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Ever Night Season 1 将夜1 Episode 36 Recap

Mo Shanshan kept bowing his head to write, and Jiuhua came to ask Mo Shanshan why he left so. In Jie Zhihua’s opinion, Ning Que has been helping them these days, especially today. If it were not for Ning Que, they would not be able to retreat from their whole body. However, Mo Shanshan claimed that the horse thieves came from Ning Que that day. Today’s situation was also caused by his own hands. It is only natural that he should show up.

It is not necessary to be polite. Ji Zhihua explained that he did not want Mo Shanshan to thank Ning Que, but because Mo Shanshan has been copying the chicken soup posts, and his love for Ning Que has long been seen in the eyes. By chance, she did not expect that she left so much. Mo Shanshan was reluctant to say that these were driven away. When Ji Zhihua left, Mo Shanshan kept thinking about what Ning Que had said, and read it again while holding the chicken soup post. At this time, he was surprised to find that the name of Sang Sang was written on it, guessing who this Sang Sang was. . Jiu Zhihua brought Ning Que to his salute, conveyed Mo Shanshan’s words and let Ning Que leave, and taught Ning Que to lie to Mo Shanshan all the time. No wonder she would get angry. Ning Que had no choice but to leave with his luggage, and Ji Zhihua called Ning Que again. He smiled that Mo Shanshan had been waiting for him.

As long as he could apologize sincerely, Mo Shanshan would forgive him. Went to Mo Shanshan. Ning Que saw that Mo Shanshan was in Lintong and praised her for using very good paper, which was only seen in the emperor’s royal study. Mo Shanshan stood up and smiled and watched Ning Que handing him a pen, hoping that Ning Que could write anything. Ning Que then wrote with the pen. Mo Shanshan looked at Ning Que and wrote, and suddenly said “I like you …. ”Ning Que looked up at Mo Shanshan in surprise, Mo Shanshan added two more words … “Ning Quefu” lowered his head and wrote, and he felt a little more secure.

Mo Shanshan added candles to Ning Que and looked at him silently, thinking from his heart that he liked him very much and liked to see how he wrote. Ning Looking at the back of Mo Shanshan, he couldn’t help feeling emotional, claiming that he had never thought of meeting such a girl, and every minute with her seemed to be at the end of the world. Ning Que also hoped that Sang Sang would like it Mo Shanshan. Mo Shanshan fiddled with a candle in his hands, and he hoped that Ning Que could also write a note for himself. Wei Guangming made Sang Sang feel Hao Tianshenhui. Sang Sang asked Wei Guangming how long it would take to feel it. Wei Guangming claimed that he was Haotian’s light ambassador, but it took ten years to perceive Haotian’s Shenhui.

Unexpectedly, Sang Sang saw the light as soon as he stretched out his fingers, Wei Guangming was excited, and immediately knelt at the door to Haotian to make a great gift, shouting Haotian forever. Ning Que was going to the wasteland, and frankly said where he was going to find something. Mo Shanshan also told Ning Que that he was going to look for something, and the two of them knew not that they were looking for the same thing. Mo Shanshan offered to go with Ning Que, and Ning Que rejoiced, and immediately agreed. When Sang Sang was cleaning the sanitary preparations to close, Li Yiyuan pushed in to open the door and entered, and behaved against Sang Sang. Sang Sang wanted to take Li Li Yuanyuan rushed away, but Li Yuanyuan claimed that he could see that Sang Sang was her blessing, not how beautiful Sang Sang was, but he touched whoever he wanted to touch. He did not expect to touch Sang Sang last time. Sang was pinched by Ning Que’s neck, and she was unwilling. Li Xuanyuan rushed to hug Sang Sang, but unexpectedly it was Wei Guangming, who frightened Li Xuanyuan as soon as he shot.

Sang Sang Hugged Wei Guangming and thanked him for his help. Wei Guangming appeased Sang Sang and claimed that no one could bully her in the future, not because he was so powerful, but that Sang Sang was the son of light and the chief priest of the future temple of light, Sang Sang Although I do n’t understand these things, I feel Wei Guangming is really at ease around her, except for the young master, her favorite person is Wei Guangming. Mo Shanshan asked how Ning Que defeated Long Qing. Ning Que laughed at his good luck. This Mo Shanshan couldn’t help laughing It ’s not necessary to practice in the future with jokes, it ’s enough to rely on luck. Ning Que laughed that if he entered the realm of Zhiming, he would definitely make Long Qing’s face green, and Mo Shanshan also joked that Lu Chenjia would be certain by then. The faces were greener, and the two laughed. Mo Shanshan talked about the three idiots to Ning Que.

From the perspective of Mo Shanshan, Ye Hongyu is the most capable person and a person who can already enter Zhiming, but it is Not willing to cross the threshold, Ning Que laughed and said Ye Hongyu should not be called idiot but real idiot. At this moment, a strange man suddenly appeared and pointed at the two with a bow and arrow. Ning Que hurriedly explained that he was not malicious. know Ning Kuo and Mo Shanshan were brought back to their residences by Tang people. I saw the son of the barren here at a young age. He said at an early age that he would be an adult next year, and then he could be married. Staying there, the two also loved the mother and son. Sang Sang was lying on the bed, constantly lighting her fingers, lighting the room, and reporting to Ning Que, who was talking to herself, that she now has someone who can protect herself besides the master, but also hopes that the master will not Be jealous, because in her heart the young master is always the most important. Mo Shanshan and Ning Que had their first debate.

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