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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 39 Recap

But never thought that Lian Sheng only flew Ning Que as soon as he waved his hand, and Mo Shanshan also pulled his sword and flew over. Lian Sheng released his uncle to chase Ning Que. Ning Que firmly swears in the name of Ke Haoran. Hugh wanted to get out of here, and Liansheng laughed, claiming that Ning Que was like an extreme Lian Sheng, all against the sky. As soon as the voice fell, Ning Que broke the lotus root. Lian Sheng broke the iron chain, knowing that Ning Que wanted to sleep. Stop him, ironically that Ning ’s lack of strength is too weak, and compared with Ke Haoran, it is impossible to trap him.

Ning Que saw the defeat, and was pressed by Lotus Sheng step by step, Ye Hongyu rushed forward. Lian Ning Que hit Lotus, but was tied by Lotus again with an iron chain to continue eating Ye Hongyu ’s thoughts. Ye Hong The fish originally entered the realm of knowledge, but in order to escape from the lotus realm willing to descend from the cave realm, they flew out. This surprised Lian Sheng. He sincerely praised Ye Hongyu as a rare Taoist Wizard. At this time, Mo Shanshan mobilized all his mental powers to use a block array. Lian Sheng was even more pleased. He never thought that they were all Wizards. He himself gave him a feast of feasts, as long as he consumed their minds, he would escape from the cage. At this time, Ning Que seemed to see that Ke Haoran waved Hao Ran’s sword to practice his skills and recruited Lingli. Ning Que inadvertently inherited Ke Haoran’s mantle, and stood up to attack Lian Sheng. Lin Sheng laughed, thinking that since Ning Que had inherited Ke Haoran’s mantle, he must have become a demon. Haotian would not bypass anyone, but Ning Que claimed that Haotian had never seen him and did not believe Haotian. ,

A sword stabbed to Lian Sheng. Lin Sheng fell to the ground and found that he still could not get rid of the fan cage. He felt so sad that he thought he had jumped out of the Three Realms and found that he was always in the mountain until he returned. Lin Sheng suddenly sucked Ning Que into his palm. I could n’t escape Fan cage, and I did n’t want to stick to black and white, but suddenly I found Ning Que’s finger on the finger, and said that Ning Que was still too weak, and then stared at Ning Que ’s eyes, both eyes became blood red and red. It was only a moment when the Kung Fu Lotus was gone, and the fire in the cave was all extinguished.

Ning Que knew that they had escaped. Chen Pipi told Jun Mo and Wei Guangming to play chess and finally Wei Guangming won. Jun Mo smiled unexpectedly, Chen Pipi did not understand why Wei Guangming would be in Ning Que’s home. Jun Mo is also very skeptical about this. After all, Ning Que is not at home now, only Sang Sang is at home. Why is this Wei Guangming, which stirs the situation, here? Sang Sang rushed back in time and brought Wei Guangming back from Li Yu to eat. Sang Sang cared about whether Wei Guangming ate at noon. Wei Guangming just frankly forgot what he ate, but just remembered that there is no good food made by Sang Sang. Sang couldn’t help laughing. Later, Sang Sang took down the clothes made for Wei Guangming and let him try them. Wei Guangming said that this was the clothes made by the daughter of Light.

He likes it very much, and keeps saying it is really good, I really hope that I can live such a good life forever, I can eat Sangsang’s cooking every day, and there is such a person to accompany, because I love this good life, almost I forgot my real purpose of coming here. Sang Sang asked about his purpose, Wei Guangming didn’t hide it, and honestly came to the son of Hades. Sang Sang promised Wei Guangming to go out in search of the son of Pluto, and kept telling him how to return to Weiming. Do n’t lose it. Wei Guangming assured Sang Sang that he would be able to come back. Yan Se sat in the carriage and saw Wei Guangming and Sang Sang shopping on the street, which surprised Yan Se, who did not expect Wei Guangming to be in Ning Que’s home and Ning Que was not at home at this time. Only Sang Sang was at home.

The whole world was looking for Wei Guangming, and Wei Guangming would actually be at Ning Que. This made Yan Se couldn’t help but start to guess what Wei Guangming was going to do. Ye Hongyu was sitting in the cave, suffering a serious injury and suffering. Mo Shanshan also searched and found that Tianshu was not found. Ye Hongyu’s analysis may be that Tianshu was taken away by the Lord of the Demon Sect. Ning Que knew that Ye Hongyu was seriously injured and worried that he could not survive. Ye Hongyu’s own medicine for Ye Hongyu’s injury, Ye Hongyu pushed away Ning Que not letting him touch himself, rather he overbearingly gave Ye Hongyu medicine. He Mingchi led people to follow Wei Guangming behind him. Wei Guangming also noticed that they were standing still. He Mingchi said nothing to signal his men to slash at Wei Guangming with a knife.

Wei Guangming just closed his eyes as if these people were being used to fix himself. The curse was generally immobile, Wei Guangming shook his head and left. He Mingchi went back and reported it truthfully, Li Qingshan did not blame He Mingchi, thinking that this was normal. Yan Se got up to find King Tang. Yan Se truthfully reported that Wei Guangming was at Ning Que’s home. The Tang king was shocked. Yan Se gave the array of eyes to the Tang dynasty for custody. He claimed that he could take Wei Guangming away only. Tang did not want Yan Se to commit the crime In the eyes of King Tang, Wei Guangming was imprisoned for fifteen years.

It is not known whether he is still the brightest person, and his ability is extremely powerful. The master knew that Yan Se had already made a decision, and that both men were superior. It is hard to say who wins and who wins. Lee slowly claimed that no matter who won and who lost, they were very sad. I hope to approach the master . The Master thinks that they can’t control it. He also wants to see if the power of man can really overcome Yong Ye. Mo Shanshan came to inform Ning Que and Ye Hongyu that the way in had been blocked and could only find another way out. Ning Que looked at Ye Hongyu’s injury and found that she was indeed not bad. Then she asked about how Mo Shanshan was concerned. Mo Shanshan claimed that she was fine, but her eyes were not good, and she walked slowly without problems.

Ning Que then raised the fire to lead the way. Ye Hongyu saw the look in the eyebrows of the two I couldn’t help but whisper a foolish man and a woman, this sentence was heard by Mo Shanshan. Subsequently, Mo Shanshan made no secret of telling Ye Hongyu that she really liked Ning Que, but knowing that Ning Que was not enough to like her, so she was not fooled by men. Ning Que turned back mischievously. When he heard Mo Shanshan said he liked himself, he could n’t help but wished Mo Shanshan could say it again. Mo Shanshan laughed and said that if he ca n’t go out today, they are destined to die here. She liked him, and Ning Que was happier, but immediately told the two confidently that they would not die here today, and immediately continued to lead the way.

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