guan Hai also expressed that he was very happy to have met Mr. Thirteen of the Academy this time, claiming that there were some difficult issues that he wanted Ning Que to teach. Ning Que promised to have dinner at Bi Sheng Ju in the evening and invited the view of the sea to drink wine, but suddenly realized that what the other party said was instruction, Guan Hai truthfully told Ning Que that he wanted to fight. Guan Hai claimed that he wanted to challenge the academy all these years, just because he had been struggling with schoolwork and failed to achieve his wish. He hoped that Ning Que could make himself succeed. Ning Que was frowning and asked Mo Shanshan to take him to the tea house first.

To give war books to Yourself. Ning Que began to worry about the battle with Guanhai. If he did not fight, then why would he fight with Xiahou, but if he did, he would be afraid of being exposed to the demon. After thinking for a long time, Ning Que decided not to let anyone know that he was in the demon. Things. Ning Que came to the South Gate to take part in the decisive battle with Guanhai. Since Li Qingshan was not in He Mingchi, he left Ning Que and claimed that because it was Ning Que’s first battle in the WTO, it will be recorded in history in the future. Will not refuse. Mo Shanshan was uneasy about the victory and defeat of this battle, but He Mingchi thought that if Ning Que had to lose, he would definitely not choose South Gate as the battlefield. The implication was that Ning Que already had a certain victory. Ning Que closed the door and told Guanhai that the two would win or lose in order to not hurt each other.

Guanhai immediately agreed to come down. Ning Que was on the ground that if he first shot and watched the sea, he would lose, so that Guanhai shot first and attacked himself, while he turned his back to worry that he saw the red in his eyes. Ning Qiu tried hard to prevent him from coming out, and he was in pain. Guan Hai could n’t fight back with a single palm. Guan Hai hurriedly took his palms and stepped forward to ask Ning Qiu why he did n’t do it. Ning Qiu answered if he Watching the sea will die. Guan Hai suddenly felt that his mind and temperament were incomparable with Ning Que, and immediately knelt on the ground to admit defeat. Ning Que helped Guan Hai to praise Guan Hai for abandoning the students ’compassion in time and closed it in time.

Admire Ning Que’s heart even more. Mo Shanshan accompanied Ning Que to come out. Ning Que was injured and sat on the street. He asked if Mo Shanshan was weak. Mo Shanshan sat down with a smile and said that Ning Que was always weak. Ning Que couldn’t help complaining about Mo Shanshan. To be honest. Mo Shanshan couldn’t help laughing, and positively praised Ning Que as being really strong today. Ning Que barely got up and proudly said that he would be stronger in the future, but it couldn’t help it anymore, so he looked back at Mo Shanshan and asked her Supporting myself for a while, Mo Shanshan walked forward with a smile, and Fu Ningkuo left. Sang Sang returned home and called the young master, but he was disappointed when he found no one everywhere. I’m also sad that I haven’t been home since the young master had a bookworm.

Ning Que deliberately asked Brother to create a hand-held glasses for Mo Shanshan, so that the original myopia Mo Shanshan can clearly see himself, Mo Shanshan smiled and told Ning Que that he has always been in his eyes, but this gift to Mo Shanshan I still like it very much. Mo Shanshan told Ning Que that she said that she liked Ning Que at the gate of Mozong Mountain. Those are all true. She also asked whether Ning Que liked herself. Ning Qiu thought for a moment that she should like Mo Shanshan. Mo Shanshan was happy and shy. Go forward. Sang Sang was cooking but she was sitting there alone, thinking that she would sit at a table with three people in the future, and she felt a little sad.

Take those for yourself Ning Quekuan’s money also began to worry about Mo Shanshan spending his money in the future. At a critical moment, what should Ningkuo do if he has no money to spend. Mo Shanshan and Ning Que came outside the old penzhai gate. Mo Shanshan told Ning Que that Ning Que had hid behind her in Tianqi Mountain before, and claimed that she was happy to hide for a lifetime, but this is not enough. Mo Shanshan Suddenly holding Ning Que kissed his cheek and ran away shyly, Ning Kui was stuck in place for a long time, could not help but raise his lips, and these were seen by Sang Sang hurriedly closing the door and hiding himself in the kitchen for Rather lack noodles.

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