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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 43 Recap

Lu Chenjia embraced Long Qing to express his unique admiration for him. Long Qing turned around and let Lu Chenjia look at his face. Long Qing knew that Lu Chenjia loved flowers and loved everything perfect in the world. He had already Not the son of light, in Long Qing’s heart, he felt that he was dirtier than anything. Lu Chenjia deeply felt the pain from Long Qing’s heart, and she kept crying. Long Qing put on clothes for Lu Chenjia and turned away from the ruined temple.

Ning Que has always been upset, asking Li slowly how long he still can defeat Xiahou, Li slowly and truthfully told Ning Que to be strong, but five years later he will be able to defeat Xiahou. Ning Que began to feel ups and downs in his heart, thinking that five years was too long. If Xiahou became sick and died during this period, he would not be able to avenge himself. Lin Ling told Xiahou that he had reported Ning Que’s alleged murder to the Ministry of Military Affairs.

Although Ning Que had a college as a backing, it involved the Ministry of Military Affairs, and the Academy was not easy to interfere with. Xia Hou shook his head, claiming that it was already kind to let Ning Que live for sixteen years. This time there was bound to be a war between him and Ning Que, and Ning Que had to die under his hands. Due to Yan Se’s death, Li Qingshan could not afford illness for a long time, and the Tang king transferred Xu Shi back to take charge of the army. When Xu Shi took office, he received a letter from Xu Shi, suing Ning Que to kill Yan Suqing.

Someone connected with Ning Que and conveyed the news of Yan Seixian’s death. Ning Que was very calm on the surface, but was in pain. Standing on the street, Yan Se thought about his first encounter with Yan Se, and then closed his eyes with pain and pain, and Lin Ling came to the opposite side of Ning Que at this moment. Ning Que was saddened. Lin Ling deliberately stimulated Ning Que ’s beloved to die, while his enemies Xia Hou and Lin Ling were alive. In Lin Ling ’s view, Ning Que was not their opponent at all. Therefore, the non-stop sarcasm would rather die than kill them. Ning Que excitedly and angrily told Lin Lingli that he slowly said that he would defeat Xiahou for at least five years, but he could not wait for five years. Five years is too long for him, what to do if Xiahou becomes ill and dies.

Lin Ling told Ning Que that if they could kill a disciple on the second floor of the academy, it would be a danger and a challenge to them, but if they were defeated, the benefits would be huge. Only if Ning Que died, they could live. The better, the longer. Lin Ling drew a rune. Ning Que knew that Lin Ling was also a rune master. Lin Ling believed that Ning Que was dead and told him a secret that Xia Hou did not know. Lin Ling also came from Xiling. This time Ning Que was killed not for Xiahou but for the sake of light. What Lin Ling had never dreamed of was that he thought he could definitely defeat Ning Que, but did not expect that he would be killed by Ning Que with a full of resentment and sadness. Lin Zero died without staring. Long Qingyi When I came to the capital of Yan Kingdom, I was just given a gimmick, but a group of beggars punched and kicked me. Lu Chenjia watched silently not far away.

After all, she could not bear to use the spell to stop everyone from moving, and Long Qing crawled out of the crowd to the hoe on the ground. Lu Chenjia slowly walked towards Long Qing and asked Long Qing to follow her to leave and start again in a place without people. However, Long Qing felt that her most embarrassing moment was seen by Lu Chen Jia and suddenly felt that she had no self-esteem and pride. Then, the crazy yelling let Lu Chenga get away. Lu Chenga turned around with tears in her face and left, Long Qing looked up at Lu Chenga’s back, passing a trace of pain in her eyes, then she continued to climb to the hoe on the side of the road, thinking about her glory when she had just arrived in Xiling. Before, he and Lu Chenjia were real princes and princesses, but now they are so different from Lu Chenjia.

Long Qing angrily defeated the leader of the beggar who just bullied himself and sat weakly on the ground. All the little beggars took out their things and gave them to Long Qing. The beggar boss suddenly got up and tried to kill Long Qing with rubble. Long Qing’s backhand stabbed the beggar boss. The people on the street yelled and killed them, frightened and scattered, Long Qing sat still and continued to eat thing. Military officer Shang Yu Yang Yu Yang Yu brought everyone to Laobi Zhai to ask Sang Sang to interrogate. Sang Sang took the quilt and was about to follow him. Qi Siye from the fish and dragon gang rushed over. Qi Siye claims that this is an industry of Ning Que, and Ning Que is also a benefactor of the fish and dragon gang, so no one can take Sang Sang.

Unexpectedly, there was also Wang Jingluo, who was with Shangguan Yang Yu. At this time, he was already a close relative of Xu Shi. This person is also a zhiming person. He waved his hands to control the actions of Qi Siye and other people, and no one could move. , Sangsangbao Qi Siye took good care of the old penzhai, especially the two ashes containing ashes. Qi Siye promised to eat and drink Lasa and sleep all in the old penzhai from today, and he will guard the place. Ning Que knew that he was able to kill Lin Ling because of inheriting Ke Haoran’s mantle, and he was also entangled in contradictions. He didn’t know what outsiders would know if he accepted Hao Ran’s qi, and even suspected that he was enchanted. When Li slowly came, Ning Que couldn’t help but ask if Li slowly inherited Ke Haoran’s mantle, and if he learned Hao Ran’s sword, he might not be enchanted. You can wait until you see the Master.

Li slowly realized that Ning Que was in conflict at the moment, so it might be better to let Ning Que come out and have a contact with Mo Shanshan. Ning Que hurriedly arranged his clothes to go to see Mo Shanshan. Sang Sang was locked up in a jail, watching the snow flakes flying out of the window into the cell, but Ning Que was in her mind, and it seemed that

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