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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 37 Recap

When Mo Shanshan and Ning Que came to a lush mountain stream, they suddenly felt bright, and they did not expect that the ice-covered wasteland still had such a situation. Ning Que joked that Mozongshan Gate might be here, but Mo Shanshan thought it was not necessarily. If it was here, it would not be possible for Xiling to send so many people. Mo Shanshan guessed that Ye Hongyu and Long Qing were also for the heavenly scriptures.

Ning Que thinks that there won’t be such a coincidence. Unexpectedly, as soon as the words fell, Long Qing came behind and claimed that things in the world were such a coincidence. When Long Qing saw Ning Que, he was furious and prepared to attack Ning Que. Ning Que hid behind Mo Shanshan and Mo Shanshan. Make every effort to meet Long Qing. At this time, Long Qing was not sure that he would be able to defeat Mo Shanshan. If he lost, he would be even more embarrassing, so he closed his palm and tried to irritate Ning Que to let him stand out. Long Qing first satirically ridiculed that Ning Que knew to hide behind a woman. Knowing that it was a violent act, it was not fooled, but the hippie smiley claimed that he was willing to hide behind the woman, and the mountains of their family were willing to let him hide for a lifetime, Mo Shanshan unconsciously smiled. Long Qing also proposed to break the border with Ning Que to make a treaty.

Even if he lost the game late, Ning Que was still not fooled, and claimed that the master would not allow them to gamble. While thinking, Long Qing paced up the opposite hillside and greeted Ning Que’s offer to exchange Sangsang with the three cities of the State of Yan, just because he kept thinking about Sangsang and jokingly said that he could drink with such a drinker in the middle of the night. A great pleasure. Ning Que placed Mo Shanshan behind him and stepped forward to face Long Qing, claiming that the little black girl in their family was not worth the money, but he would not change it. Long Qing saw that Sang Sang was important to Ning Que. Ning Que promised to break the ground as an agreement. Whoever broke the ground would lose even if he lost, and he would leave the academy on his own initiative.

Long Qing swears in the name of Haotian, and Ning Que swears in the name of a master. Mo Shanshan anxiously persuaded Ning Que not to gamble. Ning Que did not listen at all, then left Mo Shanshan in a hurry. Mo Shanshan was worried that Ning Que would lose, and should not make an agreement with Long Qing. Ning Que told Mo Shanshan that if he did not gamble with Long Qing, Long Qing would not let him leave alive. The master once told him that living is more important than anything, but he had to find a way to escape. Mo Shanshan was worried that Ning Que would have to be abolished if he lost. Ning Que laughed and said that Long Qing was really a fool to take a serious gamble. Mo Shanshan was taken aback to remind Ning Que that he was betting in the name of a master. Ning Que saw the words in her heart from Mo Shanshan’s face, knowing that Mo Shanshan thought he was a rogue, Mo Shanshan also admitted that he really felt like a rogue, and also felt that Ning Que could never be broken before Long Qing.

In fact, Ning Que was not at the bottom of his heart. At this moment, listening to Mo Shanshan could not help but remind Mo Shanshan not to tell the truth, Mo Shanshan was temporarily stunned. Ning Que considered that it was not true The book fancier, and then changed his mind to keep Mo Shanshan true, otherwise it would not be her, and Mo Shanshan couldn’t help laughing. Ning Que and Mo Shanshan walked all the way and came to the shore of Daming Lake, and suddenly saw the rays of light coming from Daming Lake. Ning Que hurriedly protected the Mo Shan Mountain under the cloak. Tang also felt the breath of the lord and hurriedly saluted. And Ning Que guessed that this is where the Mozong Mountain Gate is located and Ning Que guessed that the gates here must have been banned.

The vision just now was the warning issued by the ban. Wei Guangming was shopping on the street and noticed that someone was following him. At the same time, Chen Pippi came to Sang Sang and saw that Sang Sang was eager to eat, but Sang Sang did not want to give it, and the two agreed to gamble. Sang Sang offered to gamble with the code on the silver ticket. Chen Pippi thought that no one would be bored to memorize this, so he agreed to Sang Sang. Sang Sang took out the silver ticket at home and let Chen Pippi casually pull out a pair of memories at the same time to see who could carry it down first.

As a result, Sang Sang could memorize it in the shortest time, which made Chen Pippi simply not. I can’t believe my eyes and ears, and I don’t believe that there will be such a memorable person in the world. Even the big brother and the second big brother have not been able to memorize it, but if they lose, they will lose. Chen Pippi took out his silver. The ticket was given to Sang Sang, but soon realized that Sang Sang had memorized the contents of the silver ticket in advance, and Sang Sang saw that he was seen and hurried into the room. Chen Pipi knocked on the door in a desperate manner. He mumbled that there is a master who has a kind of maid, who is a scammer. Chen Pipi is reluctant and proposes to gamble again. Sang Sang agreed to Chen Pipi when he saw a lot of money. . Ning Que and Mo Shanshan have not eaten and start to feel hungry. They touched a piece of black and hard stuff that Chen Pipi gave him. They took a bite but couldn’t bite. Ning Que was thrown on the ground, and It is believed that Chen Pippi deliberately fiddled with him.

Mo Shanshan had already heard of Chen Pippi’s name and picked it up from the ground. Ning Que looked through his bag and did not see anything to eat. Taking out the music box sent by Brother Nine, it sounded like it was a useless thing. Mo Shanshan liked it very much and asked Ning Que. Long Qing was busy practicing to break through the realm. Ye Hongyu took the initiative to help Long Qing protect the law. Only when the dead wood was full of peach blossoms, he went into fate. However, Ning Que was still struggling for his belly, and Mo Shanshan was anxious for Ning Que. Ning lacks the flames and throws the things that Chen Pipi gave into the pot. He actually finds that the hot and sour noodle soup that he thinks about every day and night. I really forget it.

I think there are beautiful women in front of them, as well as food and beautiful scenery. , How good life should be. Mo Shanshan couldn’t help but laugh and let Ning Que quickly break through the territory, she helped protect the law. Ning Que missed Sang Sang while eating noodle soup. If she could be by her side, it seemed that Sang Sang had run towards herself not far away. Congratulations to Ning Que, who has broken through. Ning Que smiled and told Mo Shanshan that he saw Sang Sang just now, and Mo Shanshan was slightly surprised. Mo Shanshan persuaded Ning Que to rush to escape, Long Qing was only one step away from the realm, but was first taken by Ning Que. He would definitely not let Ning Que leave the place alive.

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