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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 45 Recap

Mrs. Zeng personally sent Sang Sang back in a carriage, and inquired a lot about Sang Sang on the road. She learned that Sang Sang had been picked up by Ning Que at the Yan-Tang border from an early age. Mrs. Zeng invited Sang Sang to be a guest at Bachelor’s House, Sang Sang agreed. After returning, Mrs. Zeng kept crying and missed her daughter. She also felt that Sang Sang was like her daughter.

At the same time, Zeng Jing comforted his wife and blamed herself for not being able to rush back when she gave birth. Only then did the old lady sell her Sang Sang. She also knew that his wife never stopped looking for her daughter, but she was disappointed again and again. I am worried that I will be disappointed again this time, but I am willing to try again to see if Sang Sang is his own daughter when she sees the sadness of his wife. The next day, Sang Sang came to the Bachelor’s House with his cured bacon. The Zeng Jing couple had already taken someone to stand outside the door waiting for Sang Sang. When eating, Mrs. Zeng deliberately borrowed the pear soup to Sang Sang and sprinkled the soup on Sang Sang’s feet. Sang Sang immediately saw that his wife was deliberately long and asked directly. The wife felt very uncomfortable. She said timidly that she just wanted to wash Sang Sang’s feet. Sang Sang took off his shoes when she saw Mrs. Zeng’s tears.

Mrs. Zeng saw that he had a small birthmark like Mulberry on his feet. Mrs. Zeng Rushing excitedly, holding Sang Sang in her arms and crying crying, her daughter vocalized, but Sang Sang looked blank, only subconsciously patted Mrs. Zeng on the back, hoping she could have less tears. The court immediately spread the story of Zeng Jing finding her daughter. King Tang and Xia Xia personally prepared gifts for Zeng Jing. But Li Yu was not happy, claiming that it took her a year to have some affection with Ning Que, the master and servant, and did not expect that halfway through, she would kill a Zeng Jing confession. He was also angry that his efforts would be wasted because Li Yu knew that Zeng Jing was focusing on summer. The Zeng Jing couple personally went to Laobi Zhai and begged Sang Sang to follow them back to live, and Mrs. Zeng had always blamed herself for being drugged, so she could not protect her daughter.

The two held Sang Sang’s hand excitedly to leave, but Sang Sang pulled back his hands and ran away in a hurry. The Zeng Jing couple always followed Sang Sang and kept begging Sang Sang in a low voice. Sang Sang said that when he was young, he envied others to have parents, but when he grew up, he never envied others, because she had a young master, Sang Sang was excited about Ning Que. Zeng Jing promised that Sang Sang could deny them first, and could not call them parents, but she could never continue to serve others, even if that person was Mr. Thirteen in the academy, Sang Sang said she promised Ning Que to guard the place. , Will never leave. The couple Zeng Jing originally wanted to take Sang Sang home forcibly, but Sang Sang smartly tricked the two out of the door and locked the room door. Zeng Jing had to persuade him Madam first went back and waited for Ning Que to come back. Sang Sang was missing Master, worried that he would be taken away if he did not return.

At this time, Chen Pippi came to Sang Sang. Sang Sang played chess with Chen Pippi while eating noodles. Chen Pippi heard her eating and sucking maggots, and she couldn’t play anything. She turned the chessboard aside. Ning Que walked slowly on the street with Mo Shanshan and Li. Ning Que took a big black umbrella to cover the snowflakes of Mo Shan Mountain, and explained to her that this street was nobody when he came, but it is flourishing now There are people doing business everywhere. Ning Que brought Mo Shanshan to Laobi Zhai. As soon as he entered the door, Sang Sang was facing Ning Que to eat noodles. Chen Pippi also stood not far from the chessboard. Hearing Ning Que’s call, Sang Sang was holding him excitedly. Rice bowl turned his head, but the first thing he saw was Mo Shanshan. Mo Shanshan also smiled intently at Sang Sang in front of her, thinking secretly that she was Sang Sang.

Ning Que opened his arms to embrace Sang Sang, but Sang Sang escaped from Ning Que to pour tea. Chen Pippi rushed over and hugged Ning Que. He was also surprised when he saw the bookworm. Li slowly came in afterwards. Sang Sang excitedly picked up Li and asked about the situation of the master with concern. When I was down, I always lowered my head and carried tea and things back and forth unnaturally, and I didn’t even dare to collide with Ning Que’s eyes, but from time to time I glanced towards Mo Shanshan. Mo Shanshan looked at the words of Ning Que in Lao Bi Zhai very much, and said with admiration that Ning Qi was not in her life, Chen Pippi soon discovered Ning Que and Mo Shan Shan Between you and me, I feel a lot of affection. Sang Sang took a peek at Mo Shanshan in the room and retired to the kitchen quietly once he was found. Chen Pippi didn’t like Mo Shanshan and Ning Que’s affectionate appearance and ran to the kitchen to accompany Sang Sang.

Sang Sang also saw something different between Ning Que and Mo Shanshan. Tears kept on cooking. Rotating in the eyes, I have never felt such a heartache. After the people had gone, Sang Sang was washing dishes in the kitchen and Ning Que came to Sang Sang and offered to hug her, but Sang Sang refused because he was busy. Ning Que opened his arms to hug Sang Sang. Sang Sang timidly put down his hands and walked towards Ning Que slowly, but at the moment of Ning Que’s embrace, he felt that kind of contentment. Both Sang Sang and Ning Que smiled. Close your eyes and enjoy this moment of hug. Ning Que gave Sang Sang a long-awaited gift. Sang Sang showed a smile and just wanted to say something to Ning Que. Ning Que claimed to be tired and let Sang Sang help him to burn some bath water and left.

Sang Sang I felt a little disappointed. Sang Sang came downstairs, holding two jars in her hand, and silently took it to Ning Que, telling Ning Que that her master was sleeping in the new jar, and Master Yanse was sleeping in the old jar. Ning missed Yan Se’s altar and was very sad, staring at Sang Sang looked for a long time, stroking the jar lightly, and also got angry that Sang Sang’s master was the culprit. Sang Sang persuaded Ning Que not to be angry, and angry could not solve any problems. Tomorrow, find a place to bury the two, and Ning Que left angrily with Yan Se’s ashes angrily. Sang Sang also felt a little sad. Mrs. Zeng asked Zeng Jing to hurry to find Ning Que to bring her child back. Zeng Jing thought that Ning Que must have many things to do when she returned.

Mrs. Zeng was extremely anxious, and some were dissatisfied. I did n’t know why a Ning Que would make everyone so nervous. Zeng Jing told Mrs. Zeng Ning Que that it was involved in the dispute between the court and the academy. As a result, Mrs. Zeng was persuaded to be calm and patient, and Mrs. Zeng would no longer say anything.

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