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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 38 Recap

Ning Que did not expect that Yuan Shisan’s arrow was so powerful, but this arrow had to be fired. Mo Shanshan inquired about Ning Que’s injury to Long Qing and was not afraid of endless troubles. Ning Que also knows that Long Qing is the pride of heaven, and he will inevitably make a lot of enemies. However, this arrow must be fired. The reason for this is probably that Long Qing should not bet on Sang Sang.

From the perspective of Ning Que, Long Qing thought that he had mastered Ning Que’s life gate as Sang Sang, so he took Sang Sang as a bet. Can’t afford to lose at all. Mo Shanshan silently listened to Ning Que saying these words, a trace of soreness passed in his heart, and his face was a little unnatural. Sang Sang was able to light a candle with Wei Guangming’s few words, and Wei Guangming felt very happy, so he sat quietly watching Sang Sang cooking seriously. Ye Hongyu chased Ning Que and Mo Shanshan all the way, and the two fled quickly. At the same time, Tang also persuaded Tang Xiaotang to avoid Ye Hongyu when she saw Ye Hongyu. Although she is now the current suzerain of Mozong, she is still not Ye Hongyu’s opponent. Tang also always believes that their suzerain will return sooner or later.

Ye Hongyu caught up with Ning Que and Mo Shanshan, and the two were not Ye Hongyu’s opponents. Mo Shanshan protected Ning Que behind him, claiming that Long Qing’s breach of contract first had nothing to do with Ning Que. I hope Ye Hongyu can Rao Ning Que. Ye Hongyu claimed that he had always wanted to kill a second-floor disciple, and now Ning Que killed Long Qing and gave him a reason, and advised Mo Shanshan not to be overwhelmed. Ye Hongyu’s determination to kill Ning Que has been determined, and he is not worried about going against the academy, especially hoping that Haojun Mo will have a chance to fight against the male and female. Ning Que sees that Ye Hongyu will kill himself and scream and run away. Then run away.

This really stunned Mo Shanshan and Ye Hongyu. Ye Hongyu did not believe that the man who ran away without winning actually killed Long Qing. Ning Que spread his legs and ran for a while. Suddenly, Mo Shanshan didn’t follow, he turned around and looked for Mo Shanshan and asked why she didn’t run. Ye Hongyu proudly told Ning Que because Mo Shanshan was smart and knew that he could not run away, and then immediately shot and attacked Ning Que. Mo Shanshan and Ning Que joined forces to deal with Ye Hongyu. Ye Hongyu found that Ning Que was actually Yanse Apprentice, Mo Shanshan reminded Ning Que to shoot flying fish, that was Ye Hongyu’s lifeline. But Ye Hongyu didn’t give the two people a chance at all. She concentrated her mind on sending Ning Que to an ice arrow. Ning Que knew that Ye Hongyu would open the big black umbrella to block these sharp swords. Mo Shanshan also came to help Ning Que to support the big umbrella.

Ye Hongyu’s offensive became more and more fierce. He asked why Ning Que was so desperate, and Ning Que asked Ye Hongyu what he wanted to do. On the contrary, Ye Hongyu is so beautiful, why do you have to desperately set it? He died, Ye Hongyu claimed that now Ning Que had given her a little respect, but it was even more deadly. Ye Hongyu’s offensive hurt Ning Que, and the blood dripped on the spanner that Yulan gave him, and the spanner turned blood red. At this time, he suddenly found that the gate of Daming Lake was actually opened, Ye Hongyu was shocked. At the same time, Xiahou also felt that the gate had been opened. Tang and Tang Xiaotang couldn’t believe that Ning Que could break the rule of the suzerain and entered the mountain gate, and this Ning Que was the weakest disciple of the master who could even break the restriction. Tang Xiaotang was not convinced and asked if Master Tang knew this Tang thinks that the master is omniscient.

Tang Xiaotang asks the master and the master who is more powerful. Tang makes no secret and thinks the master is more powerful. As soon as Tang Xiaotang heard this, he planned to worship Master as a teacher, and asked whether Master Tang would accept her. Tang told Tang Xiaotang that if he was a master, he would definitely accept her as an apprentice, and it made Tang Xiaotang happy. Ye Hongyu, Ning Que, and Mo Shanshan walked into the door one after another. There were strange rocks and smoke everywhere. Ye Hongyu suddenly drew his sword at Ning Que, and Ning Que also pointed Ye Hongyu with thirteen arrows. Mo Shanshan reminded Ye Hongyu that the terrain was strange.

If they died, she might not be able to go in and fight together. It would be better to make a kill together, and Ye Hongyu stowed the sword. Ye Hongyu found that the stone here was a big block. Ye Hongyu felt physically restrained when he touched the stone. However, Ning Qiu touched it but did not react at all. Ye Hongyu thought that the person who set up the array did not expect to have Ning Que came in as an inferior person. Ning Que began to feel proud that he would rely on his inferior person this time. He reached out and touched a sword on a stone, but unexpectedly started a large array. The angry Ye Hongyu scolded Ning Que, and Ning Que suddenly remembered the chess board that his brother gave him and showed it to Mo Shanshan. Mo Shanshan found that the chessboard contained a formation. The blockade stopped working.

Ning Que came to the gate of the mountain, remembering the ring that Yu Li gave him, and put on the ring when he entered the gate, so that he could keep him safe. Ning Kui raised his palm and opened the gate with the urging of his fingers. enter. In the cave, a huge stone almost fell on Ning Que. Ye Hongyu rescued him in time, and arrogantly claimed that she just wanted to kill Ning Que with her own hands. On the stone wall, Ke Haoran’s extermination of the Demon Sect was recorded in the academy, and Ning Que lacked his eyes to feel Ke Haoran’s mighty spirit. Ye Hongyu lamented that there are such powerful people in the world.

Fortunately, the two lives are not at the right time, otherwise they will not be able to fight Ke Haoran in their lifetime. There were bones everywhere in the cave, and a voice came, claiming that Ke Haoran had killed here Many people, including him. And he is the master of lotus. When he was twenty years old, he thought that he was compassionate for Waipu ’s sentient beings. But he never thought that so many people would be killed because of his mistake. He locked himself here for the atonement.

After his lifetime, he came to atonement, and from his words, Ye Hongyu heard that he was the last ruling Secretary of the Grand Prix Liansheng 32. Ning Que discovered that Lian Sheng was full of spirits, and guessed that Hao Ran had nailed him here, so he asked Lian Sheng why this was the case. Liansheng claimed that he and Ke Haoran were close friends, and they had traveled for many years. However, in the end, Ke Haoran fell in love with worldly eyes and fell in love with the top dancer of the red sleeve move. The two also drifted away. The darkness was getting closer, and then he became enchanted, and he introduced him here at all costs to save Ke Haoran.

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